Review : Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014-2015

Haroo ladies! (Yeap ladies, not awesomesauces because this post is for mah ladies out there! Sorry boys.. )

I’m assuming most of you have heard of Worthy Book? Nope? If yes, great, if no, jump into the post already!

Worthy Book is basically a voucher booklet that offers discounts, offers and unspecified perks on dining, entertainment, health and beauty services and retail.  Its also a voucher booklet for amazing freebies & deals at some of Malaysia’s most popular spots, ideal for your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones!

Just recently though, they released the ladies special (don’t we all love all those special perks we get for being a girl?), the Ladies Edition!

Imagine a coupon book filled to the brim with special offers from skin care, cosmetics, fashion, & services such as mani pedis, waxing, spa treatments etc!  And the best part? The vouchers in the book are worth more than RM11,000!

Lets take a peek into the book 🙂

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (1)

The book is rather well organized, and for a list freak like me, I love the fact that the coupons are all arranged in their respective categories, areas, and malls.  #ocdftw Have a peek!

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (2)

The area category is separated into Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & online stores.

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (3)

And so are the malls.  There is also a separate category for some of the stores which happened to be outside of the Klang Valley, which includes Penang, Johor and even Sabah & Sarawak.

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (4)

Flipping through the pages, I see a lot of stores that I already currently shop at featured in the Worthy Book. One needs no introduction to Zalora I assume?

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (5)

My eyes popped ever so slightly when I spotted Algotherm in the list! Premium brands galore..!

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (6)

Even Vila Manja, which I have visited before when I attended the Butterfly Luau Party!

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (7)

Even Muse by Watsons which I will be featuring in one my upcoming blog posts 😀

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (8)

Spotted tns Skinlab in the mix too.

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (9)

Any self respecting fashionista living in Malaysia would have heard of F Block! This one excited me a lot since I have yet to get myself anything from them. That 15% off might just be the making of  a beautiful relationship between me and F Block 🙂

Worthy Book Review Ladies Edition (11)

Personal thoughts: I’ve redeemed 1 or 2 of the coupons, being busy with work and all that, one hardly can find the time these days to slot in a quick shopping or spa session, but I did manage to purchase a Christy Ng pair of shoes and I got a 30% discount off it ❤

Honestly, I think that this book is wayy too much discounts for one person, serious talk. (Too much of a good things can be detrimental to my wallet, LOL!) I even shared some of the coupons with my girlfriends, and they were super excited about it! Good things are definitely meant to be shared, and worthy book is definitely one of those things. 

Worthy Book is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Borders, Times, Kinokuniya & in KL, Selangor, Penang & Johor for rm25 per book, and I highly suggest you pick up a copy for yourself and experience the joy of couponing ❤

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And thank you to The Butterfly Project for graciously providing the Worthy Book for my worthy review, lol!

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