My Favourite Blogs [Series 1]

Being a blogger myself, I tend to do a lot of blog walking/hopping/running, and even before I was blogging myself , I was already reading so many different blogs , so I guess you can say that these bloggers inspired me to start my own site 🙂 I love reading, and I read anything from beauty, travel, food, to personal blogs. Some people manage to write so beautifully that I just stalk their blog right up to their first post ever, but some blogs, *insert sigh here*,  make me go wtf.

Honestly, if you blog walk as much as I do, you’ll see a lot blogs that are just filled with 9989836237 cute kawaii poses, when the intention of the post was to review a product. I know you own the blog, but that doesn’t mean the need to spam the blog with your face unnecessarily. 😆


And neither is blogs with horrible English. I’m not saying that my grasp of English is amazing, but I at least try to write simple, legible sentences so that my readers can enjoy my post and not be distracted with my bad sentence structures. I’ve read a few blogs with English that just cracks me up, and I either get a headache or a laughing fit after reading just one post. I know it sounds mean, but try reading those kind of blogs with a straight face 😉

Photos wise, obviously I love blogs with great quality pictures, but I’ve seen great blogs with photos taken with a mobile phone, which goes to show it’s not the camera that maketh the blog, but the bloggers themselves. One does not need a DSLR to create beautiful pictures, and owning a DSLR does not mean that your pictures are automatically great.

Anyway, I’m done with the ranting. I just needed to get that out before I get started on all the amazing blogs that I stalk and read on a daily basis! 😀


Pic Credit @ Sweetlavenderbakeshoppe

I wont be telling you about the worldwide popular bloggers like Zoella, Vivianna Does Makeup, Elle Fowler, Tanya Burr, or Temptalia, that I obviously read, but some lesser known, but equally awesome blogs that you simply must read. I read a tonne of blogs,and half of my friends are bloggers, so I obviously cant cover them all in one post, so I’ll do a Part 2, 3, 4 or how many it takes to tell you, so if you’re reading this and don’t see your blogs listed, don’t worry, you may just be in the next installment!

In no particular order, here are my top reads!

1. Shop Girl from

Shop Girl is one of those blogs that I came to know about thanks to Arpita from Shop Girl writes very beautifully, I always enjoy reading her posts, they’re honest, funny, and always very well thought out. That probably explains why she doesn’t update her blog too frequently, but when she does, you simply must read her posts!  She is very elusive though, I yet to meet her in person, but I’ve heard I can lure her out with some lamb. 😉 I don’t have a picture of her for you since I don’t actually know how she looks, how frustrating I KNOW RIGHT??? 

2. Priya M from


Priya M is a random find, since I know for a fact, Malaysia doesn’t have many Indian beauty bloggers, and I ended up on her blog one fine day! Glad I did, since she writes a lot on beauty! She does make-up tips and tutorials as well, and so far, I’ve enjoyed every single one of her posts. She writes amazingly, and is very engaging!

3. Sabrina Tajudin from


Sabrina is one of those bloggers who I really, really love to read since I’ve learnt so much from her! Not only does she write about beauty , but she also writes about simple blogging tips and tutorials. I’m rubbish with html codes and can never figure them out for the life of me, but she teaches them  in such a way that a technology noob like me understands. Her blog is very beautifully designed, and is such a pleasure to visit her blog, just for that calming feeling 🙂

See I learnt how to make a box Sab!


4. Shivani.B from

01 Untitled-1

So cute I know! 😀

Now I might be accused of being biased since Shiv is really good friend of mine, but she does an amazing job at writing. If you don’t believe me, just have a quick peek at her blog! Shivani has been an amazing friend since I have had the pleasure of knowing her, and I love reading her blog! Its one of those blogs I visit when I need to calm down, since her style of writing is best described as gentle & peaceful. She is actually a gentle soul in real life too 🙂

She updates very frequently too, so I always have something new to read ❤

5. Arpita from


This blog should come with a warning alert. Its filled with hauls and reviews of a gigantic proportions which has been known to freeze my computer!

Arpita is a massive beauty lover and if you are one too, chances are you’ll be tempted to break the bank purchasing all the stuff she reviews and hauls! Every time I read a post from her, I immediately start itching to purchase something, and more often than not, I end up buying all the stuff that gets an A+ from Arpita. She is also very honest in her reviews, and if a product is shit, she will tell you that it is. No qualms, no words held back.

6. Carmen Hong from


Carmen is also another one of those elusive bloggers, LOL, since I rarely see her round the regular blogging circuit, but I love her quirky posts, and AMAZING photographs. She is an avid photographer with awesome skills, and usually writes about food, nails, and beauty & fashion. If you’re the kind of person who loves foodporn, her blog is one to read!  I usually end up feeling hungry after reading her posts, so I always make sure I have a full tummy before visiting her blog!

