Frank Fridays With Shashay #5


I love Fridays, there’s always exciting things happening over the weekend, and who knows what exciting things this weekend will bring?

What are your plans? I have a full action packed weekend planned for myself 😉

Its Friday, you know that means welcome back to Frank Fridays with Shashay #5!

Frank Fridays (FF) with Shashay is a beauty loving, fun filled forum where we girls, & guys too, have a chat about everything and anything under the sun. FF is where I usually where I have a cuppa coffee, talk to my readers, be Aunt Agony and answer all your burning questions about everything and anything. I’ll ask you guys something that I’m particularly curious about, and you can ask me anything you want too!!

If you have a beauty related question, shoot away! Random blogging questions and enquiries? If you’re nosy and want to know more about me, then by all means ask! 😀 Anything under the sun goes in Frank Fridays! 

Last week I asked you what kind of makeup look you prefer and I got quite a bit of responses, so thank you to all who participated!

My question for this week?

What is your most prized possession, beauty or otherwise? It can be something super expensive you may own, something sentimental that means the world to you or even something that you just cant imagine life without? It can be an item or even a person, LOL!

Things I Love

via Dazed Reflection

For me, the most important thing in my life is probably my laptop; I literally would not be able to function one day without it.  It isn’t terribly expensive, but it’s something that I’ve come to depend on very dearly for all my daily needs.

Something sentimental I would really miss is my prom dress that I wore for my first ever prom with le boyf many years ago, and I would say the dress started it all for us, LOL! I still keep it wrapped up in a box and occasionally try it on to make sure it still fits (which it still does thank goodness). I’d hate to see it get ruined or worse still (what if I can’t fit the dress anymore?) *the horror*

Something super prized beauty wise would be my high end make-up & skin care since they did cost a bomb to buy. Some examples would be my Hourglass products, my Clarisonic (obviously) and random make up products from YSL, Bobbi Brown etc. ❤

Share your thoughts with me 🙂



27 thoughts on “Frank Fridays With Shashay #5

  1. Hi Shashay, Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment 🙂 I read your About Me page and am so impressed you speak 7 languages. That’s quite a feat!

    Things I can’t live without would be my mobile phone. It’s one of the ways I connect with the rest of the world, friends and family. I’m not a Facebook fan and hardly visit it but I like chatting on Whatsapp and Twitter. I share quite a lot on Instagram too.

    Prom dress? I don’t think I attended one. High school was a long, long time ago and during that time, proms were not widely organised. Not even when I was in college. So, um… no prom dress. But I do have my wedding gown and it’s tucked away somewhere in my parents’ house. Not that I can fit in it now but it still holds a sentimental value.

  2. I’m tempted to say everything because I’m a real hoarder but it comes down to this – and I know they’re not technically a ‘posession’ but my family would have to be the first and likely only thing I would care to save from a fire given that they are irreplaceable. I can buy an alternative for everything else. Yeah, blood is thicker than bb cream, for sure!
    Anyway, as we work our way down the list of priorities in life for this Frank Friday session, I have to say I love my camera. I love it even more than any phone. I’m not attached to phones – only care that it works so I don’t need the latest.
    I don’t care for bags either and couldn’t care less about brands because I would gladly use a camera bag as a handbag – it protects the camera better than any pricey designer tote. Again, as long as a bag does its job of bagging things safely then that’s that.
    Finally, I do love my blushes and brushes. It’s a bit rich to say I prize them but yes, I like them and it makes me happy to add to the collection when life affords.
    Sadly, I can’t say that I have any piece of clothing I can truly fit in that’s from yesteryear. So jealous you can still fit into your prom dress.

    • Blood is thicker than BB cream? You certainly know your way with words dont you? 🙂 I’m going to find a way to use that phrase in a convo soon!
      What camera do you use hun? I’m very curious to know how you manage to produce those lovely pictures that you always do!
      Haha, I dont care for bags either, but I do fancy the occasional designer bag. 🙂 Every girls needs that one designer handbag right ?
      Oh yes please, brushes! They certainly are pricey, but such a good investment! I’ve never regretted buying a brush, ever! Have you?

  3. One of my most prized possessions is a necklace my boyfriend gave me that says “Moon of my life” on it in Dothraki. We’re both Game of Thrones nerds and it was one of the first things he ever got for me ❤

  4. This is a nice idea, Shashay!!!

    Anyway, I am still resisting myself from getting the Clarisonic. I do want it but I’ve been shopping a lot of stuff lately so.. it might take a while 😦

    So yeah, I’ve been hoarding a lot of makeup lately and in my defense, those were from sales and I think I got them pretty cheap! The total of everything would’ve cost me 3 luxury products. Soooo I think it’s all good! LOL!

    I just quit from my job for a better opportunity and it was the hardest thing to do because I love my boss, my work and my colleagues! But opportunities don’t come too often, right? 🙂

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  6. something sentimental that i ever own is definitely Thomas!! He is one romantic gem I found over the worldwideweb!!

    the most important person in my life is non other than my family!they are the one who stood by me when I face any problem in my life!! I cant imagine life without them!! As for item definitely my phone is the most important thing for me..I can live a minute without it!!LOL…..and my car too..I hate public transport because all the hassle!!!

    the most expensive things I own is not my skin care nor makeup though I have some high end range which cost a bomb but they dont cost as much as my camera, my car, my car audio and my HOUSE!!!! Im paying most of my salary to my houseee…that sucks…I cant get my japanese food fix frequently now!!!

  7. My most prized possession is probably my phone! cannot go anywhere with out it and it’s basically my husband! 😛

    Love Ling


  8. for me i think, my price possession would be my camera, ipad and my laptop.. i am person who likes gadgets than expensive bags or shoes.. hehehe but i am learning to like beauty stuff.. my no.1 fave will be my mac lipstick, i love to wear it everyday 🙂

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  9. My prize possession is my Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara. I love it and couldn’t live without it, I don’t know how I ever did. Non-beauty would be my Macbook, again I don’t know how I ever lived without it! xD
    I never had a prom, which is annoying. I bet your dress was beautiful!

  10. Well, for material thing, it would be my smartphone. It is my computer, book, and connection to the outside world. But for my most prized possession, it would be my boyfriend. I don’t own him and I think no one can own a person, but I am happy to be with him.

  11. My most prized possession? It’s my laptop as well. Laptop with internet. Haha! It’s what I use to communicate with other people, real friends and online friends. 😀

  12. oh girl …. this question just made me think what is my most prized possession ? and the answer i got is “I don;t knwo” and this is so bad in my opinion… one must know what matters the most and now am worried :/ why i dont know …. i will get back to this quest again after deciding 😥

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