Duriana Presents: A Market In The Skies

Haroo awesomesauces!

Been a while since my last post hasn’t it? I’m really sorry, the day job that pays the bills has to come first before I can attend to my dear old blog 😀

Anywhoo, lets talk about Duriana. Say whutt? No, it isn’t the fruit Durian I’m talking about, it’s the APP! Never heard of it? Well dive right in sugar 🙂


If you’ve heard of Lelong or Mudah, the Duriana concept is very similar, except that it’s a social selling platform, which sets them in a whole different category altogether. The Durianna app is equipped with viral social media sharing features as well as a built-in chat messenger for users to mingle and interact with one another. You can connect with a seller via chat or even connect with potential buyers almost instantaneously.

Think of it as Facebook, but sans all the drama 😛 A social media solely dedicated to selling and buying.

Duriana is a new mobile-first, peer-to-peer marketplace app available in Malaysia and Singapore. Unlike existing classified e-commerce systems such as Mudah and Lelong, Duriana positions itself as a social selling app, which merges the functions of Instagram and eBay.

But what does one sell on the app? Anything, and everything! Pre-loved clothes? Vintage jewellery? Your old 1950’s style grandma? Everything goes, LOL!

At the moment, some of Duriana’s main selling & buying categories include pre-loved, home furnishing, fashion and electronics. Apart from that, you get your creative Etsy-type merchants and independent blog shops present, so you get a nice mix of new and old things floating around at Duriana.


The Duriana team is also very occupied with hosting their very own market events. They usually feature their most loved sellers in both large-scale and intimate settings, which are an extension of its mobile and web platform. Not only can you interact with sellers online, now you can approach them offline too!  Their last event, The 360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur was a stunning success, attracting over 150 vendors and hundreds of guests across the span of two days.

The latest event, A Market In The Skies was their first fashion-focused event, which showcased a small selected group of Duriana’s best fashion vendors all in one place. I just had to attend this particular one considering the fact that market events excite me just a tad too much, so I popped in and give them a visit!

The fashion market was located at the La Scala rooftop, which was both a blessing and a boon. We enjoyed the lovely view around us, but had to brave the Malaysian humidity and heat as well.

Pic via choypengism

Duriana Cp 4

Pic via choypengism

Duriana Cp 3

Pic via choypengism

Le me shopping. As you can see, I have at least 3 bags on me already at this point 🙂

Duriana CP 1

Pic via Duriana’s FB Page

Champagne Pong at 2pm? Sign me up! 🙂

Duriana (2)

Pic via Duriana’s FB Page

Duriana 3

We also squeezed in a quick brunch media session with the amazing people from Duriana and managed to gain a little more insight into why Duriana has come about in Malaysia and what their future plans are going to look like.

Pic via choypengism

Duriana CP

Pic via Duriana’s FB Page

Shivani all businesslike that is 🙂

Duriana (1)

Pic via choypengism

One last group shot, and its a wrap ❤

Duriana Cp 2

For more info, check out Duriana at:


FB Page:  https://www.facebook.com/durianamalaysia

Website: http://duriana.com

Get the app on iPhone: http://taps.io/JzVg & Android: http://taps.io/JzWg



2 thoughts on “Duriana Presents: A Market In The Skies

  1. I’m such a market crawler that I’m sad to have missed this! Regrets, regrets! I shall now hole myself up in a cave until the next Duriana event as punishment for not dropping by.

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