Thursdays, Throwbacks, Babies and Beauty!

Haroo you awesomepeople!

No product reviews today, but what I do have a is a ramble session. Pull up some chairs, grab a cup of coffee and lets gossip! 😉 Or we can also call it networking as we discuss the latest happenings in our lives and so on!

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A quick recap of my week? Nothing terribly exciting, but I have organized a few beauty swaps for myself for the upcoming months. If you’re not familiar with beauty swaps, it’s basically what it says it is. Swapping beauty related stuff, lol! I’m not entirely familiar with the whole swap idea, and I wanted to see if its actually as fun as it seems. I’ve got a few arranged from the UK & USA, because come on and get real , that’s where all the good stuff are coming from right? I’m terribly excited about it, and I’m looking forward to getting started on the swaps ❤

Some things I really want from overseas? Bourjois, Real Techniques, Hourglass, and my heart will go on, just like the Celine Dion song. 😛

Next juicy bit?

My Sephora USA stuff is here ❤ Me, Cynthia and a few girls decided to combine shipping and get some stuff we wanted from Sephora USA, and they have just arrived! I haven’t received mine yet, but fingers crossed that Cynthia send them over to me in the next couple of days… I got a few high-end items that I’ve been eyeing on that wasn’t available locally, and I will be reviewing them the moment they get into my grubby & greedy hands!

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In other news? If you didn’t know I was baby and royal obsessed, now you do. I love babies, and stalking the royals (especially the European ones) are my favourite hobby, so what do you think I’ve been doing lately? For those of you without my stalker tendencies, the British monarchs are currently touring Australia and they just finished with New Zealand I think, and they’ve got baby George with them! He is just too cute!

Pic via Daily Mail


And he seems super in love with his mom like most babies are..The pictures really are very lovely!



Okay enough royal verbal diarrhea from me! 😛

Another good thing that happened over the week was that I won some beauty products from a random competition I joined ages ago! So I got like almost 500 bucks worth of stuff from L’occitane and a hamper from Revlon! I hope they include some Matte Balms for me! It seems that I’ve been a lucky girl this week 🙂

I’ve also been testing out new products this week and some of them seem very promising. Reviews will be out soon awesomesauces!Its gonna be legend-wait for it- dary! 

And around the blogosphere, we have The Butterfly Project Fund Raiser Walkathon going on, so if you’re looking to do some good, do join us! Tickets are priced at RM10 (Children below 12 years old can walk for free). This is a walk for support The Butterfly Project, and they will be setting up a car boot sale for T-Shirt collection / sale and giving out goodie packs for every paying ticket.  Best of all Gong Cha Truck is coming to serve everyone drinks! 🙂

Register here & bring your friends & families to register too!


Oh and they are also selling t-shirts for all The Butterfly Project Bloggers, so if you’re one of us, or looking to be one, go get one now! Its only RM49.40! I got mine already ❤


How has your week been? Was it good, awful? I know it isn’t technically the week-end yet, but I want to know anyways! Bring on the gossip ❤ Love you all lots,and sending happy thoughts out 🙂



3 thoughts on “Thursdays, Throwbacks, Babies and Beauty!

  1. Hey Jana! Thanks hun 🙂 Yeah I agree, the little one makes things more interesting no? =D And to mention how adorable he always looks, with such a lovely looking mum.. Ohh I am so obsessed ❤

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