Of First Days and Learning

Haroo awesomesauces!


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Please forgive my absence on the blog. I’ve been trying to find some peace and quiet to just sit down and talk to yall but things have been crazy recently. I know I’ve been mentioning a new job, a new place and so on for the longest time, but with no actual details shared on my part, so if anyone is reading, welcome to the 411 of my current life!

Now I’m not sure if anyone in planet Earth apart from myself gives a crap about the coming and goings of my life, but for argument’s sake, lets say that you reading this are nosy enough to read this post right to the very end.

Shall we begin?

First things first, I moved to the city. Well technically I was kind of living in a city before, but now I moved wayyy more closer to it, lol. And as we all know, moving, packing, shifting is a tiring job of itself, but luckily I had le boyf helping me out ❤ Thank goodness for amazing other halfs! I’ve now upgraded  from my dinky little room to a much nicer place, where everything I need is literally 5 minutes away. And I think my favourite bit is the majestic huge bed 😀

This is how I feel every time I come home to my room!

benedict cumberbatch

So why did I move again? Oh yeah, a new job. Now most of you are aware of the fact that I wasn’t in a very happy place whilst serving my previous company and I’ve now landed here, in advertising. A big leap from where I was before, and from what I studied in, but hey, life is too short to stay in the same bloody industry. I needed a change, so here I am.

The thing is though, I haven’t the faintest clue about advertising, and I am literally starting from scratch now. And as everyone in the world keeps reminding me, yes advertising is stressful, tiring and just downright exhausting. I would agree, but considering I’m still rather new to it, I havent felt the full brunt of the workload. I’ll keep yall posted on the job shall I? And as comes with a new job, there is a whole lot of learning.

These days, every time a new task lands on my table, my internal reaction is basically this. 

benedict cumberbatch

Glasses raised that I do well despite not knowing a single thing *cheers*

Next up, blogging! Despite my lack of updates here, its seems that I have been gaining quite a bit followers, and the local PR and blogging scene is finally aware of my humble existence. Its been one opportunity after another, and I am eternally grateful for all the exciting things that I have experienced through blogging which I otherwise would have never experienced in a million years. Thank you for making my life so much better 🙂

The feeling of reading an exceptionally exciting email from a PR/Brand/anything blogging related.


A slight annoyance would be the fact that most people around are starting to have the impression that I get a lot of free stuff. Now I am not sure where this thought stems from, maybe it’s because I review quite a bit of products, and most pictures of myself are accompanied by a product review.

Now I wont lie, yes I do get a few things from sponsors now and then, and I WILL mention that fact, but most times, and especially in my earlier posts when I started this blog, all the items pictured are things that I bought for myself, by myself. I’m a product junkie, and whether I get sponsored products or not, I will continue to purchase things for myself. 

If you don’t like that fact, here is my boss like reply to you.


Anything else I’ve missed out on? Oh yes, commuting. I miss my old job a little because the commute is like 10 minutes, and now, it takes me 45 minutes to get to and from work. I guess it’s a good time as any to catch up on some reading right? #positivethinking

I think I shall end my post right here, only because I hate boring you lot with my random ramblings. If you want more random stuff like this, comment and let me know!

For now, sayonara, adieu and goodbye!

PS: And if you’re wondering what’s up with all the Benedict Cumberbatch gifs, it’s just that I’ve rather fallen in love with him recently and I wish I can call myself Mrs. Cumberbatch, but oh well, a girl can dream cant she?  To think I’ve fallen head over heels for a 40-year-old man? Gosh!

Here is another one as a bonus 😀


PPS: I have a few reviews lined up for the next few days, and I’m looking to catch up on my blogging mojo which has fallen behind in recent times 🙂 If you must know, this blog somehow keeps me on one piece, and is essential to my sanity. 




4 thoughts on “Of First Days and Learning

  1. Heyya Shasha ^_^ I just had the time to stalk your blog and I found that this post is rather enjoyable, hehe! I’d like to wish you all the best in your new job, and please share about your experiences as it will be very useful for me coz I’m gonna jump into the working industry very soon! Well, when I saw that you mentioned about “people around are getting the impression that I get a lot of free stuffs” yes, I would love to high five this. some of my friends whom has been following all my social media updates have the same impression as well. when we meet up, they tend to poke me with “you dah famous sekarang, banyak sponsor, bila nak hulur kat kita”. I always wish I can share with them whatever I got, but we only receive 1 item/1 set for review and then what, takkan i nak bagi kawan preloved items =_=”

  2. fellow Cumberbatch fan here! And can I high five too? HAHA! Nice post here. I also smile like crazy to myself everytime I got a mail from PR or something. I’m still a noob. :p

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