Frank Fridays With Shashay #6

Haroo awesomesauces! 

Another week is almost ending, well for most of you at least 😛 I’m already on weekend mode, I iz off to see le boyf in a couple of hours and I will be spending the entire weekend annoying the living hell out of him ❤

Where will you be over the weekend?

And as usual, welcome back to Frank Fridays with Shashay #6! For those of you who are new here, what is this Frank Fridays you may ask? 

Frank Fridays (FF) with Shashay is a beauty loving, fun filled forum where we girls, & guys too, have a chat about everything and anything under the sun. FF is where I usually where I have a cuppa coffee, talk to my readers, be Aunt Agony and answer all your burning questions about everything and anything. I’ll ask you guys something that I’m particularly curious about, and you can ask me anything you want too!!

If you have a beauty related question, shoot away! Random blogging questions and enquiries? If you’re nosy and want to know more about me, then by all means ask! 😀 Anything under the sun goes in Frank Fridays! 

Last week I asked you lot was was your most prized possession, beauty or otherwise, and I got a few interesting answers! It seems everyone has something special and dear to their heart, be it a person or an item   🙂

My question for this week?

What is your skincare routine/regiment and products do you use for day versus night?  Does your skincare vary every month? How do you use your skincare? 

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The reason why I’m asking is firstly because I’m nosy that way, and I love peeking into peoples bathrooms & vanity to know what sort of skincare they’re using 😛 I also like learning and discovering new hidden gems through other peoples experiences, because that’s how I came to find Hydraluron, which has become a staple in my skin care routine.

My skincare routine is fairly simple at the moment, which consists of (in application order) my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, Murad Refreshing Cleanser, b.Liv Blackhead off with those heads, Beautymate Lotion, Melvita Eau Floral De Rose, Hydraluron, Olay Moisturizer, Talika Lipocils (this isn’t skincare per se, but I’m including it for completeness) & the Yadah Sunblock.

At night, I switch the Olay Moisturizer with the Strivectin Night Cream and I don’t use the sunblock. Once a week, I use my Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask, and the Novexpert Mask

Some would think this is a fairly complicated routine, and most would probably think this is a much simpler routine compared to theirs as I use less high end skincare products.But this is what is working for me at the moment. If need come be or budget permits, I’ll upgrade my skin, LOL!  

I apply most of my skincare via patting them in, instead of rubbing or massaging them. Curious?

I’ll do a full skincare routine post soon, promise ❤

Tell me what products you use, and how you use them. For now, auf wiedersehen, au revior and see you in the next post 🙂

PS: Happy Easter! ❤ Have a GIF on the house 😀





23 thoughts on “Frank Fridays With Shashay #6

  1. I think your skin routine is almost perfect. I follow more or less your same steps, but with different products. I love to change a lot and I have thousands of creams, so I use the one that inspires me more in the morning. At night I’m using a Nivea cream.

  2. I use products by Priori which are supposed to be in conjunction with a facial peel every month although I stick to the skin care. There is a seperate moisturiser for the evening which is no good in the daytime so I use a Clinique moisturiser with a good SPF

  3. i dont follow any skincare routine religiously i am so lazy for it … i just cleansed when removing makeup but at times i prefer some cooling mask that’s it … nothing specific for me :/

  4. Lovely post! For skincare I have distinct day versus night routines. Nighttime is masks, heavy duty eye creams, and moisture moisture moisture. Daytime is more about lighter products that won’t leave me oily & quality SPF. ❤ GIGLove

  5. I use SK II for my skin care day and night. I used to use all the products in the kit I purchased. However, I noticed I tend to oil up during the day so I skip the essence and moisturizer for day time 😀

  6. It’s a little hard to choose my skincare regiment right now. I’m trying out new things so we’ll see… my skin is a little crazy right now ):
    Thanks for this post 😀

    GIG love ❤

  7. i have simple routine.. wash my face, use toner then night cream for night and day cream for the morning with spf of course! 🙂 but sometimes i fail to do it regularly especially when i am so tired.. hehe

  8. My skincare routine varies a lot, because as a beauty blogger I always test some new products. At the moment, I use a treatment with vitamin C and a moisturizer for day and exfoliant cream for night.

  9. most of all product i used is from doctor skin care expert 😦 ..
    because iv been try all skin care product doesnt really work on my face..
    so i decided to consultation my problems face to the doctor..
    this acne pissed me off really ! XD

  10. wow mine already consider a lot..yours is even skincare routine used to be short but now becos of acne i use BB calming makeup remover,yadah cleanser,sothy toner,cellnique serum,cellnique sebum gel+acne gel,neutrogena moisturiser c/w sunblock, at night i change to night moisturiser by neutrogena and apply evolu eye cream ocassionally…i use mask once every two day..sometime clay mask sometime sheet mask…and my fav antipodes manuka honey mask..

  11. I didn’t change my skin care routines every month. Once I feel the skincare works for my skin, I will stick continue using that skincare until it doesn’t effecting or giving benefit to my skin. I heard that it is not good to change your skin care routines too often.

    GIG Love,

  12. It’s so hard to say because I don’t often have a specific skin routine that I follow. I’m still searching for the right products for my skin, so I’m always using different things. gig

  13. I try not to change my skincare routine too much in terms of what kinds of products I use, but I do change the brand every now and then – usually when I run out of something I’ll try from another brand so it all depends on when I use it all up 🙂

  14. As usual my skin care routine will be cleanser, toner, sunblock, blemish spot, moisturizer/ampoule 🙂 And I do change my skin care products every month if it doesn’t work for me heh

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