Frank Fridays With Shashay #2

Welcome to Frank Fridays with Shashay!

Frank Fridays (FF) with Shashay is a beauty loving, fun filled forum where we girls, & guys too, have a chat about everything and anything under the sun. FF is where I usually where I have a cuppa coffee, talk to my readers, be Aunt Agony and answer all your burning questions about everything and anything. I’ll ask you guys something that I’m particularly curious about, and you can ask me anything you want too!!

If you have a beauty related question, shoot away! Random blogging questions and enquiries? If you’re nosy and want to know more about me, then by all means ask! 😀 Anything under the sun goes in Frank Fridays!

Last week I asked you what your ultimate spending misgiving was, and many of you responded, quite enthusiastically I might add! Thank you for those who joined and shared your regrets with me 🙂 I loved reading all your responses, replying to all your comments & I hope you enjoyed reading mine!

My question for this week?

Where is the best place/country/continent/area you have traveled to and why? What made that place stand out to you? And will you travel there again someday? 😆

My most favourite travel was probably when I was spending a few weeks in Wellington, New Zealand, simply because of how peaceful I felt while I was there. I was visiting during the winter season, so the winds were cold, the breeze was strong (I even got blown off by the wind), and the people were lovely! I met so many people while I was there, and some of them I have been in contact with even until today.  Wellington is a really small city, but it is utterly perfect. Everything is in walking distance, I loved taking the cable cars, and I just loved how quiet the place was. I would say its one of those places where I would love to retire to someday. I could go on and on about it, but I’ll stop okay? 😀

Here’s a few pics I have of my trip . Just random pics of the city at night, and beautiful flowers growing by the roads.

Wellington (2)

Wellington (1)

Let me know in the comments where your favourite travels were and if you have any other questions for me, just ask away!



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