China Glaze Summer Soiree with Little Eyes of Mine

Haroo awesomesauces!!

I’ll admit, this post is probably late by like a month or so, but I’ve been so caught up with all the product reviews and etc I’ve barely had the time to blog about any of the events that I’ve attended recently. If you’re a follower of this blog (IF YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING YET, CLICK THE FOLLOW BUTTON AND LOVE ME NOW), you know I’ve been verbal diarrhea-ing all the events I’ve been going to recently! 🙂

Moving past all the diarrhea, hahaha, my girl Claudine hosted her very first event together with China Glaze last month, and it was an amazing one, so congrats hun ❤ I met Claudine in my early blogging days, and we’ve been friends ever since the first time we met at the Pink N Proper Pool Party . ❤

The summer soiree was a pretty informal event, with 30 of Claudine’s closest friends & family being invited, and I’m practically family now 🙂 I love attending little intimate parties like this, it allows you to mingle with everyone and spend time chatting and really connecting compared to  a big party where you cant hod a proper conversation with everyone. Isn’t that always the case?

The soiree was held at Kay’s Cafe @ Indera Subang Apartments in USJ 6/2L, so if you’re ever in the area,  do drop by and enjoy Kay’s yummy food.

PS: Most of these pictures are from Shivani of Pen My Blog, since I decided not to whip out my camera out as usual, again, I don’t have much pictures to show for this particular soriee.


We had all these amazing stuff from China Glaze already awaiting us when we arrived. Nail polishes, masks,face mists and much much more. Apparently, the parent company for China Glaze also heads Freeman, Evian, Corinne De Farme a couple of other brands locally.

China Glaze Shiv

I see goodies! 


Here’s our lovely host for the day, Claudine. Looking rather sweet with all those homemade cupcakes made by her mum surrounding her na?

China Glaze Shiv1

The event started off with a quick word by Claudine, and introducing us to Agnes & May, the reps from China Glaze. Hello Agnes! *waves*

China Glaze

Agnes gave us a brief introduction about the China Glaze brand and provided us a quick tutorial session on how to create simple nail art. This was very helpful for nail art failures like me. I tell you, I cant nail art to save my life.

Right after, we had May showing us the amazing China Glaze App. I did not know China Glaze had an app of their own, whereby you can take a picture of a colour and find the perfect nail colour match for it.

I took a picture of the maroon dress I was wearing, and the app showed at least 6 colours from the China Glaze nail polish range that matched the dress shade perfectly. Amazeballs 😀

China Glaze Shiv7

Le customary “candid” shot of me 🙂

China Glaze Shiv6

While all these amazing discoveries was happening, we had a competition going on. The 30 attendees were separated into groups of 5 or so and were given 1 hour to come up with the most creative designs on the nail wheel provided and the team with the best designs will walk away with a goodie bag from China Glaze.

I had Shiv, Edazz & Arpita on my team!

China Glaze Shiv10

Considering how rubbish I am at nail art, while Shiv,Edazz & Arpita were busy figuring out what designs to wow Agnes & May with, I sneaked off quietly to go grab food and stuff myself silly 🙂 

Spaghetti Aglio Alio & Grilled Sausages in Black Pepper Sauce.

China Glaze Shiv2

Moving back to the competition, we had bottles & bottles of China Glaze nail polish thrusted upon us, and we had tonnes of fun trying out all the colour and playing with the different textures, shades &  ranges.

China Glaze Shiv9

Nail colours galore!


At the end of the one hour, all the girls managed to come up with amazing designs on their respective nail wheel! My group came up with a couple of designs, but not as great as the ones in the picture below.

China Glaze Shiv3

This is Edazz working her magic on our nail wheel. If you can see the one with the purple background with yellow polka dots, that was my own handiwork. *le proud me*

China Glaze Shiv5

And tadaa, the winners! These creative lucky ladies went home with a huge goodie bag from China Glaze ❤
Congrats ladies!


After all the exciting activities, it wad time to say goodbye and head on home 🙂 Agnes presented Claudine with a thank you gift and don’t the girls look happy? 

China Glaze Shiv4

These is what I came home with, excuse my cuticles por favor.

The colour is a matte-turquoise called Turned Up Turqoise from the China Glaze collection. Its really pretty, but FYI, the blues/greens in the China Glaze collection have a tendency to stain your nails, so make sure you have a base coat on.


We had a great day out, and  had a great time playing with the nail colours. Thank you Claudine for hosting such an amazing event and I’m looking forward to your next one! Check out the useful links below 🙂

Claudines Blog:



3 thoughts on “China Glaze Summer Soiree with Little Eyes of Mine

  1. Thank you so much hun! It makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you girls in my life. I love you! N We miss you! Let us know when you’re free please.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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