[Review] Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer (Medium)

Haroo awesomesauces!

My girlfriend Shiv brought me back the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer all the way from the land Down Under many moons ago and I’ve been meaning to write this post for at least 2 months now, so yeah, super long overdue post. I’ve finally managed to squeeze some time to blog about it, so I hope you lot enjoy the post 🙂

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The product comes in a nifty packaging rather like a generic toothbrush packaging, and once unwrapped, reveals a small tube filled to the brim with product.

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The one that Shiv got me was the concealer in shade Medium. Apparently, there are 6 shades on the range, which includes 2 extras of a yellow based neutralizer for concealing really dark circles (to be used in together with the concealer for complete coverage) as well as a brightener with a pink base that you can use to highlight certain areas around your eyes. 

Swatches of the neutralizer & brightener for you.

Pic via maquillageobscura


Once opened, the tube reveals a round, soft, spongy & squishy applicator which I rather like since its much more gentle on the under eye areas compared to a doe foot applicator. If hygiene is one of your concerns, I recommend not sharing this product with anyone else for fear of catching cooties and what not 😀 I’m the only one using this tube over here, so I can use the sponge applicator directly on my skin.

Optimized-Maybelline (7)

Getting the product out is the tricky bit. I spent a good 2-3 minutes twisting the tube to get the product out, but nothing revealed itself, which made me a little annoyed at first. My second attempt later on involved twisting it a further 2-3 minutes, and voila, we have product! Getting the product out after the first attempt is much more easier, just twist it twice, and a small amount is dispersed. Don’t twist too much though, or you’ll be wasting the product away.

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Product Description: 

  • Micro-Corrector Applicator micro-fills and smoothes.
  • Active formula with Goji Berry &  Haloxyl reduces the look of puffiness and shadows while fading the appearance of under-eye circles.
  • Active Formula and Micro-Corrector Applicator erase dark circles, puffiness and fine lines instantly. It is available in 6 shades –fair, light, medium, honey, neutralizer and brightener.
  • Apply neutralizer shade for extreme dark circles.
  • Brightener shade adds a luminous touch.

Ingredients: G850254 Ingredients: Water / Aqua, Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Dipropylene Glycol, Acrylates Co-Polymer, Beheneth-30, Phenoxyethanol. Ethylhexylglycerin, Amino-Methyl Propanol, Simethicone, Tocopherol, Sorbitan Laurate, Sorbi-Tan Palmitate, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Sorbitan Trioleate, Sucrose Palmitate, May Contain [+/- Black 2 / Ci 77266] Fil B41641/1. 

Swatch of the Medium Shade. I’m fairly lucky that Shiv is almost my skin shade, (she’s a tad lighter), so I got the right shade-ish ❤

The product is thick and creamy with no noticeable scent to it.  Medium is a yellow based concealer and is a little light for me, but after blending it out, it’s all good. The product is easy to blend, and dries to a powdery finish. Coverage wise, I would say its medium to full. 

Optimized-Maybelline (5)

Directions of use: I usually use the sponge to apply the concealer on, but I blend with my concealer brush. Any method works really. I know that some people use their concealer  brush exclusively to get the product of the sponge, apply and blend, but some use the sponge to apply and blend. There isn’t a hard and fast rule to the application, whatever you prefer is probably the best. 

The packaging provides the below instructions though.

  1. Turn collar of the Micro-Corrector Applicator in direction of arrows until product is visible on sponge.
  2. This may require a number of turns. (it sure does *wink*)
  3. Adjust accordingly for desired amount of product.
  4. Using applicator, apply concealer directly to under eye area, blending in an outward motion.
  5. To apply more, twist collar of applicator 1-2 clicks at a time.
  6. For best results, use sparingly. (definitely)

Before and after pics.

As you can see, my left under-eye looks slightly lighter, and the dark circles aren’t so noticeable anymore. I took the liberty of extending the application to the bottom and top inner corners as well so that I have a light overall look. Do forgive the bad quality picture, I took this with the front camera of my phone. (sans any effects)

Optimized-Maybelline (4)

Personal thoughts: I actually really like this concealer though I would have preferred if it was slightly creamier. Because of its thick texture, it has a tendency to look cakey on dry skin so I always make sure I’m moisturized before application. It also sets a little too quickly, and once it sets, blending can be a right pain. In terms of colour, the shades are not the most suitable for darker tones, which is always the case with most drugstore brands, so I should probably count myself lucky that I’m fairly olive-y in shade.

The concealer lasts about 6-7 hours without fading, but it does crease which I attribute to the thick texture. Creasing can be eliminated with a primer really, so no worries there. A primer will actually help with the blending, because then, it doesn’t set so fast and you have more time to blendy blendy.

The sponge size is large ish, hence why I prefer my concealer brush, because with the sponge, I almost always get product where I precisely don’t want it to.

The things I DO like about the concealer? The coverage, because it literally covers everything! Also, it doesn’t feel heavy even though its thick and looks super natural too 🙂  
Now comes the sucky part of the whole post. This product isn’t available in Malaysia, and is priced at 19 AUD (Approximately RM60). A tad pricey for a drugstore concealer, but I feel that its worth the price tag. 

In a nutshell, an amazing product, with a few issues that maybe Maybelline can work on, but this definitely goes into the repurchase list! What do you think of the product miladies? Let me know!



17 thoughts on “[Review] Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer (Medium)

  1. I’ve heard many good reviews about this product too!
    Your before & after picture of using this product looks promising.
    I just got mine from my swap partner a few days ago & I can’t wait to try mine. 🙂

  2. i saw many people raving about this concealer 😀 thanks for sharing your review Shasha ^_^ i hope Maybelline will consider selling this in Malaysia (with suitable shades of course) soon!

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