Seche Clear & Seche Vite : Nail That Perfect Polish!

As I’m typing this post, I realized that I haven’t blogged about anything nail related, ever. It’s not that I’m not a fan of nail polishes, I own at least 10-15 bottles of them, and the shades I own are actually very similar and predictable. And like every other girl, I enjoy the occasional manicure, pedicure, and I try to paint my nails regularly (well as regularly as I can) . The one thing I don’t like about painting my nails is the fact that the colours chip very easily. I blame myself for that, because I have a nasty habit of chewing on my nails when I’m thinking, stressed or when I’m zoning out (which happens fairly frequently).

Chewing nails = chipped polish = ugly as heck nails.

Some of the nail polish brands I own are from Elianto (every Malaysian girl buys Elianto polishes, it’s so cheap), China Glaze, OPI and Butter London. And even with all these brands, most of my nail colours tend to lie on the pink, red and turquoise side of the colour spectrum. Like I said, predictable.

I was introduced to Seche Vite quite a while ago, and its been my go-to base & top coat for a while now. Since nail colour preferences vary from girl to girl, I thought I’d talk about base and top coats instead, all of us need those right?

Seche Clear & Seche Vite Review (4)

Tadaa!!!  Seche Clear (base coat) and Seche Vite (top coat).

Oh and I need to get this out of my system before I start.

If you learnt French at some point, you’ll know Seche Vite means dry fast, in slang term.  And one thing that bugs me about Seche is the miss-pronunciation of the brand name. Gosh, the sales assistant who tried to sell me these two bottles was pronouncing them “Sa-Shay Vite” . How does one sell something that you can’t pronounce is just beyond me.  Call me a snob, but I like pronouncing things right.

On another note, I remember when Les Miserables came out in Malaysia and everyone was pronouncing them as “less miss-ara-bles”. =_=”  I didn’t know whether I should have laughed or smacked these people, but I digress.

Seche Vite is pronounce “sesh veet”  by the way. 🙂

Comparing Clear & Vite, Vite is the more popular of the duo due to its amazing ability to dry nails in less than a minute!  If you’re a regular nail painter, you’d know it usually takes almost 30-45 min for nails to dry properly, and that’s with the constant blowing and waving of hands in the hair. *cue Chris Brown’s Put Your Hands In The Air*

The truth about Vite is that it doesn’t actually dry the nail colour, but makes the top feel dry so you can go about your normal routine. Now I don’t need to tell you how to apply Clear & Vite, but just in case, its Clear > Nail Colour > Vite.  The number of coats depends on you really, I usually go for one coat of Clear, two of the nail colour, and one of Vite. I know most people usually go for two layers of top coats, but I find it too thick for me.

Seche Clear & Seche Vite Review (1)

One thing I’d like to highlight is the fact that Vite has a serious warning on it, which does make me wonder whether I should stop using it completely. As you can see the warning above, Vite contains a chemical that causes reproductive harm. They did not mention what it was, but here is the ingredient list for Clear vs Vite.

Seche Clear: Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetyl triethyl citrate, isopropyl alcohol, octocrylene, bis (t-butyl benzoxazolyl) thiophene

Seche Vite: Butyl Acetate, Toluene, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Benzophenone-1.

I did some digging of my own and found out that Toluene was the ingredient in concern. Now my chemical background (yes I have a degree in Chemistry), already knows toluene is dangerous, but only in high concentrations. I used to deal with toluene regularly during the course of my degree and that was pure, raw toluene in high doses. The one in Vite is just a tiny amount really, and a much diluted version, so as long as you don’t drink the Vite, you’re good to go. But its your choice really, whether you want to use it or not. I choose to use it.

Another issue I have discovered with Vite is the shrinkage issue. Apparently, when you apply Vite on the nail beds, it causes the nail colour to shrink a little. Weird huh? I haven’t seen that happen to me yet but I’m pretty lax when it comes to tiny details like these. I remember someone telling me that you need to apply a little Vite under the nails to prevent this so consider yourselves forewarned. 😛

I haven’t much to say about Clear other than that its a regular base coat, and it prevent your nails from staining. I mentioned that I use a lot of pinks and reds, and those colours actually have a tendency to turn nails yellow if a base coat isn’t present, and Clear prevents that.

What do you think of Seche Clear & Seche Vite? Will you try it?

I like using both Clear and Vite, albeit they are a little pricey. I would definitely repurchase Vite, but Clear, meh, not so much. I’m better off using the base coat from Elianto which costs 10 times less. Vite does dry nails to the touch, and one bottle lasts me quite a while.

You can purchase Seche Clear & Seche Vite at local Sasa’s or at China Glaze counters, and they cost RM45 per bottle/14ml.

Let me know of your thoughts on Seche! ❤ And its the last day of March, so you know April Fools just round the corner! Any pranks planned? 😛



10 thoughts on “Seche Clear & Seche Vite : Nail That Perfect Polish!

  1. Im actually looking for these because they really makes my nails stronger? I guess so la. Coz after using them, the nails seems okay, no chipped for few weeks thou. Wanted to buy but soooo pricey. T^T

    Btw, don’t know you’ve a degree in Chemistry, I tot you studied account or whatever economical kinda course since you’re working in a bank. Err, still there in the bank right? ;P

    Keep in touch la k? I miss you already. Please don’t just go, at least tell me when you’re leaving. Love you.

    • I have a feeling they do help the nails to be a little stronger, because I saw less chipping on my nails too… Its true babe, its quite pricey for one small bottle 😦

      Haha, yeah its not a fact I say out loud most of the time..I’;m still there babe 😀

      You’re the sweetest you know that? I haven’t left yet…Don;t worry, before I leave, I’ll meet up with you okay ❤ Love you too.

  2. I love Seche Vite! I’m all to happy that I bought it during Claudine’s event, but I’ve heard there’s a top coat that’s a fraction of the price and infinitely better called Out The Door. I already need it! Also, give Butter London’s base coat a try. It provides a lovely pink hue, and you almost don’t need polish with it.

    I was also unaware you did Chemistry! We need to have a talk heheh

    • Trust you Pita to know a perfectly good dupe for this! Tell me if you spot it anywhere! I’ll have a look at the Butter London base, I haven’t had the chance to come across it, weirdly enough.

      Oh yes I did, not a fact I publicize, LOL! A talk? Girl we need shots!

  3. What bothers me ceaselessly about these Seche nail products is how similar they all look and how easy it is to confuse them if you aren’t one to pay attention to detail (read: me!).
    Ooh and wow, a chemistry grad among us beauty bloggers is a treasured find indeed. Be prepared for an onslaught of sci-fi questions from the community, Shasha! I see Miss Bread has already earmarked you for an inquisition.

    • One does not simply confuse one Seche with the other, LOL! I agree, the packaging is too similar, I’ve actually made the mistake of putting on Vite first, so join the oblivious club over here!
      Oh dear, I should not have told you girls my secret 😛 Cats out of the bag now!

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