A Dish Of Bad Customer Service Anyone?

Haroo awesomesauces!

Yeap, we’re talking about THIS today. Bad Customer Service. You’ve seen it, experienced it, and now we’re gonna talk about it. This post has actually come about due to the fact that I have recently come across a couple of situations where I would love to beyotch-slap a few Sales Assistants (SA), or in today’s case I dub them Satans Assistants .

Background first? I love shopping, you all know that about me already by now, and most times, I prefer to shop alone, only because shopping is my form of therapy and I don’t fancy having other people butting into my therapy session, LOL! And if I’m shopping over the weekend, I’m usually dressed very casually, my standard get up is my hot pants and a top, with very minimal make-up. I don’t try very hard to look extra nice unless I have an event or a meet up with the girls. Hey its the weekend, let me be! 🙂


Some of my favourite places to shop include Sephora, Sasa, MAC and most beauty & clothing stores. However, these days, I find myself stepping further and further a way from some of those afore-mentioned stores. I have no issues with Sephora at all, its my Mecca. I can browse all day and swatch to my heart’s content and no one will be following me around or constantly trying to push a product to me. Sephora SA’s are also really nice & friendly plus they are always there when you do need them.

Now lets talk about Sasa & MAC. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced the rubbish MAC calls customer service right? A quick Google search of “bad customer service at mac cosmetics” tells me there are at least a thousands of women out there who feel the same way I do. So what bad service am I talking about? MAC SA’s have a rap for being extremely snooty, condescending and downright rude. If you aren’t dressed to the nines, you risk being either completely ignored by them (which is fine by me), or you’ll be on the receiving end of their dirty looks. If they actually bother to speak to you, get ready for their  ‘I’m holier than thou’ manner. Another thing is, if you come into the store in a big group, they sometimes do attend to you, however if you are alone like me, they prefer to pretend as if you’re wearing an invisibility cloak. 

MAC SA’s are very “made up & groomed”, and I know for a fact that their made up look comes from the MAC testers . Ugh. Half the time when I’m in MAC, the SA’s will be in front of the mirror, primping and preening with the testers, using the make-up brushes directly on their face & lipsticks directly on the lips. Oh gosh yuck. Remind yourself not to touch the testers at MAC okay?  The same goes for Sasa SA’s. If you aren’t “made up and groomed” like them, prepare for their judging stares, LOL!

I usually go into MAC, and if I’m ignored, I’m okay with it. But when I actually need something, or if I decide to purchase something, and I’m still ignored, gurrlll you be messing with the wrong lady! I try not to be rude to them, no point fighting fire with fire, but I do get really sarcastic when I’m angry and annoyed , hence sometimes the SA’s will elicit responses like these from me. “Hi, I’d like to buy one of these, but if you’re too busy putting your face on, I’ll be more than happy to come back when you’re done? Or maybe your manager will have time to assist me instead?” Then you get them rushing over and fawning all over you. Disgusting.

Sasa on the other hand if full of Chinese speaking SA’s who seem to think everyone who comes into their stores are thieves and robbers. They follow you around, and the moment you touch something, their Spidey senses start to go on overdrive. The worst part of Sasa is that they gossip/talk  about their customers in front of us. I speak Mandarin, so if they say something rude about me, I smile and start speaking to them in Mandarin instead. I love the flabbergasted expression I get when I do that, LOL!  😉


And that concludes the end of my rant. The sad thing is, I actually enjoy shopping, and these SA’s are ruining it for me. I am a person who spends a lot of money when I like something, and sometimes my decisions can be swayed with good customer service. I’ve purchased stuff at smaller, more customer friendly stores, just because the SA’s were amazing, friendly, and kind ❤ If you don’t have the courtesy to be nice to me, I WILL NOT shop from you.

To be fair, I’ll highlight the one good experience I had at MAC Jusco Tebrau City.The SA was friendly, matched me with a correct shade of foundation (which rarely happens), and even when I didn’t buy anything, she sent me off with a smile and a wave! Not sure if it was because she was actually nice, or if it was because le boyf was beside me. *He looks older and slightly distinguished, so maybe she thought he had moolah to spend?* Either way, I went home a happy girl!

All I can say is, thank goodness for MAC online!

What do you think of the service you receive from these kinds of stores ? What is your favourite and least favourite store to shop at? 




17 thoughts on “A Dish Of Bad Customer Service Anyone?

  1. ahahahah your post relates to me , totally!
    all the staffs at MAC are all really pretty and the dudes are also prettyy, no kidding,
    but that is ALSO why the reason i dare not go and have a look cuz they are too pretty to look at any customers around, gah~*sarcasm*
    as for SASA, they can go do DIGI advert yellow man, and they are pretty insisting too till i ended up buying something i DIDNT come to buy for, and ended up regret gah~
    why is it so hard to buy stuff from these shops T.T

    • Tell me about it. The dudes are prettier than us girls, LOL! Oh man, its been a while since that Digi ad, ~I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go~ They do make it so difficult for us to shop right? I think maybe we should start being more assertive and tell them off?

  2. Hi beautiful!
    Like you, I prefer to shop alone, and trust me, I don’t even like to apply anything after my sunscreen when I head out sometimes. And during those days when I look most natural, I get the “I am holier” look from the cosmetics SA, be it from MAC, or Dior, Chanel, etc. It is not just SASA and MAC, which I could totally relate, but these SAs actually had the nerves to nag how makeup would help me look better, how their brand is better than others, bla bla bla…. irritating, you know? Like there is NO internet? Customers are getting more and more savvy these days, and those SAs really should realize that. Sigh. I am now waiting for more brands to actually have their own online shopping webs. Can’t wait!!! LOL.

