[Review] Nanoblur by Indeed Laboratories

Haroo awesome peoples!

So you know how most people these days are camera obsessed, selfie fixated and just intent on photo-shopping every single detail to death? Yeah. This image comes to mind when I think of Photoshop.


The magic of editing that is. Anyway, since you can’t really Photoshop your face in real life (a bit unfortunate isn’t it? ), so we have makeup, primers and all sorts of magical creams to ensure a clean, smooth and airbrushed finish on your skin. All this time, I was only using primers to smoothen my skin out before makeup application, and I was in dire need of something else to perfect my skin.

When I was given the opportunity to try out the Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur, of course I said yes! I even bugged Paris B of mywomenstuff to review it too, lol. I’ve heard so many good things about it, and I wanted to find out for myself whether the hype surrounding it was nothing more than a good marketing & advertising ploy. (It seems that my recent stint in advertising is being put to good use on this blog)

Nanoblur promises a couple of things.

Optimized-Nanoblur Review (3)

Product Description: It transforms your skin, immediately minimizing the signs of aging – smoothing and softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and enlarged pores while mattifying skin.

Nanoblur can be used on any part of your skin that needs improving, be it your face, neck or hands and is perfectly suitable for both men and women since it works in such a subtle way that isn’t noticeable.

According to Indeed Laboratories, Nanoblur:

  • Works in seconds.
  • Can be applied to face, neck, hands…anywhere you like!
  • Softens the look of lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimizes the look of pores.
  • Improves skin tone / redness.
  • Smoothes and mattifies the skin.

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A point to remember is that Nanoblur is not a primer (or a skincare for that matter) since primers actually sit underneath all your makeup and prep your skin for makeup application. Nanoblur on the other hand, is formulated to smooth out the imperfections based on advanced optical technology and sits ON TOP of your makeup. The combination of silicones and skin-smoothing film-forming agents is what does its trick and leaves skin feeling powdery matte.

Directions of usage: It goes on after your foundation, or if you’re not wearing foundation, over your moisturizer. If you were to be wearing powders of any sort, Nanoblur goes on before any of those powders. Apparently, if one has super dry skin, Nanoblur can be mixed with your moisturizer (which I have yet to try myself)

Nanoblur appears as a thick white paste which upon application becomes clear and transparent.

Optimized-Nanoblur Review (4)

Shall we put it to test?

On the left we have bare skin that has been propped with moisturizer, and on the right we have the same moisturized skin with some Nanoblur patted on it.

Can you see the difference?  It’s very slight, yet visible.

Bear in mind that these are raw photos which have only been edited in terms of contrast & lighting.

Acne scars are less visible, skin appears much smoother, pores look smaller, and the finish appears matte.

Optimized-Nanoblur Review (6)

What do you think ? Impressed as I was?

The skin transformation above can only be attributed to the science behind Nanoblur. Its formulated with advanced optical prism technology and Nanoblur’s ground-breaking formula changes the way light is reflected off skin. Once applied, micro-prisms diffuse light in a multitude of directions, creating a blurring effect on the skin similar to an air-brushed photo.

You know how photo artists use techniques in digital retouching to make their subjects’ skin look perfect? Nanoblur does the same thing, but in real life.

Personal Thoughts:  I usually apply Nanoblur to my T-zone, cheek and chin area which is where I feel I need the most photo-shopping. I apply by patting on a pea sized amount of the Nanoblur on until its fully matte and doesn’t feel tacky anymore, and it leaves my skin looking amazing. I find that I usually reach for this product when I am going out barefaced and need to look somewhat flawless. NEVER massage or drag it on your fully made up skin since there are a few compatibility issues which I will mention in a bit 😀

Optimized-Nanoblur Review (1)

Now Nanoblur is a grand product, no doubt about that. On bare or moisturized skin, its works like a charm. The trick is when you need to apply it onto skin which already has foundation on it or when you want to apply your foundation over moisturized & Nanoblurred skin.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with this product and found a few amazing tips if I may say so myself! 

  • Nanoblur on foundation? Nanoblur is incompatible with certain foundations and if you want to know which foundation it works or doesn’t work with, the only way is through trial and error. Patting Nanoblur on will create a sticky muddy mess for those incmpatible foundations.
  • Nanoblur on your moisturized skin? Don’t use a makeup brush to apply your foundation. It makes Nanoblur stick, pull and group. Try a beauty blending sponge instead, but make sure to test foundation compatibility first.

My routine usually goes, cleanse, moisturize and pat the Nanoblur on.

The ingredient list for your perusal. Nanoblur is paraben, fragrance and colour free, and packed with tonnes of silicone.

Optimized-Nanoblur Review (5)

What do you lot think?A product for the wish list? I definitely would recommend anyone to purchase a tube or two of Nanoblur since its such a great product that works, along with a sage advise of trial and error before stepping out the door for a night out 🙂

Nanoblur retails for RM75 at the one and only Muse By Watsons (Sunway Pyramid).

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22 thoughts on “[Review] Nanoblur by Indeed Laboratories

  1. I have large pores on my face so I’ve now become obsessed with blur creams! I’m currently loving the one from Kiehl’s 🙂 This looks quite effective too though!

  2. I just use primer recently, I’m using a sample size product of Benefit The Porefessional and that one is amazing too! And this product you reviewed really do its job well. I hope it will be available on our country! 🙂


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