Frank Fridays With Shashay #3

Welcome to Frank Fridays with Shashay # 3!

Frank Fridays (FF) with Shashay is a beauty loving, fun filled forum where we girls, & guys too, have a chat about everything and anything under the sun. FF is where I usually where I have a cuppa coffee, talk to my readers, be Aunt Agony and answer all your burning questions about everything and anything. I’ll ask you guys something that I’m particularly curious about, and you can ask me anything you want too!!

If you have a beauty related question, shoot away! Random blogging questions and enquiries? If you’re nosy and want to know more about me, then by all means ask! 😀 Anything under the sun goes in Frank Fridays!

Last week I asked you what your favourite travel destination was and thank you for sharing your travel experiences with me! 🙂

My question for this week?

What’s at the top of your wish list, beauty or otherwise?

Ooohh wish lists, I have a tonne of those to share! Beauty wise, I would love to own Tom Ford makeup and brushes. They are extremely pricey *in my opinion*, and I wouldn’t be able to justify purchasing such expensive make up unless someone out there would want to sponsor me some, LOL! 😀 Apart from that, obviously at some point I need to purchase Cle De Peau, and that costs a bomb as well. Let me be greedy for a moment and include Chanel in here as well, and I’ll throw in some YSL for good measure !! 


Something non beauty related?

A girl has to say designer handbags. And I’ve currently got my eye on the Alexander Wang Rocco in rose gold. Yes I know, that bag is a few seasons behind already, but I’ve yet to meet a bag with so much attitude! Those studs, OMG. I’d look effortlessly stylish without even trying. I would carry that bag everywhere and guard it with my life. It costs RM4080 okay! At some point of my life I’ll need to get over all these miss-shaped kinds of bags and start using the more structured “tai tai” (auntie) bags, but let me wish and drool over the Rocco for a bit okay! ❤


Fingers crossed I’ll these off my list someday! 

Let me know in the comments whats on the top of your wish list and if you have any other questions for me, just ask away!



What are your thoughts? Drop a comment!

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