What Can You Do With RM50 These Days?

Haroo awesomesauces!

Yes I am at the moment sans a camera, but nothing can stop me from blogging, not even my camera-less-ness 🙂 The world-wide web is a wonderful place that has tonnes and tonnes of images for me to use, and provided I credit back to the owner, I have everything I need at my fingertips for a perfect blog post ❤

So off to the topic today! This particular idea came to me as I was in the shower one day (that’s usually where I get my best inspirations to blog LOL), and I was just thinking about the fact that an RM50 note has ceased to be of much value these days.When I was a little girl, RM50 was a rarity to me, and having a RM50 note meant I could buy a whole candy shop, and I felt like I was the richest person in the world! Oh how times have changed..

PS: RM50 at today’s exchange rate roughly translates to approximately 15 USD, 16 AUD, 9 GBP or 11 EUR.

Pic via Elminetwork


These days, RM50 might not get me through a day if I’m out an about the town. A cab ride costs about RM10 and even a simple meal at a decent restaurant can cost RM10. And don’t get me started on buying the essentials. Talking about rice, eggs, bread, water & food in a nut shell, they have been getting pricier and pricier everyday (Even Maggie Mee costs RM4.50 these days god damn it). If you do the shopping for your household, you know what I mean. Moving past survival needs, paying the bills, fuel, rent, putting aside money for savings and all that hooplah, one does not have much left at the end of the month to spend on thyself.

But a girl always needs more beauty products and makeup, so where does that leave us? Lets not go to the high-end spectrum where Chanel, Guerlain or Hourglass lay, but lets focus on the drugstore side of things shall we?

I dug up some of the products I own that cost less than RM50 (took a walk round my vanity, and voila!) so here are my 10 picks for budget buys under RM50!

1. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms (Rm30, review here)

I am a red lippie girl, so I had to include my current favourite one in 🙂 These balms are inexpensive, lasts a while, and they often go on sale, so you can actually get them from less than RM30. The texture is awesome too!

Revlon Matte Balm (9)

2. Maybelline Long Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (RM 39.90, review here )

Of course an eyeliner fetish freak like me would have included her favourite gel liner. These gel liners last all day, come with a brush that is uh-mazing, and is only 39.90 for a pot that lasts you prolly a whole 6-8 months? What more can a girl ask for?


3. Revlon Colorstay Concealer (RM42, review here )

Ah, another Revlon favourite! I swear, I’m not affiliated to Revlon in any way (but they should be paying me for how much I rave about their products lol). The Revlon Colorstay concealer does what it says, and more.


4. L’Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster (RM35, review here)

Yeap, another eyeliner from yours truly. This one is liquid, stays put, and gives you all the glam you need for that perfect cat wing !


5. NYX Xtreme shine Lip Cream (RM26, review here)

NYX is one of those brands where almost all their products are super affordable. I can list at least 10 items from them that I love and costs less than RM50, but I’ll stop at just this one red lippie.


6. Eucerin Lip Aktiv Lip Balm (RM17, review here)

Eucerins Lip Aktiv is something that I’ve had in my makeup bag for so long now I cant remember how many tubes I’ve gone through. Its pricier that most lip balms in the market, but it does a hella job in repairing chapped lips overnight ❤ Really it’s an amazing product which you simply must try, *humble bow*

Eucerin Lip Aktiv

7. Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Toner (RM44, review here)

I don’t like toners per se, but this is something that I’ve stuck with for a while now, and I love how soft it makes my skin feel after a whole day out.

shashay (5)

8. b.LIV Dont Get Mad, Get Matte Masks  (RM49.90 for a pack of 7, review here)

These masks are amazing for my skin. They make me look instantly brighter and glowing in all of 15 minutes. I salute these masks for what they do for my skin.

b.liv off with those heads (5)

9. Johnson & Johnson Body Lotion (RM 15-ish I think)

Pic Via Beetrices Reviews

This one product reminds me of my childhood ,and I think many of us will nod in agreement to say that this is one of the best, inexpensive body lotions out there. Put aside all those fancy body butters & creams because this one lotion can cover your skins moisturizing needs, and make you smell fruity good too ❤


10. Olay Total Effects (RM 30 something, can’t remember the exact price, review here)

And last but not least, my trusty moisturizer, which my mother was using back in the day when it was still called Oil of Ulan, and now I have come to trust it for my skins most basic moisturizing needs! 🙂

Olay Total Effects for Normal Skin

What do you think? Any of my top 10 products under RM50 lands in your favourites list as well? Let me know what YOUR under RM50 buys are share the love with me ❤

Side note* I also think beauty boxes are a great bargain since you get about 7-8 products for less than RM50, so you may want to look up Bag Of Love or The Lilac Box!

