How Much Makeup Is Too Much?

Haroo awesomesauces!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? I know I did 🙂 I went to the Malaysia Clothes Buffet and hauled 8 pieces of clothing for only RM60. I would post up pictures, but the lack of a camera prevents me from doing so, but I’ll put it up soon, promise! The camera search continues!

Moving on, the beauty blabber topic for today, inspired by my recent shopping trip at Sephora (isn’t that always my problem?). As usual, I was swatching, browsing and lusting over every single item (especially the Marc Jacobs rack) when I spotted a very pretty girl, but who was wearing wayyyy too much foundation and blush, and my judgy brain went “did she look at a mirror before leaving the house?” 

Being a beauty lover and all things related, I can understand the need to wear makeup. I mean, for real, forget diamonds, make up is my best friend. Makeup is magic, truly.

I mean how does it makes sense that a thin black line drawn over your eyes make you feel so much better about yourselves? Or a spot of colour over your lips make you feel all seductive ala Jessica Rabitt? 

I bow to thee makeup, Goddess of all things beautiful!

That feel when you step out looking like a million bucks with perfect makeup ❤

too much makeup (1)

But when one goes heavy-handed on the makeup, sometimes one risks looking like Exhibit A here.
I don’t know about most of you, but I prefer looking like me, but just better. You know?

too much makeup (2)

I think every teenage girl who has experimented with makeup has gone through phases of too much glitter, an overdo of pressed powder ; think 80’s makeup, bright blue eye shadows, heavy red lips, orange, streaky foundation with spidery eyelashes. Come on, admit it. But somewhere along your twenties, you figure out the thin line between just enough makeup and too much of it.  When it is applied correctly, it can bring out a girl’s best features. 

Where that line falls can be tough as it differs from person to person. My makeup goal is to enhance the natural beauty that is already there, not cover it up, but for another girl , it could be to cover up all her flaws? She could be insecure of her acne scars, or maybe she’s worried about her fine lines? We all have those tiny insecurities don’t we?

Mine is that people will notice one of my eyes is bigger than the other. I have to draw different thickness of eyeliners on each eye to balance them out. #truestory Either way, just like anything else in life, there has to be certain limits and boundaries when it comes to applying makeup.  When in doubt, ask a true girlfriend what she thinks. She’ll tell you if you’re wearing a foundation that’s too orange or if that eye shadow makes you look like a drag queen


Real girls are imperfect and that’s perfectly all right.  No one expects us to look made up and air brushed like Kim.K every moment of the day. Accentuate your best features and let the makeup do the talking for you. Stop hiding behind your makeup and let your natural beauty shine through!

You’re perfect the way you are, acne scars and all.  (Did I just do a Bruno Mars? lol)

What do you think? When does makeup cross the line? Let me know what are your two cents on this 🙂

PS: Have a great Monday and glasses raised for Monday blues be gone!



27 thoughts on “How Much Makeup Is Too Much?

  1. “Real girls are imperfect and that’s perfectly all right”. Love it! I wear a lot of makeup but it’s all coverage of old acne scars and rosacea from food intollerance. I go right up to my eyebrows wth eyeshadow as I have heavy almost mono-lids, so it took me all of my 20’s to perfect that ‘natural’ rather than drag-queen or The Joker look ha! Good trick with your eyelinner hon!

  2. I love my makeup too. And I go the whole nine yards – bronzer, highlighter, eye shadows, la di da. I don’t mind women with loads of makeup, whatever age they may be. If u like what u see, than go for it, methinks. And I wished more Malaysian women would wear makeup instead of looking pale, lifeless, and undone. Even if you don’t know how to put on makeup, how hard can slathering on red lippie be?? BUT what gets me is badly blended makeup. Or not blended at all. I have countless times, walked into Sephora only to see some of their SAs with blobs of black eyeshadow at the outer corners of their eyes. Made me feel like grabbing one of their blending brushes and blend the suckers out !! Sheesh!

  3. If you can tell that your are wearing make-up you overdone it, except for the eyes and lips ofc… sometimes I wonder if girls I see on the street do not have mirrors in their house or they just use 1 bottle of foundation per day…

  4. haha cool post!
    I think it crosses the line when people’s eyebrows start to look like nike ticks and not eyebrows or two massive caterpillars. I always believe that eyebrows frame a face. Also when people look like they put nutella on their face not foundation. It isn’t too hard to get a good foundation shade.
    But I hate night, club wear make-up during the day.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  5. I guess it depends on the occasion. If you’re doing sports and wearing makeup, that’s already too much makeup because you should be wearing makeup when you sweat. :)) Seriously, for me, anything that doesn’t look natural is already too much makeup.

  6. I love makeup but I’ve always favored naturally looking makeup 🙂 I can’t stand too much gunk on my face. I also don’t like looking to made up like I’m hiding something. 😦

  7. I keep hearing about this Clothes Buffet. What is it exactly? Well, about makeup.. I don’t have much to say about it because I was never a big fan of it. The only makeup item I use is eyeliner and lipbalm/gloss. But I have to agree with the last point. When in doubt, ask your girlfriend. Nobody is a better judge than the friend who knows you inside out all along.

  8. A very interesting post! I am not really a makeup junkie. In fact, I don’t even know how to apply makeup and have no patience watching tutorials over Youtube. Whenever I go out, I simply apply the least of everything – I want the no makeup, nude, bare look all the time.

  9. I don’t know how to makeup so mostly when I go club or important event, I will ask my sister help me haha 😛 It does really enhance your look!

  10. It’s really hard to say if someone is wearing “too much makeup” as it’s a case-to-case basis for me. I generally think someone has ‘too much’ if it’s making their features look worse instead of enhancing them, such as too much foundation that it ends up cakey or too much eyeliner that it just makes their eyes look smaller.

  11. I think that some women don’t know how to accentuate their best features, so they end up looking worse than without makeup. And yes, that usually means they put too much makeup.

  12. This is interesting. For me, I think that if make-up is well blended then wearing a lot of make-up is ok. If however there are tide marks from foundation or the make-up is just sitting on the skin, then its not a good look.

  13. Such a great topic! I work with lots of MUA and I appreciate the “Art” of make-up and the beauty of excess for dramatic effect. But when I comes to day-to-day make-up I agree with you that you should seek to emphasize and highlight, but not cover-up or hide. ❤ GIGLove

  14. you’re right about the fact that every teenage girl has been through the phase where they wear too much makeup. I remembered the time when i was 18. At that time, i was JUST about to experiment with makeup. And to make matters worse, my mum only wears lipstick and nothing else and i only had 2 younger sisters (who were useless about makeup). So, that was the year when i wore too much blush and lip gloss! Yuck, i would never ever wear lip gloss now. I guess, we all learn from our mistakes. Btw, awesome post babe 🙂

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