The Confident You with WEVents

Hello you awesomesauce people!

It’s the middle of the week, and I’m need of a pick me up. Movie night anyone? I’m thinking, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Have you guys watched it yet? I know its gonna be good since I have that yummy piece of a hunk Chris Evans waiting for me!

I digress 😀

I have been scanning my brain for a topic to write about as I’ve been having writers block for the past couple of days. That and a massive headache. One thing I did realize is, gosh,  I haven’t blogged about half the events I attended a while back. I’ve been really lax about my out and abouts haven’t I? Well not to worry, for the next few blog posts, you can whet your event appetites as I will be telling you what I’ve been up to lately! 

Just a couple of days ago I managed to attend a really fun one organized by WEVents. For the uninitiated, WEVents is actually a women based company which organizes social events (for women only) by their working women volunteers. The events are usually held in a casual environment  with the idea of bringing together working professional women for a fun evening. Each event will have its own theme and feature inspiring special guests and speakers, great door gifts and delicious food.

It’s basically an event for women to let their hair down after a hard day’s work and just be themselves! 

I was introduced to WEVents by Edazz, and I’ve been planning to attend their events for a while now, but due to unforeseen circumstances, this was my first time participating with zero idea of what to expect! 

The theme of the evening was The Confident You, and in parallel with the theme, WEVents invited a speaker from the BrandImage Institute to give us ladies some tips, advice and trade secrets to becoming that confident lady you’ve always wanted to be!

Thank my lucky stars, I wasn’t alone in attending the event and I had some familiar faces to talk to. It always terrifies me when I’m going to an event where I know practically no one. 😦

All of the pictures do not belong to me, due to that fact that I didn’t whip out my camera as often as I should have. The urge to take pictures of myself is seriously dwindling on my part. #bloggerfail

From left: Dilina, Edazz, Le Me, Choy Peng & Jacintha
Pic via

If anyone is interested, my dress is from FashionForward.

WEVents CP4

This is Delicious Cafe by the way, at St Mary’s Residences.The environment is super calm, cosy and inviting, seriously. That probably explains why it’s so secluded! Took me a while to find it, but you tech savvy people can GPS this in no time!
Pic via Choypengism

WEVents CP3

Pic via Choypengism

WEVents CP

And as usual, the customary FOTD shot. That’s Food of the day okay not Face hahahah..
Oh I’m already missing the red velvet cake and the chocolate truffles ❤
Pic via Choypengism

WEVents CP6

This was our speaker for the day, Michelle Tan from BrandImage Institute. I tell you, Michelle knows her stuff. If you need an image consultant, I highly recommend her. Shes utterly lovely!
PS: If you’re a company in need to develop a strong first impression and brand identity, hop right over to BrandImage.
Pic via WEVents.

WEVents pic3

Oh and one of the most exciting bits of an event is always the goodie bags right? 🙂
Sponsors for this event include Dove, Elle Magazine & Hada Labo. I got some great stuff in my goodie bag I tell you!
Pic via WEVents.

WEVents pic5

An event is never complete without dope activities, so here are some pics of what we got up to!

We had quite a bit if fun measuring our faces to check how symmetrical it is. Measure your face from the hairline right up to your jaw, and divide it with the measurements between your cheekbones. 

If your reading is below 1.6, you have an unsymmetrical face, and if its above 1.6, it seems that you have a perfect proportion. Mine was 1.7! Damn good already ⭐
Pic via WEVents.

WEVents pic

The next bit was checking which side of your face was more attractive! Oh come on, everyone has a good side right? It’s usually the side which you selfie the most (no point denying it okay). I usually prefer my right side to selfie, and apparently for a good reason! It seems the right side of my face was the better looking one LOL!

Here’s Choy Peng modelling her left side 🙂
Pic via Choypengism.

wevents cp

Activity 3? Matchy matchy!

We had to pick one coloured cloth, and find a partner with a suitable colour to match it with. Here’s me looking all perv like with my red matador cloth hahaha.. Finally a picture where I can see my dimples lol. I forgot they existed. 😉
I got Dilina to match her navy blue with my red! 

Pic via WEVents.


The last activity was actually my favourite! Hairstyles 😀  Michelle taught us how to get a professional looking do in less than 2 minutes believe it or not?? I predict no more French twisting in my future! 

This is my handiwork on Edazz. Not bad na? I did this in like a minute and all I needed was one rubber band!
Pic via Choypengism

WEVents CP5

Choy Peng being the model of the day since she has the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen. Long, thick and luscious. *insert jealousy here*
Pic via Choypengism

WEVents CP2

And a group shot to mark the end of a fun evening out! ❤
I love this shot, the poses are all super weird, LOL!
Pic via WEVents.

WEVents pic2

All in all, this was actually a really fun day out. I wasn’t entirely sure how an event with just 30 people was going to be a lot of fun, but it seems I may have to eat my words. I had a really good time with the ladies, and I made a few new friends too! The joys of networking 🙂 I even got to meet Shereen who works with Posh Nail Spa! 

In a short span of about two hours, I picked up a few handy tips to look, dress and feel better & more confident.

A few things that stuck with me?

Layers make you look more professional. Invest in a good blazer & knee-length skirts if you’re in the corporate line, it will serve you well.

Strappy shoes to work is a big no-no. Shop for some pumps and closed toed shoes for a more polished appearance.

Colour wise? Always match corresponding colours, for example, black with white or grey, or a pastel top with a pastel skirt. Never go for too daring a colour for corporate.

The tips might not be for everyone, but at least I know what are some of the to do’s and no no’s to look and feel successful!

Do you have any tips to share for a more Confident You?

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27 thoughts on “The Confident You with WEVents

  1. This event looks so much fun!
    I also have a problem, but maybe in higher level because I hate being in the crowd, except for special occasions.
    I agree with the better side of the face. Mine is the left sideee~
    The hair looks greaaaat! Can you do a tutorial? 😀


  2. it sounds soooo fun! but where exactly is the measurement to be taken between the cheekbones? i took it from the mid points of my cheekbones and my ratio is 3.33. isn’t that ridiculously high? 0.o

  3. This made me smile because I am an image consultant, although I tend to work with colours now. I just love it and I love doing these ladies only events. I think I’ll take a peek at Brand Image to see if I can glean anything myself! Hope it will help you in the future.

  4. That event seemed a lot of fun! I would love to know which side of my face is more “attractive” LOL! All the while I thought our face is symmetrical! Hahaha!

  5. It looks like a super fun event. I love all the different activities you got to do! Now I’m wondering if my face is proportionate, haha.

  6. I mentioned earlier but I’m going to say again.. I absolutely love your dress. You look so fab. But I still haven’t quite understood how to measure my face. I’m pretty sure it’s unsymmetrical haha. 😀

  7. I loveee to attend such beauty events like this!! and am sure u had sooo much fun! 😀 and please share with us the tips of “how to get a professional looking do in less than 2 minutes “

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