Markets at Jaya One Easter Extravaganza!

Hello hump day. :/

I cant wait for this week to be over already, since I’m superduperultramegalord excited about this Saturday! What’s going on this weekend that has got ye old me abuzz?  I’ve got an Easter Bunny to catch. 😀

If you’re familiar with the local Malaysian bazaar and festivals scene, you would have come across the Markets at Jaya One at some point. This bazaar has been one of my favourite ones to attend for a while now, and I’ve been dragging le boyf to all of the ones I did go to!

This will be Markets 12th time organizing  their seasonal bazaar and its one you should keep an eye out for.

Markets at Jaya One

Markets happens every 2 months once so (give or take) , so I do make it a point to attend when I can. They have played host to more than 80 vendors ranging from clothing and craft to food and housewares and many more!

One of the reasons why Markets is one of my favourite bazaars to attend is solely due to the fact that its held outdoors, on a bright sunny day with fun and quirky stuff all around me. I’ve been attending these kinds of bazaars since I could remember, and they always make really happy on the inside. I remember going out with my family on an early Sunday morning to visit local antique markets and I loved every moment of it. 

Markets is no antique market BTW, it boasts the most creative, fun and quirkiest of our local talents with a penchant for knick-knacks, one of a kind items and vintage fashion.

Markets usually has certain themes to their bazaars, and I think the last one they had in September was themed Uniquely Malaysian, where they had a Lorong Makan ( food alley) filled to the brim with homegrown vendors, talents and entrepreneurs.

This time round, they’ve got Easter Bunny in da house! Apart from having an Easter Bunny Pinata, there’s a swap for charity going on at the same time. Trade your pre-loved clothes for a good cause, with a minimum of RM5 donation entry fee, you get to exchange your stuff with friends and help out the people at Chow Kit Youths CKY!

Here’s how the Charity Swap works 🙂

Markets at Jaya One1

Aside from charity swapping, Markets usually boasts quite a number of vendors who will be selling their craft-wares, clothes and even food! Considering the fact that most of the vendors usually operate online, here’s your chance to shop for their stuff OFFline!

Some of the vendors I know who will be around?

Claire Organics, Individium, Deeper Than Fashion, and a whole lot more. They usually don’t announce all the vendors who will be around, so I’m in for quite a surprise this weekend! I’m hoping MyBurger Lab makes a show too 🙂 I’ve been itching for one their burgers for a while now.

I don’t know if this might be applicable, but this is the list of vendors who were around during the last Markets in September, and I know at least half of them will show up again! Markets not only gives the vendors a chance to sell their wares, but to actually talk/meet and interact with their customers on a more personal level which is sometimes difficult to achieve when doing business online.


I’ve some pics from the last bazaar, all credited to Markets.

Markets @ Jaya One (1)

Markets @ Jaya One (2)

Markets @ Jaya One (3)

Markets @ Jaya One (4)

Markets @ Jaya One (5)

Markets @ Jaya One (6)

Markets @ Jaya One (7)

Markets @ Jaya One (8)

Markets @ Jaya One (9)

If you are as hyped as I am, do give Markets a visit at their FB Page.


What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars already!

Click attending here if you’re going:

See you there at 11 am on the 12th of April, this Saturday, only  at Jaya One!


PS: This post was a public service announcement from me for you amazing readers. ❤


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