I Iz Smitten With The Topshop Gloss Inks!

Happy April Fools to you!

Gosh its April already, its amazing how fast the months are passing! Soon it will be Christmas ❤ I can’t wait! So tell me, what ingenious pranks are you pulling today? Any success yet? 😛

To start April off with a bang , I’m going to tell you about something that I’ve have just fallen absolutely in love with! So the story is, I haven’t been to Topshop for a while, and I heard there was 30% sale going on, so of course I got my butt down there and had a look-see. Look-see in my case always means buying something!

I came across the Topshop make-up rack and realized that I don’t really own anything from their makeup range. Topshop obviously isn’t really known for their make-up line, so I had a great time discovering what they had to offer. And guess what? Topshop has some great lippies! Touching and Swatching led to some Buying, so here is some Reviewing!

Gloss Ink Group

One of their latest products in the make-up range are the Topshop Gloss Inks which comes in 5 bright and bold shades! Smitten caught me unawares and I ended up purchasing it! The other 4 shades are Sugar Rush, Cruel, Relentless & Sloe Gin. Swatches for the other 4 colours available here

Product Description: The Gloss Ink provides the high shine finish of a gloss combined with the long-lasting colour of a stain. The lightweight texture means it can be worn alone or layered over other colours for a glossy, intense colour finish; or blotted for a matte, stain look.

Topshop Gloss Ink (6)

The only reason I picked Smitten was the bright pink colour of the gloss. Usually I’m not a fan of pink or glosses for that matter, because our lovely Malaysian winds blow strong, and hair sticks to the gloss. Ugh! Don’t you just hate that?




The Gloss Ink comes in small tube with a doe foot applicator, and each tube comes with 4 ml of product. The doe foot applicator is great, but I prefer using a lip brush for a more precise outline. Plus doe foot applicators have a tendency to pack on more product than necessary.

Topshop Gloss Ink (1)

The swatch below shows how bright the gloss is, it’s almost a neon pink I would say. The gloss is lightly vanilla cupcake scented, which goes away after a while. This is just one swipe mind you!

Topshop Gloss Ink (2)

I don’t know why I am uploading this picture instead of all the other selfies I had, so nahhh this is my face!

 I remember a long time a go, I only ever used to wear nude lippie shades, these days I wear only red. Is this picture a sign that I’m moving on to pinks instead? It seems that I’m becoming more adventurous these days. A good thing eh ladies? XD

Topshop Gloss Ink (4)

Ingredients that make up the Gloss Ink. If you notice, they used caramel as well. That explains the sweet vanilla cupcake scent!  By the way, Litchi Chinensis Fruit Extract is actually Lychee extract! I wonder why? I can’t smell it in the gloss though.

Topshop Gloss Ink (3)

Personal Thoughts: I absolutely love love love the Gloss Ink! I really have nothing bad to say about it apart from the fact that it’s a gloss and glosses make my hair stick to em! The pigmentation is amazing, just one swipe of colour and you’re looking good! Don’t apply too much though, or you’ll find the gloss just slides around everywhere!

Staying power wise, it doesn’t last too long. With eating, drinking and talking, it probably will last you all of 3-4 hours. No biggie, one does expect gloss to be reapplied through-out the day. One thing I noticed about the Gloss Ink is that it leaves a very nice stain behind after it’s all gone, so it looks like you still have some colour on your lip. It doesn’t dry out your lips too!

The Gloss Inks aren’t too expensive, and I hazard one tube can probably last you 3 months or so? I have yet to finish mine, so I can’t tell you. It fits perfectly into a clutch due to its small size, and it’s a perfect shade for a night out with the girls! 


What do you lot think? Yay, Nay or Meh? Are Gloss Inks for you?

I’m actually gonna go back for the shade Cruel soon, its a lovely dark gothic purple which I think is going to look delicious! Try swatching these babies sometime, I bet you’ll fall right in love like I did! 😀

The Topshop Gloss Inks can be purchased at all Topshop outlets for RM46 per 4ml tube. (But they always have sales for their make-up range apparently, so don’t buy full price if you can avoid it.)



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