Tallulah, Paint My Lips Will You?

It’s no secret that I love sporting a red lip, and looking at my rapidly growing red lippie collection, I’m starting to wonder if this should become a serious concern of mine. This and my ever-expanding drawer of eyeliners. Either way, forgive me father, for I have sinned again and added another red lippie to my collection. 😀 If you read my previous post on the Topshop Gloss Ink, I mentioned I picked up something else as well.

Hi Tallulah, welcome to my home. Make yourself comfortable and get to know the rest of the family!

Tallulah Says: Hey guys, I’m so glad to finally be here, it was oh ever so lonely being the only one left at the Topshop make-up rack. All my family members were bought off, but no one was picking me up. I was so glad Shasha noticed me lurking at the back of the rack!

Let me introduce myself.  I’m a richly pigmented liquid lipstick; full, vibrant colour payoff with a creamy, never sticky finish for an ultimate, easy, beautiful and bold colour for the lips. Wear me alone or over lipliner for an extra long-lasting finish.

Topshop Lip Paint (4)

Tallulah Says: I have 4 other sisters. Clockwise from left: Hibiscus, my pink sister, Elevate, the nude one, Proud, a dark brown with shimmer, and Reminisce, my pale pink sister.

Topshop Lip Paint Swatches

Thank you for the introduction Tallulah, back to Shashay now!

The Topshop Lip Paints come in a simple tube packaging with a doe-foot applicator. I half expected the Lip Paint to smell as vanilla cupcake-y good as the Topshop Gloss Inks, but they actually smell a little like paint. To be perfectly accurate, it smells lightly like vanilla cupcake plus the bad paint smell. Go figure 😀 I don’t fancy it too much, but scents don’t bother me too much these days. Half the time I can’t smell anything anyways, thanks to my sinuses. 😦

This is as accurate as I could get the colour on camera. The red is an orange based red which is just so gorgeous. No hint of shimmer and glitter (awesomeness), meaning it’s a proper matte lip colour. Usually, I don’t go for orange based reds as they have a tendency to wash out darker skin, but the pigmentation was too awesome to pass up!

One swatch shows how pigmented the colour is. Now let’s talk paint shop for a moment. The Topshop Lip Paints are basically liquid lipsticks.  The texture of it reminds me of the Nyx Lip Creams, but with less shine since it dries on the lips to a dry matte finish, but leaves lips slightly more hydrated than a matte lipstick. Get it? Hahaha hope I didn’t confuse you guys.

Topshop Lip Paint (2)

Packaging wise, Topshop keeps it really simple, nothing fancy on the tubes. I actually like the simplistic packaging, but I wished the ingredient list was on it. It wasn’t printed on the tube like the Gloss Inks. I searched high and low on the internet for the list of ingredients and couldn’t find any. If you have the list, or know of a link to it, do let me know in the comments. 

~Hey there Delilah (or Tallulah), what’s it like in New York City,
I’m a thousand miles away,
But girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do~

Okay I couldn’t help it, the song was playing on my mind as I was typing this out!


Topshop Lip Paint (3)

Personal Thoughts: To be perfectly honest, I’m easy to please when it comes to red lip colours. As long as the product has great pigmentation, lasts quite a while and doesn’t bleed, I’m a happy girl. But for this review purpose, lemme break this lippie down for you lot.

Pigmentation, check. You’ve seen how amazing it is. Also the fact that there is zero glitter or shimmer of any sort is a big plus. Staying power, nothing too great. It lasts for 2-3 hours, and reapplication is necessary. It does leave that nice after-stain that most Topshop lippies have. Bleeding? I didn’t see any since I line my lips pre-application, but I didn’t see any feathering nor bleeding when I used it just as is. 

The Lip Paint dries to a matte finish, and doesn’t have any stickiness associated to it. The only con about the Lip Paint would be that it doesn’t last as long as a typical red lip stick, and that you need to apply this with a brush so that you don’t get too much product in your lips at once.

And if you wonder why I’m so obsessed over red lips, tell me this GIF isn’t hotness? ❤


Are you as obsessed with red lips as I am, or it just me? Let me know whats your poison 🙂 Call me curious.

The Topshop Lip Paints are available at all local Topshop Outelts for RM 46/4ml. The Lip Paints are manufactured in Italy.

PS: The next red lippie I’m wanting to try is the Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet. If you’ve seen it, you know why I want it. ❤



11 thoughts on “Tallulah, Paint My Lips Will You?

  1. Being naturally pale-lipped, I need lip colour like I need air. I love a bold red too and now you have made me feel like I need Top Shop makeup too. I am so there to discover these treasures!

    • Topshop Makeuo has really surprised me you know? Usually most clothing brands that venture into the realm of makeup crash and burn, but Topshop has proven me wrong on all counts. You definitely have a look out for them!
      PS: If you love a red lip, wait till you see the Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet, then you’ll know what red truly means, LOL!
      PPS: Are you going to Markets @ Jaya One this time round?

  2. I got the ingredients but i threw it away :’)
    Before i bought lip paint it ts covered with plastic . There got manufactured date the ingredients and whatsoever i didnt noticed

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