Shashay Eats : Chennai X’press, Damansara Perdana

Haroo awesomesauces!

Its been a while since I did a food review hasn’t it? Come to think of it, I actually haven’t done a proper one since my Butterbeer review ages ago 🙂

Today we head to the heart of Damansara Perdana where we will be enjoying the sumptuous selection of North Indian dishes prepared by the chefs who hail all the way from Pakistan & India.
(Yes I interviewed the chefs a little)

Chennai X’press (CX) is rather easy to find, you can either GPS it by searching for Hong Leong Bank Damansara Perdana, and CX is right in front of it. Alternatively, CX’s address is listed at the bottom of the post, so you can check it out there too.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (20)

The menu is Halal, and at the time I dropped by, it was the Ramadhan fasting period, hence they had a special Ramadhan Buffet menu to offer as well.

I headed out to CX around 6.30pm -ish as the manager mentioned that their dinner menu is pretty good. Crowd wise, since it was the fasting month, there weren’t many people coming in, however, around the fast breaking time at 7.30pm, we had a good crowd going.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (21)

Apparently the restaurant has been open for a while, and went through some minor fumbles in the beginning, but they’re now picking up in terms of business.

The ambiance is calm and inviting, with lights all around and the smell of Indian herbs and spices all around ❤

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (22)

The below is the platter set out for the Ramadhan Buffet which I didn’t sample, but looks absolutely eye-catching and I’m certain, equally tasty.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (24)

The moment you enter and have made your order, you are served up with a plate of crunchy poppadams and acar (pickles). I was munching on the poppadams whilst waiting for my food to arrive and I’m pleased to report that the poppadams were absolutely crunchy. You know how some places serve up soft and mushy poppadam? Not here.

The pickles were great, they tasted tangy and definitely added an umphhh to the rest of my dishes.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (23)

For drinks, I got the Masala Coffee. [RM4.50]  Now, I not really a big coffee fan, but this one was a winner for me. It was jam-packed with herbs and spices, and at the first sip, I could understand why this was one of their signatures drinks. Think milky, herbal and fragrant in one perfect concoction.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (26)

Next up, carbs! Cheese Naan to the rescue 😀 [RM5.90]

Cheesy goodness baked to perfection. Not a healthy option for those on a diet, but delicious-ness nevertheless. The naan was not oily at all, and was very stretchy too, lol!

The below is a 1 person portion which is actually a lot for one petite person like me.

(PS: Moving forward in the post, all portions pictured are for 1 person only)

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (14)

The Chicken Vindaloo was next to be attacked. [RM15.90]

The chicken was cooked to soft perfection, mixed with chilli, garlic, cumin and vinegar to make the perfect combination ever. Usually my vindaloos are dark red in colour, but this dish surprised me by being bright orange. I half expected the vindaloo to not taste spicy, but boy, was I wrong! On a scale of 1-10, the spiciness level of the vindaloo was a good 6.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (18)

Being a huge prawn fetishist, I couldn’t give the Prawn Parattal a miss. [RM20.00] First of all, the dish contained no prawn shells at all, so a BIG thumbs up for that! I hate peeling of the prawn skins, so this was already a good start to the dish. It was spicy, maybe a 4 or 5 on the spice scale?

The prawns were soft and not over or under cooked, and the gravy was finger licking good. This was one of the dishes I mopped up with my naan, lol! This dish was filled to the brim with chillies, peppercorns and turmeric, all of which is a must for any self-respecting parattal.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (17)

Watch out for here comes the Sizzling Chicken Tikka! [RM15.90]

Served up in a hot platter with all the sizzling sounds included. The chicken was perfect in every way, soft, flavourful and fiery. Tasted a little like tandoori chicken, but I think that this one has slightly different ingredients in them 😀

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (16)

The Okra Masala was an epic dish. [RM7.90] Okra was one of my favourite veggies,and I remember as a kid, I used to eat at least 10 fried okra’s in one sitting. Thanks mum!

The Okra Masala was cooked with curry leaves, ginger, tomato, and the chefs very own secret masala sauce, which I need to find out the recipe 🙂

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (15)

Once I’ve had my fill of all the dishes aforementioned, it was time to wash them down with a good dose of Mysore Rasam! Tasted tangy, with lots and lots of the goodness of herbs and spices. [RM5.90]

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (12)

My meal in a summary. Yes, I also had rice AND the naan. #glutton

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (13)

Dessert was my favourite part of the whole meal! (isn’t it always?) 

I got myself the Gulab Jamun, which is basically diabetes in a dish, lol! [RM6.00] Gulab Jamun is known for its fried milk dumpling, immersed in a sweet syrup liquid and is best taken in moderation.

Unfortunately, growing up, mum never used to let me eat much of these even though they were my fav Indian dessert. Now that I’m all grown up, I can haz as many as I want, yay!

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (19)

And that concludes my food fiesta ❤ I was very much pleased with the whole evening, the food was extremely good, waiting time was not too long, and the staff were extremely helpful in aiding me to pick out some of the best dishes. Some of them don’t speak great English, so do bear that in mind.

In terms of the dishes themselves, all of them had their own signature tastes, and surprisingly, tasted very different from the usual North Indian food I’m used to. The dishes contained less oil, and nothing was overly spicy. (Indian food has a tendency for being way too spicy) For vegetarians, not to worry, the menu caters to all. There is a good mix of green stuff versus meat, so no concerns there.

Pricing is okay for most dishes. Expect the seafood to be more expensive as most restaurants usually are, but the rest of the dishes are very affordable. Portions are huge as you can see, so you really are getting your money’s worth!

I must come back here soon, since I want to sample their few other dishes as well like the Fish Mulakitatthu, Fish Mango Curry etc. Plus, I also have my eye on of the Payasam 🙂

PS: Did you know they deliver too?
Call CX up at 03-77333175 to enquire more.

Chennai Express Damansara Perdana (25)


Now that I’m all full and fed, spare me a moment to thank MilkADeal & Hishop that collaborated with me for this review.

MilkADeal is offering  an awesome deal on their site where you can purchase a Chennai X’press Authentic Indian Cuisine RM50 Cash Voucher at RM30 and a RM100 Cash Voucher for RM50 only. 

Additionally, if you purchase the deal above,  you guys who read my blog get another exclusive 5% discount by quoting CHENNAIX (valid till 15 August 2014)

Useful links as per usual! Let me know what you think of Chennai X’press and if you have any other good recs on great Indian food 🙂


 MilkADeal’sFB :

MilkADeal’s Chennai X’press Deal :


Hishop’s FB Page:



Chennai Xpress’s FB:

Chennai X’press’s Address: 22A-1, Jalan PJU 8/5G, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



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