Military Chic : I Tag You!

Hello awesomesauces!

I’ve been away for a few days traveling and so on, so forgive me for abandoning the blog 🙂

I was home visiting the parents, and while I was home I was reminded of something I used to do with my dad as a kid. My dad is a fan of war/military movies, and I kind of grew up watching these movies along with him, and I must say, if you haven’t watched Sands of Iwo Jima, you should totes.

And being a girl, I wasn’t very much interested in the guns, fighting, or war aspects of the movie, so I tended to focus on the fashion bits instead (if any), and what is something that every army man has with them at all times, apart from their guns?

Military Tags!! 

 I’ve always thought military tags were kind of cool, and I’ve seen modern day variations of it like the Medic Alert Bracelets and nowadays we even have metal identification tags for babies and children.

Celebrities rock them too! @DailyMail

kristen stewart

Le boyf is also fascinated with military tags, and I’ve heard him (quite a few times) mention that he wants one for himself and hell I want one too! I guess Malaysia Military Tags heard our wishes, and we finally got our own set of military tags!! 🙂

malaysian military tags (1)

Typically, one person wears two tags, but since I’m in a sharing mood, (which isn’t always mind you), I got one engraved for me, and the other for le boyf. 

Malaysia Military Tags (MMT) sent the tags over to me in a very nice silver metal box, together with the tags, a 27 inch chain, a 5.5 inch chain & two rubber silencers.
(the silencers are so that the two tags don’t knock into each other and make a tonne of noise as you’re walking)

malaysian military tags (10)

Now I have one thing I’d like to say about MMT’s service. EFFICIENT.

I put through my order via their website, and within 1 minute, I received my confirmation of order via email, and within 15-20 minutes, I got my tracking number for my parcel. WOAHHH!
Plus, the parcel arrived the next day. 😯

This how the tags come packaged, and all you have to do is just fix the silencer onto the tag.

malaysian military tags (5)

The two chains.

malaysian military tags (4)

Assemble, and voila!

I took the 5.5 inch chain one for myself so that I can hook the tag on to my suitcase/luggage bag since I travel quite a bit and I want something to identify my bags just in case they get lost. The boyf got the 27 inch chain for himself.

malaysian military tags (8)

The ordering process is pretty straightforward, the only part I found a it tricky was to think of something to put on my tag. I went for the classic, so my name, DOB, and website address. You can engrave up to 5 lines on the tag, with each row of a max 14 letters, so there isn’t much space for your life history, just the important bits. 😉

Some examples of tags MMT can create?


They even have Superhero Tags and you can even emboss photos onto the tags if you want! Other than military tags, MMT also offers Paracord Bracelets,Paracord Military Watches and even military shoes & boots.

My tag set costs RM48 together with shipping, and I think that’s a fairly reasonable price, considering I’ve seen tags like these in the local shops which costs up to RM100++. And mine is stainless steel, so no rusting nonsense, and MMT even guarantees it will last you at least 10 years!

Their cheapest tags are RM20, and even the most expensive tag they have is at a reasonable RM80! 

They ship internationally , and payment methods include Paypal, Visa card, Master card & American Express. For us Malaysia peeps,take your pick of either Maybank2u, Alliance, AmBank, CIMB, FPX, HLB, RHB or WebCash payment.

Oh, and if you’re looking for bulk orders for events, gifts and etc, they offer that service too 🙂

Personal Thoughts: I think these tags are great for gifts. You can personalize them however you want,  and I think anyone with a sense of style would appreciate these tags. And who doesn’t like personalized items anyway? I’m a sucker for anything remotely personalized, so you know how to lure me out! These tags are gonna be with me for a long time, and I actually consider them an investment of sorts. 

malaysian military tags (7)

The dude who runs MMT is called RotiJohn Tan ( I know right)  is really friendly , so just drop him a message via FB on the MMT page if you have any questions. MMT contact details are below, so click away! 

Instagram: www.instagram/malaysiamilitarytag

Let me know what kind of personalized stuff you own, and if you think these tags are a good investment/buy?



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