I’ve Lost My Head Thank You Very Much.

Harooo awesomesauces!

Yes, I have finally lost my head and my marbles along with it. Jokes aside, it’s been a really stressful week and I’m super glad that it’s finally hump day. For now, I’m back again with another skin care review with the b.liv Off with Those Heads Blackhead Sebum Gel. Now to be perfectly honest, during the whole time I was drafting up this post, I was thinking of the Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland for the unitiated).

Seriously, my love for Helena Bonham Carter knows no bounds! How can one person be so talented? 😀


Moving onto the review, I’ve been using the b.liv off with those heads gel recently, and I must admit it had me a little surprised. Personally, I don’t b.liv (see what I did there?) anything that promises to remove blackheads, and especially in two weeks. Those things are stubborn little buggers which usually need manual extraction which will cause you hurt like a beyotch.  HOWEVER, the b.liv off with those heads gel doesn’t actually removes blackheads, what it does is that it actually softens the clog blocking your pores allowing for effortless extraction and removal of all sores, hence there is still the need for manual extraction, minus the beyotch 😛

If you’re familiar with the b.liv by Cellnique range you’d realize that all b.liv products come with a 14 day 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. So, if you’ve used it for 2 weeks and see no results, you can always send it back to the manufacturer and you get your money back! This is actually pretty cool, I mean, Cellnique must be really confident in their product to offer such a guarantee!

And for you PETA inclined people out there, you will be glad to know that Cellnique does not test on animals! 🙂

b.liv off with those heads (3)

As a disclaimer, I don’t have much blackheads to start with because I extract them almost on a daily basis, but for the review purposes, I’ve left my blackheads as it is for 2 weeks without any manual extraction on my part. (Do you know how much I was itching to squeeze all of the out?)

Product Description: Say goodbye to painful squeezing! b.liv Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel is a light cooling gel that promises to easily remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads in just 14 days of daily application. It keeps excessive oil secretion under control while preventing future irritation and breakouts. Best for oily skin with blackheads and whiteheads. Removes blackheads and whiteheads, keeps acne under control, controls oil, unclogs pores, provides a gentle exfoliation & has soothing and hydrating properties.

The instructions on the box will tell you to use the Off With Those Heads daily on cleansed, towel-dried face, to pump 2-3 pea-sized drops onto your palm and proceed to apply it onto your problem areas, but what I do is I use them on my dried cleansed face, twice a day, morning and night, and I only use only one pea sized drop for my whole nose and chin area. The gel is very light and easy to spread, so you only need a little bit to cover your whole face in fact. I use it before applying any of my skin care, so it’s the first thing to go on my face each day.

b.liv off with those heads (1)

The gel actually comes out clear & thick, but is very spreadable. Upon application, you will feel a minty, cool, tingly sensation which to be perfectly honest, is a very nice feeling. However those with more sensitive skin than mine (I have thick cow hide skin which is insensitive to everything lol) might experience a stinging sensation. It dries off in a minute leaving skin feeling slightly tacky. The rest of your skin care can go on right after that!

On the product box, and on the bottle too actually, there is a precaution bit listed which tells you that it is very common for more oil to be secreted during the period you’re using the gel. I didn’t see any more oil secreted than usual, so those with oily skin, take note.

b.liv off with those heads (2)

I’ve seen the raves for this product, and I can finally understand why its such a cult favourite. Fast forward two weeks later, and my skin is almost blackhead free! Almost. They advise that you will start seeing results in 14 days, and that definitely rings true, but it DOES NOT remove all blackheads in 14 days. I can still see a spot or two left, but I expect them to be gone in no time. I  thought the extraction after two weeks to be difficult and painful, but it was relatively easy. All the blackheads just came off with minimal pressure.The blackheads really are softened! (And to finally be able to extract all those blackheads after two weeks was such a relief!)

If you have really congested skin, I would assume the process takes a whole lot longer.

An awesomesauce product as a whole! ❤ I will make sure this goes into my everyday skincare routine from now onwards!

