Frank Fridays With Shashay #4

Welcome to Frank Fridays with Shashay # 4!

Frank Fridays (FF) with Shashay is a beauty loving, fun filled forum where we girls, & guys too, have a chat about everything and anything under the sun. FF is where I usually where I have a cuppa coffee, talk to my readers, be Aunt Agony and answer all your burning questions about everything and anything. I’ll ask you guys something that I’m particularly curious about, and you can ask me anything you want too!!

If you have a beauty related question, shoot away! Random blogging questions and enquiries? If you’re nosy and want to know more about me, then by all means ask! 😀 Anything under the sun goes in Frank Fridays! 

Last week I asked you lot what you’re hearts desire the most, and even though I didn’t get a response on the blog, many of you responded via Facebook and Twitter, so thank you for your comments!

My question for this week?

What is your favourite make-up look that you always sport? Do you prefer an au-natural look,  or do you go for strong, bold eyes?  Or are you a strong lip kind of girl? And while we’re on the subject of favourite make-up looks, tell me if you prefer a matte look versus a dewy look.

My favourite for a day out is obviously a strong, bold red lip with cat winged eyeliner. Also with just a hint of shimmer on the cheeks and some highlight!  My face of the day is not so obvious in this picture, but that’s generally my go to look 🙂 Also, I needed an excuse to show you guys a picture of me and my girls at a recent event we attended! 

Pic Credit: Shivani from Pen My Blog 

From left : Arpita, Moi, Edazz, Shivani.


At work, most of the time my make-up is very au-natural (if I wear make-up to work on that day). A very simple eye liner, a sheer lippie and some blush.

Talking about matte versus dewy, I actually prefer a dewy look since it looks so much better in person however it doesn’t translate well on camera though. Matte looks are so much better for those days where you know you’re gonna be taking loads of pictures. But I’m only ever on camera during events and shoots which is why I prefer a dewy look most of the time. So Dewey for me! Hahaha.. get it? 


Tell me what kind of make-up you looks you guys prefer wearing, as well as the epic showdown between matte vs dewy! ❤



9 thoughts on “Frank Fridays With Shashay #4

  1. I’m somewhere in between for my everyday look because I like to keep my eyeshadow and lips neutral (light browns for my eyes and pinky or peach nudes for my lips, but I love doing a bold cat eye at the same time. I also prefer a dewy look because I have mostly dry skin and I think it makes one look fresher and younger!

  2. My boyfriend wants me without makeup at all. Sometimes I dupe him by applying little, but even that doesn’t change. My bare and makeup face look the same. I guess I just dont know how to properly apply makeup haha!

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