Budget or Brand? What Dictates Your Choices?

Haroo awesomesauces!

I iz back again with another beauty ramble-ish post 😀 Please tell me if you’re already sick of these kinds of posts, because these are the only kind of posts I can put up until I get me a decent camera. Or I can always review products using stock pictures, but considering how much I personally dislike reading blog posts with stock pictures, I will not succumb to that temptation. YET.  Tell me if you don’t mind stock pictures and I will resume my normal postings. 🙂

Please bear with me, and meanwhile, let’s have a chat about moolah and some hooplah! I believe that every single one of us here loves expensive, luxe & branded items but the only thing preventing us from going swipe crazy is our not so exciting bank balance. Am I right or am I right? We beauty addicts cant squander away all our hard-earned money on expensive products (or can we?), but should we then settle for second-rate products?

Pic via Pink Sith


Cosmetics these days come in all sizes, colours, ranges, and prices, plus dupes are abundant in this little beauty world of ours, so there is no reason we cant buy amazing quality make up without breaking the bank! I’m going to list down some budget make up brands I can think of, and please do feel free to add-on to the list via the comments ❤ Drugstore brands include Maybelline, Revlon, Silky Girl, ZA, L’Oreal, Wet N Wild, NYX, and a whole lot more!

Here lies my dilemma. 

I have friends who are beauty snobs and who only purchase high-end items & would never be seen stepping into drugstores to purchase makeup. On the other end of the spectrum is me, who doesn’t mind trying out most makeup brands as long as they are generally reputable. I love high-end stuff as much as the next girl, and I would love to ONLY purchase high-end products, but I rather save up my cash for more important things, like a new camera? Hahaha. That YSL lippie I’ve been lusting for can wait for now.

However personally, I also think that the quality of the high-end products are certainly much better than a lot of the cheaper ones, hence I do allow myself to splurge on high-end items every once in a while as a treat and to also get to know the high-end brands 🙂 I blog about beauty after all 😀   *

There you have my dilemma. Quality or Budget? Brand or Price? Should I be a beauty snob too? 


What are your views on this? Would you buy an item for the brand name or will your budget be a deciding factor? Quality vs price?

Let me know what your thoughts are on this, I’m mighty curious on your choices! For the most part, if believe if you can haz the money, I say why not, go for it girls! Go on a Godzilla worthy rampage and clean out those Chanel counters!! But if at the end of the day, budget is a factor, remember that dupes are galore!





22 thoughts on “Budget or Brand? What Dictates Your Choices?

  1. Hi Shasha, Been keeping up with your posts ..it’s great when they get sent straight to my mailbox but when that happens, it means I’m not here commenting. I particularly liked today’s one and I knew I had to pop by and share with you my 5 cents.
    I’m not snotty or snobbish but after being around the make-up block there is something to be said for quality. Quality comes with a price and along with that comes great coverage, precise definition, gorgeous colour but more importantly better ingredients that are kinder to the skin. While I still use a few great drugstore products, they’re a dime a dozen. And while my wallet squeezes out tears every time I splurge on something high end.. i can see the difference it makes to me overall appearance…. 🙂

    p/s: Too Bad about the old camera… i hope the new one is soon on the way. HUGS

  2. At the end of the day for me it all about the quality of the products because once you’ve put makeup on your face – no one can tell what brand it is or what price; all we can tell is how good it looks and really thats the main idea that your makeup improves your look really! Although it really nice to treat yourself to highend products once in a while, its a real buzz for when you find an absolute bargain at a third of the cost that rivals the high end product

  3. I think its more towards what are you looking for. And I also think that both isn’t mutually exclusive per se, but more of trying to find things that fits you best. Like for me as an example, I tend to buy things that works best for me, but if I stick to only budget or high end items, how would I know whether that the product would work for me. As a consumer, we have the freedom of choice.

    Just my two cents though.

    On a side note,

  4. I used to be a buyer who immediately trusted high end brands, assuming price meant quality, etc etc. On the flip side I’ve always appreciated inexpensive brands for their accessibility, and ability to deliver just as well. After years of studying marketing, I have become numb to the marketing spin of any brand, so I am now a lot harder to convince. Well worded advertising and glossy pictures are part and parcel of the game. For me, higher or lower prices doesn’t mean I will buy your product. It all comes down to delivering exactly what it is supposed to do.

  5. I can be a beauty snob sometimes, I love MAC & Benefit but studying beauty therapy in school I learned that the price tag and name of the brand doesn’t always mean better quality items! I won’t name the brands but I found a cheap item from my supermarket was better than a brand that cost 4x the price!

    I always go for quality, it is always nice to try a cheaper brand out first before getting more expensive brands. At least it isn’t a costly mistake if the cheaper brand isn’t for you.

  6. Great post! I think um it really depends on one’s preference. For me, I tend to try everything that I think works for me, no matter if the product is high-end or drugstore.

    At the end of the day, people won’t be able to specify if the lipstick I’m wearing is Tom Ford’s or the eyeshadows I have on are Chanel.

    Regarding quality, it totally varies – definitely hit or miss based on experience. I bought a Bobbi Brown palette a year ago and the quality of the eyeshadows is crap! MAC eyeshadows are almost always on point but there are Makeup Geek eyeshadows that are MAC dupes and they cost a whole lot less per pan. If you’ve found a dupe that’s of the same quality as the more expensive one, I don’t think it’s practical to splurge unless you really value brand which is okay too 🙂

  7. I think there are also many good drugstore items which are really good quality although they aren’t as expensive as the high end cosmetics.
    Because I’m on low budget I almost only use drugstore cosmetics, but sometimes I also try out high end brands! 😀

    gig love ❤

  8. by right, all these cosmetic products has a pretty short lifespan. it’s definitely budget over branding (not really quality, to be honest) because they should be thrown out in matters of months for some type of products regardless of usage.

  9. I do know of some girls who have ruined skin due to poor quality ingredients in their foundations. For me, I usually stick to branded make-up but then again I’m quite lazy and would only want to put make-up on once a day and usually more expensive products last longer. However I do remember an amazing mascara from collection 2000 and that was incredibly cheap.

  10. I agree with you – HE products are generally much better in quality, so I usually end up buying them.

  11. ermmm for me, a will bring a certain amount for me to shopping and hunt for a branded makeup sale 😛 . However, I love my drugstore Maybelline eye liner. You can’t find any good eyeliner with the cheaper price like Maybelline.

  12. I agree that some great, expensive products are worth the splurge, but I definitely don’t exclusively buy high end brands. I mean, I like to mix in H&M and Zara into my wardrobe, the same way that I like to mix Olay and Maybelline into my make-up bag! 🙂 ❤ GIGLove

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