7. Paris B from


Ahh Paris B. Another favourite read. I love her reviews, I don’t what it is, but her writing makes me wanna come back for more & not to mention her blog pictures are gorgeous! Her website is actually really popular worldwide, and I’m not surprised. Amazing, honest writing, a very well designed blog (I’m actually really curious to find out who her website designer is),and a community full of beauty lovers alike who actively participate in her daily discussions. She posts almost everyday, and I’m glad for new reading material. It’s a daily habit of mine to read her blog every morning with a cuppa joe in hand! ❤

8. Nicole from


My list is getting longer and longer and longer isn’t it?  Well, just a few more okay? Nicol’s blog is one I frequent for beautiful photos, a simple and modern blog layout, and honest to god writing. She is based in the UK, so she isn’t really a local blogger. She writes about beauty, some blogging techie stuff which I always appreciate and my favourite is probably her wishlist posts. Girl you make me drool over stuff I don’t have! 🙂

9. Sue Lynn from


Bangsar Babe is an awesome food blog, fashion, and lifestyle blog which I always head to if I need honest food reviews. I also enjoy her occasional fashion posts, and reading about her life, lol! *stalker much?* Sue Lynn actually updates her FB page more frequently, so I usually head over there to see whats brewing at Bangsar Babe. Her blog posts are interesting, albeit slightly too short. I would love longer posts from her since she is quite the food critic! Beware though, this blogger bites, hahaha.

10. Audrey from


I think probably every Malaysian who reads blogs would have come across Audrey’s blog at some point. Fourfeetnine is her height btw, lol! Audrey writes mostly about her life, which has gotten quite interesting with the addition of her first child recently, her son is just too cute! She is bloody hilarious when it comes to her writing, and you can trust her blog to make you laugh when you’re having a really bad day. Her sentences are peppered with the term ‘wtf’ though I think she’s trying to get rid of that so her son doesn’t pick it up hahaha…  Her blog is one I visit frequently just because it’s so fun to read!

11. And finally, Shasha from Shashay!


Hahaha, I know! A bit vain-lah to put my own blog in here, but I like to check out my own blog you know. Usually if I need to just chill, I’ll read my blog because guess what, I’m my biggest critic, so I’ll end up nit-picking my own site for mistakes, ways I can improve the blog, and obsessing over the million things I could be doing better!

If you stick around and follow my blog,I promise I’ll be changing a few things up!
Stay tuned for my plans okay? It’s all hush-hush for now, but I’ll do the epic reveal soon!

And like I said previously earlier in the post, I’ll do a few more parts so that I can tell you all about the other blogs I love, so if you don’t spot yourself in here, or your favourite blog in here, I might just have it the next installment! ❤

Tell me what your favourite blogs are, and if you’re a blogger yourself, drop me your thoughts, as well as your links so I can visit you! Who knows, you might end up being one of my favourite sites to visit!



13 thoughts on “My Favourite Blogs [Series 1]

  1. I agree with you babe! The ones you listed here are my favs too. I get caught up reading their posts that I don’t realise that I end up reading their posts from years back. Inspires me to be a better blogger too! N i like that you put your blog too babe! You blog deserves to be on the list of awesome blogs! Miss you loads! :*

  2. i love reading shopgirl blog too!!! she write really well and the details she puts in is really awesome…I used to love to read fourfeetnine but dunno y not too much lately….now i watch youtube more than I read blog hahaha and the fact that I am too busy at work too!!!

  3. Gonna cry now because im so touch! Glad my tutorials help you! Will try to make more tutorials when i have the time. You are the kind of people that makes me keep on going and dont wanna give up. Thank you so much for the support. It really means a world to me. ❤ *psst! Its ok to love ur own blog, i admit that i read my blog everyday too! Haha!

  4. Omg, thank you so much for picking my blog as one of your favourite blogs, sweetie 🙂 It means the world to me. Hehe. I’m enjoying your blog a lot too. It’s very informative and you seems to like all the makeup products that i like too! 🙂 So can i relate to you. Do keep in touch kays? 😀


  5. You seem so sweet! =)

    Thanks for your recommendations! There will be new blogs for me to check out as well! =D I love reading Paris’s reviews from My Women Stuff as well! ^_^ And now, I will be subscribing to yours! ^_^

  6. Aww… thanks, Shasha. As one of the slowest bloggers on the planet, I’m truly touched and surprised that my idle wit has left this indelible mark on you. Honestly, I don’t know whether to blush, bow or blow you kisses!

    Thanks to Arpita, I also sound positively carnivorous too! Like a Big Bad Wolf.
    And as far as she’s concerned, I’m also starting to gather a reputation with foot masks lol
    Probably best I stay elusive then – I do fancy reinventing myself as a bit of an Urban Legend.

    And nothing wrong with adding yourself to your favourites – especially if you are wonderful 😉

  7. Hiya Shashay, Thank you so much for the mention! 🙂 I’m happy you’ve enjoyed your visits and thank you too for liking the site design. I did it myself, the coding side off a template, with some input from the person who designed my logo, so we had a streamlined design. Didn’t hire a web designer coz it was just too expensive and I didn’t find one I liked 🙂 All the best on your blogging journey! 😀

  8. Aww hun I just read through your post! 🙂 Thank you for the lovely mention ❤ And your blog is definitely one you should list because on my end it's my daily dose of happiness,lol ❤ Love you long time babe! Muaccks!

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