Wow Your Brows with Benefit Cosmetics

Haroo awesomesauces!

Lets talk eyebrows today shall we? I’ve never been too fussed about my eyebrows, I generally get them threaded once in a blue moon, and most times, my eyebrows look like an Amazonian bush. Does that make me a bush woman? Eek!

I know most girls tweeze, trim, and primp at their eyebrows to no end, and I’ve never really understood why. I mean, brows are brows right?


Only after recently getting my brows waxed at the local Benefit Brow Bar at Sunway Pyramid did I understand the power of a proper looking brow. My face looked sharper, I looked younger (if I may say so myself), my eyes looked lifted & I could finally draw some attention to my peepers! It’s amazing how more confident I felt after getting my brows waxed, and I couldn’t stop annoying le boyf by constantly wiggling my eyebrows at him, LOL!  

Nowadays, I pay more attention to my brow, by filling them in, shaping them and making sure they look perfect, all the time. PS: I just realized both my brows look completely different from each other! I’ll do a separate post on the Benefit Brow Bar soon okay ❤

If you have yet to get your brow waxed, I suggest dropping by your nearest Benefit counter and getting them done. I believe the first time is free of charge, and the subsequent waxing costs about RM42? Dont quote me on the price, since mine was a first time occasion and I got em done for free.  It doesn’t hurt one bit, threading actually hurts way more, and the whole process takes about 10-15 minutes. You don’t even have to make an appointment, just walk in, and you’ll have magical brows in no time. And Benefit uses the below method to find the perfect brow shape that suits each individual ❤

Brow Mapping is their custom technique that creates perfect arches that flatter any face and every feature. Did you know that even guys get their brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar too? I actually tried to drag le boyf for a brow wax, but he was adamant in being a bush man, so I let him be 😀

Benefit Brow (8)

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Jared Bailey, the Global Spokesperson for Benefit Global Services who came down to Malaysia all the way from San Fran to talk to us ladies on the amazing power that is brows! I also managed to talk to him about the rich history of Benefit Cosmetics since he has been with them for what, 20 years now? There is such a full & colourful history to be told about Benefit! 

First of all, do watch this video that was created by Jared himself, lyrics and all!

Benefit Brow (3)

The Benefit  Brows 1976 event with the girls at The Westin, KL. 

Our brow kits for the day. The Brow Zings Palette at the top (It comes in 3 shades, Light, Medium & Dark), & Gimme Brow at the bottom. The Brow Zings Palette consist of a wax on the left, and a powder on the right which helps to define & set the brows. The Gimme Brow is just amazing for filling your brows in!

My girl Priya M just did a full review on it, you can read that article here.

Benefit Brow (9)

After listening to the Brow Mapping method from Jared, this was me attempting to get the perfect brow shape for myself. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, LOL! 

Benefit Brow (4)

Jared to the rescue!
Thankfully I had help from him because my brows were starting to look like a disaster 😛
He is such a pro at this, within 5 seconds I literally had thicker, fuller brows!

Benefit Brow (10)

Our brow kits before we made a mess of them! 

Benefit Brow (2)

We also had the chance to try out & bring home the latest product to hit the Benefit shelves, the Benefit Dream Screen!
(retailing at MYR 120)

Product Description: You can’t feel it, you can’t see it…but it’s got you totally covered.
Dream screen broad spectrum SPF 45 silky-matte sunscreen is ultra lightweight and truly invisible on skin. It absorbs instantly to help prevent skin from aging by protecting against sun damage…and leaves skin feeling moisturized. Dream screen puts all other sunscreens in the shade! Oil-free & fragrance free.

Benefit Brow (7)

The Dream Screen comes in a plastic bottle with a squeeze pump, and the product comes out as a runny, milky, gel-like liquid which once massaged into the skin, disappears, leaving my skin feeling matte moisturized & oil free.It doesn’t leave that dreaded whitish cast on your face like most sunscreens do. It just absorbs like how a normal serum or moisturizer would.  There isn’t a noticeable scent to it, though I still detect a faint sweet scent to it which is barely noticeable unless you sniff really hard like I did 😀 I like using it, and it does act as a rather good base to my makeup.

Let me know in the comments if you want a full, in-depth review on this!  So far, I give this a 4/5 star rating ❤

Benefit Brow (5)

Before the event ended, a customary shot of us with Jared. 

From left: Sofea, Sabby Prue, Edazz, Jared & moi.

For more pics of the event, log on to Shashay and check them out ❤

Benefit Brow (11)

Have you gotten your brows done recently? Which method do you prefer? Waxing or threading? Let me know!

For more info on Benefit Cosmetics and their range of products, do log on go the useful links below. My favorite is their Youtube Channel, it’s so much fun!

PS: All pics belong to Edazz Lucinda.
PPS: Benefit will be launching a new product soon, wait for it okay! I’m not telling 😀



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  1. Woow! I envy you now! I really love to play around with my eyebrows, since I have very thin eyebrows and eyelashes. I hope I could try those products! 😀

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