Prepare to Meet Satan (P.M.S)

Who invited Satan over? Oh yeah, me.

So if you’re a reader of mine, you know I typically don’t do these kinds of posts.. What kind? Read on.

I’ve been feeling pretty crummy all day *thank you ovaries* , and all I wanted to do is curl up with Devious Maids, re-runs of Gossip Girl and sleep, but no, I have to be all grown up and go to work. Every day is a constant mental struggle between sleep and work.


Pretty much felt like killing the whole world today, especially that one girl who is always super nice to me I don’t know why. *super nice people actually bug me a little, I mean, who is so nice 100% of the time?*

I broke my favourite and one & only hair clip that I own. Do you know how difficult it is to find a good hair clip you genuinely like, that doesn’t tug your hair, yet still manages to hold on to your head? Girls, you know what I mean.

Got my salary, which is supposed to be a good thing, but the numbers in my bank account does NOT make me happy. Even with blogging and my full-time job, its difficult to make ends meet, and since I’m contemplating to get a car by the end of the year, I don’t know if I can afford one now. Oh Mum and Dad, why couldn’t you have raised a rich spoiled brat who got everything she wanted? Sometimes the green-eyed monster in me wishes I was born into a superduperultramegalord rich family like the Beckhams, its something I haven’t come to terms with yet over the years, but making my own fortune sounds like a good plan.


Put together my crumminess, lack of money and broken hair clip, and I ended up being a complete cow to the boyf today. The moment words left my mouth, I wish I could have taken them back. Too late. He already got hurt. I couldn’t see his face, but I could hear it in his voice. *smacks own head on wall repeatedly until head hurts like crazy* I’m actually making a conscious effort to be a better girlfriend, but sometimes I’m Satan and I accidentally hurt people I love. I swear to god I’m the worst girlfriend in the world, and I constantly worry I’m gonna wake up one day and he’s not gonna be around anymore. Will make it up to him soon, I promise.


In an effort to feel better, I went shopping. At the grocery store. Seems like being an auntie makes me feel much better. Well, if the produce section makes me happy, why not? As part of being Satan, sometimes I get sugar cravings and its usually satisfied with a Snicker bar or two. Just my luck, all the Snicker bars in the grocery store were sold out. Now I really need to kill somebody. Ended up getting meself a Bounty Bar for the moment. That pesky craving will be back, I assure you.

*Speaking of grocery shopping, I was really surprised that RM50 doesn’t buy you much these days. Blog-post on that coming soon. Groceries, Y U so expensive? 


Speaking of pretzels, I could really use some Auntie Anne’s Pretzels now. Ooohh gooey yummy sweet caramel chocolate almond covered bread how I adore thee.

Insert negative feng shui here. I had the best luck by getting stuck in an elevator. FML. Granted I was in the elevator for all of 2 minutes insert #dramaqueen but still, it was almost midnight when the lift just stalled, and there was only one other person in there with me, a huge African dude. So what actually happened? I was being all auntie and went grocery shopping, and had a bagful of stuff to carry up 2 flights of stairs. Decided to be lazy and take the lift instead, and voila, the power went off! And like the Biebs says, swoosh and darkness.


And did I mention my constant teeth pains? I have a wisdom tooth growing out that needs to be pulled out asap cause its pushing the rest of my teeth into positions they shouldn’t be in. Damn kinky teeth. I am getting braces. Period. I need to fix my teeth before I get married or I risk looking like a complete doofus with my teeth all messed up. Oh gosh, metal mouth at my age? Any opinions on that?

All in all, it wasn’t the best week ever. But lets talk about the good stuff.  It’s the weekend and I get to relax with my girlfriends! Woohoooo!!  And a new Sephora just opened up at Nu Sentral, so imma check that out asap. Plus, new videos from iiSuperwomanii always cheer me up. You can watch her latest shiz below. Girl you be making me laugh out loud all day! 

Have a great weekend, and catch you all soon. And just in case anyone was wondering what the purpose of this post was? I needed to vent, so thank you for listening and hope you enjoyed my week of bad luck. Or my opinion of bad luck at least.

Let me know if you think I should create a separate blog for my personal vomit/drama/shit or should I just combine it with my beauty reviews?





12 thoughts on “Prepare to Meet Satan (P.M.S)

  1. i hate PMS too..but all i can do is lie on bed and pray that I fall asleep!!!!! i can’t walk, sit, eat or just do anything except falling asleep that help me forget the pain!

  2. Right! Here is a bit of nutritional advice on easing PMS, take 400UI vit D daily, preferably liquid form. And as for crazy sweet cravings, sweet potato helps a lot, it has to do with aminoacids in it. But the only thing, really to make us all fee better is carbs, but wholegrain such as rice, bread…all the refined stuff will worsen the PMS symptoms and makes you bloat even more. I have a day food menu for PMS if you are interested, drop us a line!

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