PPS: All the prices are correct  at time of printing, but prices may change, so keep checking.



11 thoughts on “What Can You Do With RM50 These Days?

  1. This is a very clever post Shasha and you know what? I’m now curious if I can take RM50 and go shopping for some beauty products instead of just one item. Would be a challenge, but it’ll be an interesting challenge 😉

    • I agree with Paris B. This IS a clever post and it made me realise just what a prolific beauty reviewer you are, Shasha. Your ever-fertile mind puts me to shame lol. Time for me to invest in some blogging compost.
      As for RM50, sadly that is what pretty much remains of my budget for this month after an early spate of binge-buying. I have a better chance of stretching my dollar over at Watsons. The other option is saving the RM50 and winning my next beauty fix. Not altogether impossible given the generosity of beauty brands on Facebook these days.
      Who knows, you may win a camera…yet!

      • Aww thanks babe! ❤ *blushes*
        Ahh binge buying, my favourite sin! Its okay babe, paychecks are due in the next week right? Speaking of winning your next beauty fix, congrats on the Marc Jacobs win!! I was so excited to see that you won! ❤ Lucky girl you!

    • Hi Paris! Aww thanks, I recall that you wrote something similar a few years ago too 🙂 You know what, I’m going to take you up on that challenge *challenge accepted* I’ll go shopping this weekend, and lets see what bargains I can get for RM50!

      • Sadly, in embarking on your challenge (I’m quite literal, you see lol), I left Etude House spending double that amount on nail polish and miscellany so that I could become a ‘member’. Darn, fell for the oldest trick in the book! Then there was the ‘Gift With Purchase Deal’ that came with it comprised of tubes of silly stuff I probably won’t use anyway. So, now I am RM100 and not RM50 poorer *sobs and expresses dismay at lack of self control*.
        The Binge Shopper returns.
        I realised that one should never take a RM50 challenge at Etude House – my virgin shopping trip there. That place looks so innocent, childish and kind but is really quite Expensive with a capital E! The prices outside of sale time give Laura Mercier a run for its money! I should have stuck with the plan and gone to Watsons *smacks self in head*

      • Oh dear! I’ve never actually stepped into an Etude House before, it looks way too pink for me lol, but I know many a girl who left that store with lighter pockets just like you 😀 I didn’t know their items are so pricey,I always thought their products were rather inexpensive to be honest.. Now that you’re an Etude House member, will you be going back, hehehe? I bet they would love a sequel to The Binge Shopper!

      • I actually suffered the reverse of poor customer service at Etude House. The guy serving me was absolutely excellent and so helpful I felt that I should buy something from him.
        Personally, I’m not a huge, huge fan of Etude House – the pink, dolly look of the store makes it feel like makeup and skin care for Barbie instead of boring old me. My only Etude House items before this were BOL samples.
        But on this off chance occasion that I was in the store I did find the goods, outside of sale time were really, really high! I was really surprised that a lipstick went for RM89 when a Dior lippie is only a few bucks more. Etude House is absolutely high-end in terms of pricing.

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  3. Hey ladies, I had fun reading Shasha’s post and it doubled when I read all the comments XD to Shasha and ShopGirl, I just wanna share a tips if you wanna shop at Etude House in Malaysia. Their price is definitely Expensive with a capital E like ShopGirl said, it is undeniable. So what I have been practicing for all my latest Etude House haul is, only buy when they have Buy 1 Free 1 promo. Usually it is once every 2-3 months. Besides, they have this Sweeties Club Anniversary monthly if I’m not mistaken as well, and they slash the price of that months’ selected range up to 1/3 of its NP. you can always visit their official fb page to know about the offers before you splurge ^_^

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