Did Someone Say 36 Hour Drama?

If you’re new here, welcome to Shashay and let me introduce you to my eyeliner fetish! For returning readers, you’re gonna have to sit through ANOTHER eye liner review! 😉

This is probably my 20th eyeliner in my stash, which isn’t a lot, but considering I only have a pair of eyes, I’m starting to question my judgement when it comes to eyeliners. How many does one actually need? Do I really need all the colours of the rainbow?  Do I need glitter in them? Decisions,decisions. #priorities

Moving along, I was doing my regular drugstore browsing at Watsons (our Malaysian local pharmacy) the other day and noticed the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 01 Black peeking out at me. Now, this gel liner isn’t new to me, I’ve seen it hundreds of times before but never picked it, (I don’t particularly fancy gel liners, I’ll tell you why in a bit)  but this time, it was on SALE. 

And yes I am a sucker for sales. 😳

The regular retail price was MYR 39.90, but I picked this up for MYR 27.00 ! A steal or what?
I decided to go for the black liner instead of the brown. ( I rarely use my brown liners anyway)


Lets have a look at the product description.


The package comes with a gel liner pot and an eye liner brush. Most of the time, brushes that come packaged together with a product is rubbish, but this eye liner brush is actually really good. It complements the gel liner very well!  

The gel liner pot is tiny, but has quite a lot of product in it. You can see how tiny it is in my palm, and I have tiny hands mind you!



This how perfect the eyeliner pot looks before I started poking and prodding in it.


Also the eyeliner brush while it was still clean and new.


One swipe of the liner at the top, and a few swipes on the second line. I’m loving the dark pigmentation already!


The liner guarantees smooth application with no creasing, precision eye liner drawing, quick drying, smudge proof, long lastingness, and water, tears, sebum & sweat proof. 

Personal Thoughts: I can tell you that the eyeliner delivers all its promises, no doubt about that! The texture of the gel is so creamy, and glides onto eyelids with no issues what so ever, the brush delivers precise lines for any look that you’re trying to achieve with the liner, it dries in a matter of seconds, and it literally does not come off, smudge or smear at all.

It guarantees 36 hour lasting power, which I cannot vouch for as I don’t wear makeup for such long periods of time, but it certainly gets you through the day with no problems. Our Malaysian humid weather is no match for this liner! The pigmentation is amazing, it’s as black as black comes, plus you can build it up for more intensity.

*Please ignore my brows, I’m in the midst of growing them out, and they’re such a mess to deal with. 😀

Maybelline Gel Liner (2)

Remember I mentioned that I don’t fancy gel liners? Here’s why. 

The fact that it lasts forever on my lids. I can apply the liner in 2 minutes, but it takes me at least 5-10 minutes to get it all off. Seriously, this liner is water-proof and makeup remover-proof and freaking wipe-proof. It took me a good 5 minutes of wiping and removing using my make up remover, and I followed up with cleansing water, make up wipes and finally my cleanser, and I could still see traces of black around my eyes.

Seriously, what can I say when a product outperforms itself?  

I used makeup remover on the swatches you saw earlier, and see below ? Traces of the liner still present.


I’ve got nothing much to complain about to be perfectly honest. Other than the fact that the liner is a pain to remove, its such a perfect product.

Now if you’re new to the gel eyeliner world, here are a few handy tips:

  • Clean your brushes right after use. Don’t be a lazy bum because your brushes WILL harden from the liner residue, and the next time you want to use it, good luck cleaning it. 😆 If you’re lazy like me and want to clean the brushes ASAP, just pour some makeup remover onto a tissue, and run the brush over it a few times, and voila, good as new!
  • Close the liner pot once you’re done to prevent hardening of the liner.
  • If you decide to buy a gel liner, make sure you have lots of make up remover handy.
  • As you’re applying the gel liner, have a Q tip that’s soaked with makeup remover solution to quickly fix any mistakes. (The amount of times I screw up my eye liner wing is unbelievable.)

If you’re interested in the ingredient list, here it is.


Would I repurchase? If I ever finish this particular pot, yes. Why not? Its perfect in every single way imaginable. Its inexpensive, lasts long, lives up to its promises, and has great pigmentation. What else do I need from an eye liner?

The Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner is available at all local drugstores, at MYR 39.90 (RRP) , and comes in two shades, Black and Brown.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner before, and if you have any other favourite gel liners in your stash!



7 thoughts on “Did Someone Say 36 Hour Drama?

  1. This does look amazing Shasha.. the black is so intense ..it reminds me of the Indian Kohl’s that are hard to replicate. I think my only boo-boo would be the hyper-pigmentation. I’m not comfortable with anything that seeps into the skin and stains it…. i had an elianto like than once, after a few applications, i trashed it as I was worried of the effect the residue would have on my eye-lids on the long run.

  2. Thank u so much for this review. 🙂
    I’m always having the doubts whether to purchase or to not purchase this gel eye liner. Seems like it will be in my next shopping list as I always wanted an eyeliner to last long, not easily to smudge & the eyeliner definitely looks great on your eyes!

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