    • Hey hun! Finally, a girl after my own heart 🙂 I don’t why our natural, bare skin look elicits these kinds of responses from these SA’s? Is everyone supposed to look made up 24/7? I agree, they seem to think we know nothing about beauty products, ans sometimes its so hard to listen to them rambling on about something which I know is wrong and untrue. Online shopping is a haven def, but sometimes I do want to see and touch the products before I buy them you know? Especially if I’m forking out hundreds of bucks! 🙂

  3. That’s why I stick to online shopping most of the time – I feel less stressed by catalogs than real sales staff.
    I’ve never generally had too much trouble with SaSa – and once a sales assistant did such a fantastic job I rewarded her with a bag of chocolate but yes, they can be overly aggressive at times with their cross-selling and that can be a huge turn off. I find that being firm and goal-oriented helps at a place like SaSa.

    Anyway, Sasha-babe, if you think we have it bad here in Malaysia you should try shopping at the cosmetic shops in Hong Kong. One feels that they are literally on your back. I kid you not – it’s like one big piggy-back fest! One sales assistant at Bonjour kept me stressing me out so much that all I told her just to leave me alone until I needed her. She wouldn’t stop rabbiting on about every single item under the sun. In the end I had to leave with only a quarter of what I wanted to buy because she had killed my mood.

    P.S. Love the cartoon at the end there.

      • Aww thanks love! Will keep posting out beauty blabbers from my end until I get the camera issue sorted.. Meanwhile, any good recommendations for cameras? Brand? I’m thinking Canon, and for a budget of less than RM 1000? I’m cheap, so don’t mind me 😀

    • Online shopping is really the best for us who feel harassed by these SA’s, but I still sometimes wanna touch the products before I buy em you know, and these SA’s are not making it easier for us. I’m thinking that being firm and goal-oriented didn’t work for you at Etude House recently ? LOL!

      I haven’t had the opportunity to go to HK, but if its worse than Malaysia, I think I might just stay away for now. Well at least you walked out with something in hand babe, so it wasn’t a complete loss! ❤

      PS: Shall we go to that planet? 😛

  4. ” Sasa on the other hand if full of Chinese speaking SA’s who seem to think everyone who comes into their stores are thieves and robbers. They follow you around, and the moment you touch something, their Spidey senses start to go on overdrive. ”
    Agreed =)

  5. “SA’s who seem to think everyone who comes into their stores are thieves and robbers.” AGREED
    The moment I start to hold the product just to read the ingredient or i just keep holding AND think for a FEW SECONDS. They will come to me and asking me ” are you going to buy this? I want to put at the counter” So? what is the function of empty basket in my hand ? For fashion show huh?

    • I hate when they follow you around, right? Its like you don’t even have the freedom to browse, see, touch and smell the products before we buy them. Seriously, if I wanted to steal something I wouldn’t go to a Sasa. Haihh…

      Like I mentioned in the comments above, maybe its time to assert ourselves a little more.. 🙂

  6. I agree! I think the SAs in those luxury brand store are super stuck up too! They think they own the store and just because people didn’t really dress up properly, they tend to look down on you. WTF, hello I am shopping in the store when you are just a worker, c’mon la >.< I went into Ralph lauren to buy a polo, and NOBODY gives a damn about me, the SA rather serve the china lady because she was in juicy couture and gucci. When I finally bought my polo, suddenly everyone became so friendly, greeting me and opening the door for me. Dafuq!

    So far Dior cosmetics have very friendly SAs, most of them are aunties but they are really good! Chanel has really stuck up SAs, just because I was in my dead college look, they didn't want to serve me when I wanted to buy a lipstick. I eventually went to their opposite counter which was Dior and bought my lipstick! This is one of the reason why I only collect Dior lipsticks but not chanel 🙂

    too much rant -___-

  7. Hi Shasha, I’m Seima! 🙂 Anyways I feel you about this reputation that Mac has. Apparently it happens in US too, I think it does happens anywhere on earth where there is a Mac store. My brain cannot process that them,being a ‘sales person’ and should be doing their job to sell their cosmetics,decided to scare the customers away and act all snobbish and arrogant! Err hello aren’t you guys suppose to make us buy your products and not giving us those monster look? Grr I really hate going to Mac stores with those kind of SA’s. I had a terrible one from Mac Mid Valley.

    My favorite Mac store is in Mac Alamanda,they all seems nice. And very helpful. I hope they stay that way forever until the world ends. I prefer online shopping too,despite the cheaper price tag,I can stay online for as long as I want without some people oggling me. All these SA’s in makeup departments should be beautiful inside too,all these while they’re only beautiful on the outside. With. The help of makeup. Glad you bring this up before I do. You seem to put in a more polite way than I would. :))

  8. I was in Metrojaya with my sister, at the perfume counter. The both of us wanted to buy some perfume but the saleslady completely ignored us, she pretended as if we didn’t exist. So I actually went behind the counter and pretended to be a salesgirl. I said to my sister, “Hi, how can I help you today?” The look on the salesgirl’s face was priceless. She came walking to us so fast you’d think that a tiger was chasing her or something.
    By the way, bravo for talking back to those mean SASA girls in Mandarin.Serves them right. I truly despise salesgirls who bitch about their customers, especially when they’re using a language that they think the customers don’t understand.

  9. Gurl,

    I totally understand how you feel! I love shopping alone too, not only can I get what I want to buy straightaway without waiting for others but sometimes people show me a dirty look whenever I do want to buy something and they gotta wait for a little while despite me doing the same for them -____-.

    I mostly do most of my skincare shopping online, however when it makeup it really is tricky. You gotta be there in order to test out the products on your skin.

    And eww, talk about unhygienic of using the testers to touch up their make up! One of these days Im gonna make a complaint about that 😐

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