Haters Gonna Hate

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

-Winston Churchill-

Oh yeah. Enemies and haters. We all have them, so more so than others. The thing about myself, this blog is public. Every single thought, rant, annoyance and grievances of mine are up here for the whole world to judge and comment on. And being public exposes one to haters and enemies alike.

Before I hit the publish button, I would’ve scanned, re-read, and thought of every possible angle the post could be judged on, and I then I hit upload. When I talk about a crappy day at work, I am aware that nosy colleagues of mine may be reading this, although I’ve never told them my blog address, LOL! When I review a product, I’m aware people may have negative things to say about the way I write, or how horrible my pictures are. Being a naturally pessimistic person, I couldn’t care less. People suck. I think that the best way to silence the haters is to do more of what they hate. 


It has recently come to my attention that  some of my work colleagues have been stalking/reading my blog and getting upset about it. And these aren’t the nice & friendly types of people you wanna have in your life. These are the colleagues I tend to avoid either because I feel that they are rather un-intelligent, or there’s just wayyyyy too much drama for me to handle. Also, one or two of them are extremely toxic human beings just spewing with negativity and hatred, and I definitely do not want to get sucked into that.

Also, I think some of them are rather disgruntled as I recently deleted almost 250 people of my Facebook profile, (and blocked some nosy humans)  and they just happened to be in my “I do not give a shit about you list” 


So if you’re on that shit list and reading this *waves* Hi! Go jump into Mordor for all I care, and have a nice day 😀


Pour me a glass of haterade please, and make sure its chilled.

For now, I’ll continue doing what I love, (which is blogging) and moving forward with my life & career whilst I watch the rest of the losers stay exactly where they are in life. Its amazing to me that most of them have zero ambition, no future plans or any ideas to move forward in life.  

Well not me. Much like my buddy Pravin, I haz plans to achieve something substantial in life, and that definitely does not involve my haters, And like what Priya M told me “Gurl, if you got haters, you know that you’re famous”! 

And to my loyal and amazing readers, I do love you all, and every comment, statistic on this blog from you means so much & continues to motivate and inspire me to do better ❤ Thank you for sticking round, and haters, go screw yourselves. 



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