The ingredient list for your perusal. It seems to contain Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Peppermint as active ingredients, which I know helps to get rid of spots and so on. 


I also received the don’t get mad, get matte masks together with the gel, and I had a go with thm! The mask actually is supposed to remove excess sebum to leave skin feeling matte, which is great for those with oily skin, but considering my skin is as dry as the Sahara Desert, I think I’ll take keep all the oil I can get my hands on!

For review purposes, lets see if they make me feel a little less.. oily?

The mask is a black charcoal mask that apparently acts like a magnet to draw out deep dwelling pore cloggers. The mask contains a really thick, gooey liquid which feels really nice to me. I left the mask on 15 minutes, massaged whatever mask juice that was left in the packet onto my face and neck, & after 15 minutes, skin feels taut & tight, much much smoother , which means they actually do dry out the skin for you, leaving it feeling less oily.

One thing I didn’t expect to see was the fairer/brighter complexion I had. I literally looked like I had been scrubbed clean! I was amazed to see my skin looking so fresh and fair. I had gone one shade lighter! I need more of these masks, stat!

The masks have a strong minty scent, and while I had the mask on, the minty feeling was so strong I had like a mild stinging sensation. Sensitive skinned people, proceed with caution.

The active ingredients in the mask is Retinyl Palmitate (regulates sebum secretion) , Zinc Sulphate (clarifies the complexion) , & Willow Bark Extract (used to lift away impurities).

The mask comes in a set of 7 for only RM49.90 which I’m gonna pick up!

b.liv off with those heads (5)

I personally feel that the b.liv Off with Those Heads Blackhead Sebum Gel works wonders my blackheads, and if you’re someone who needs to get rid of yours, you might wanna try this out! You can purchase it by clicking here, or you can have a peek at their whole range of products at http://www.hishop.my/b-liv-by-cellnique. They actually have quite a bit of items with catchy names, like Spots Got Shot or No Spots Bye Dots, LOL!

If you ask me, the mask or the gel, I would say the mask, only because I don’t have much blackheads to worry about. If your concern is blackheads, go for the gel because its freaking amazing! If a brighter, more toned appearance you’re looking for, get the mask, which is what I’m gonna do ❤

Do you have blackheads that you need to get rid off? Will this be something you would love to try?

Since HiShop were the ones to send these amazing product to me, have a peek at them okay!

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The b.liv Off with Those Heads Blackhead Sebum Gel retails for RM139/30 ml & RM 179.90/45 ml.

PS: If you’re reading this, and you’ve stuck with me till the end of this long post, here’s something for ya! Key in BLIV2014 while you’re shopping at HiShop, and you will get RM20 off your purchases,with a minimum purchase of RM99.  The code is valid till 30 April 2014, so go crazy!! 



12 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Head Thank You Very Much.

  1. congrates shasha, you just convinced me to buy the mask! hehe, before this i nearly bought the mask from b.liv at SaSa but the salesgirl was too pushy on me, she kept on pestering me to buy Cyber Colors mask which she said is a better choice as one box contains 5 different mask and more economical while b.liv only have the same type of mask in a box. i gave up looking at the masks and went out without any purchase.

    • hi Mieza! hahaha, im so glad I did 🙂

      hmm, this is the first time I’ve heard a SaSa sales girl being so pushy..usually they’re really nice and don’t pester you. You really should get the masks,its amazing!

      I really need to get myself another box too! try HiShop if you prefer online shopping 🙂

    • I apply it before toner! I actually extract mine every day, but just for the review I did it after 2 weeks, but you can actually extract your blackheads before the two weeks because they soften really quickly…

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    • Hey hun! Blackheads are such a bane of our existence aren’t they? +__+ I usually extract mine with clean hands (its amazing how many people forget this tip), a piece of tissue, and my fingers. I find I can “feel” the blackheads better and extract them hahaha… Those sharp tools that they use to extract blackheads scare the daylights out of me!

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