Malaysia Clothes Buffet & Bazaar 2014

Fashion lovers , I have GRRREEATT news for you!!  😀

The Malaysia Clothes Buffet is back for its 4th Installment, and this time around, it’s going to be held for 3 days with 50,000 items up for grabs! Read up for the juicy deets!


I was at last years Clothes Buffet and I managed to stuff 8 items only into my bag. I got two skirts, 4 dresses & two tops. The record to break is 16 items! I wonder who that girl is, I need to pick some tips up from her.

How does the Clothes Buffet work?

Buy a ziplock baggie for RM60, and you’re given 15 minutes to stuff everything you can into the bag! If you manage to lock the bag, everything in it is yours.
FYI though girls, there is a penalty of RM20 if your bag is torn, so be careful!

This is how big the bags are, I think they’re 9 inches x 14 inches in size.


Some Terms & Conditions:

♥ Cash terms only on event day
♥ No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‘shopping area’
♥ May go for multiple rounds
♥ Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
♥ Sessions limited to while stocks last
♥ Clothes are all in brand new conditions
♥ No pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage items
♥ No trying allowed
♥ Shopper must be able to close the ziploc bag before exiting ‘shopping area’
♥ Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
♥ No refunds
♥ Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
♥ Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice

Where & when?

Date : 25-27 April 2014
Time : 10am-6pm
Venue : Syopz Mall in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

How do you purchase the baggies? You have two options, one is to attend on the day and buy one bag, BUT, as my experience tells me, the crowds will massive, so I would suggest you to pre-purchase the bags by clicking here. The link will take you to the app where you can buy the bag in advance.

The crowd you can expect?


And the Clothes Buffet is not the only thing happening on the day. Attend the Blowout Sale that takes place from 4pm on-wards on each day where the remaining clothes go for RM10 per piece!


Some sneak peaks for you? (Click on image to enlarge)





Here is some directions for you lost souls out there! (Click on image to enlarge)


For more info and details, useful links below:

FB Page:

Happy shopping & see you there! ❤




7 thoughts on “Malaysia Clothes Buffet & Bazaar 2014

  1. What a completely novel concept! I never knew there was such an event and now I’m fascinated but given the reality that I pick plenty of loser rags despite hours/ days of deliberation doesn’t give me high hopes in a contest of this nature.

    • It is, isn’t it? I was pretty much sold on attending,considering last years picking wasn’t half bad! Well, I pick a lot of crap clothes too, which explains why I rarely do OOTD’s. Most of my clothes are boring, and black, hahaha…

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