Yes, No, Organ Donation?

Hey yall!

Haven’t had much time to sit down and pen my thoughts into a proper post, so here is a random snippet of my day for you 🙂

My line of work at the moment is quite exciting, and I’m not gonna go into details (company policies and all that you see) but somehow, I have had the opportunity to learn about organ donation in a closer way. Personally, I don’t know anyone who has gotten an organ transplant before, nor do I know of anyone who has received one. (My experience with Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t count I guess)  I do have mum & dad who has registered to donate, but I’ve personally never been inclined to sign up myself.

Earlier today, this landed on my lap.

Pic via : Instagram 

shashay blog

My colleagues were gladly filling up their forms and my internal reaction was basically “WTF, am I gonna get peer pressured to sign up for organ donation?” #firstworldproblems 

But I took a step back and thought, “hey, I’m gonna be a dead carcass someday anyway, so who cares about people cutting me up and taking my organs?” I doubt my family would mind, nor would le boyf. It IS my body, and I choose what I do with it, no?  And besides, if my organs have the power to give a random stranger a new lease on life, why not? Assuming that stranger isn’t a homicidal maniac or a psycho serial killer, I wouldn’t mind them having my lungs, cornea or heart.

So what has been stopping me from signing up all these years? This isn’t the first time I’ve come across organ donation, but this is definitely the first time I’ve felt so strongly about it. I’ve been educated about this topic, that’s for sure. My religion says nothing on it, (even if it did, I wouldn’t care anyways) and my family would support my decision in a heartbeat. 

Call it fear, call it a “calling” if you must, but I guess there comes a point in your life where you will feel so strongly enough about a cause or a topic, take that leap and just do it. (whuddup Nike reference!)  Many hours later, after much contemplation, I’ve filled out my form and I’ll be sending it over to the relevant people 😀 And in a few days time, le boyf will be doing the same.

Did you know that you can save 8 lives by donating your organs? I didn’t, and it was only today (thanks to my job) that I finally learnt how much difference one person can make just by filling out a simple form. The people I spoke to today were conservative Muslims who have been championing this cause for the longest time, and it honestly surprised me, considering how much a taboo it is in the Muslim community (or even the Hindus & Buddhists for that matter) to donate your organs. 


What are your thoughts on organ donation? Lets talk about it, so drop me a comment and we’ll take it from there 🙂

To learn more about organ donation or to sign up, you guys can use the info below: 

Hotline Tel No: 1800-88-9080

PS: I wasn’t paid to write to this post nor was it sponsored in anyway. This was just something that I came across via my line of work, and I thought it was worth sharing for the general good of mankind ❤



One thought on “Yes, No, Organ Donation?

  1. That’s always been my opinion! I’ve never even talked about it with friends or family. I just figure I’m dead and not using them, why do I need them?

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