Why I’ll Never Be A Customer At Famous Amos Malaysia Ever Again

Haroo my awesomesauces!

Been a while since I wrote a worthy blog post for you lot hasn’t it? Let me clear all the cobwebs and dust that has been piling up here while I left the ol’ blog abandoned.. *sweeps & cleans*

Moving on to my rant.

Just a couple of hours ago, I left work, feeling all happy & light because tomorrow is a public holiday, and I will be getting a well deserved break from all the stress, deadlines, etc. *wheeee*

I decided to hop over to Paradigm Mall to satisfy a craving I had for something sweet, and I thought hey, I haven’t been to Famous Amos for the longest time (I’ve been avoiding sweets and junk in an effort to lose weight) and la la la la, I reached the Famous Amos outlet.

This is when I decided I’ll never patron a Famous Amos Outlet ever again.

There were 2 guys manning the outlet (no surprise, they were foreigners). There was only one other customer in the whole store, a lady who was almost done with her purchase. Guy 1, lets call him Mr I Dont Care, was helping her pack up all the items she had purchased (which wasn’t even a lot). Guy 2, lets call him Mr Crapballs, was helping Mr I Dont Care to pack up the lady’s stuff.

Why 2 people need to pack one plastic bag is beyond me, but hey, these are the kind of guys who walk on the street holding pinkies, so who am I to ask why they do it is they do? I waited a whole 5 minutes before I finally was attended to. I shudder to think of the wait time would be like if there were 2 customers in front of me.

Mr Crapballs asked me what I wanted, and I told him I wanted a mix of two types of cookies for 100 grams. His response to this?

“No! If you want to mix the cookies, you have to buy 300 grams and above!”


I am buying cookies for myself, and 300 grams is an absurd amount for one person to consume, so I said, “okay, I’ll just take 100 grams of one type then.”

He promptly started banging round his plastic spoon to measure the cookies, looking all angry and annoyed. Why that was is beyond me. =_=”

Next up, payment.

The total came up to RM 9.70, and I took out a RM50 bill. I only had two RM50 notes in my purse at the time, so I gave him one of the notes. His response to this?

“No small change isit!!?”

tom hiddleston

At this point I was already super annoyed at this douchebag, so my response was as patiently as ” No, I only have RM50’s” and showed him my open wallet.

He started banging on the cashier looking for change, and when he finally found my change, threw it on the counter scatteredly and turned his back to me in 0.00005 secs.


To be honest, this isn’t the worst kind of customer experience I’ve gotten in my life. MAC Cosmetics top the list, followed by banks, telco services, etc, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I just don’t need this nonsense anymore. I have a million choices of everything, if it’s not Famous Amos Cookies, I could find better ones in a split second. (Marks and Spencer I’m coming to you)

If the service cant be decent, I’d rather take my custom somewhere else that deserves it. I also know that one person boycotting Famous Amos isn’t going to hurt their business, but I’ll do my part in avoiding all the stores that give me crappy service while spending my money and feeling happy about it. If Fourfeetnine has her Kempen Sopan Santun, I have my Kempen Khidmat Pelanggan Yang Bagus.

Famous Amos Malaysia, if you are reading this, you’ve just lost a customer, and probably another few thousand more, after they’ve read this blog post. Thank you for the crappy service, declining quality of cookies, and ever-increasing prices. You should fire your Paradigm Mall employee.


You know who has awesome customer service? Kiehls. Famous Amos, go visit their outlet and feel ashamed. As my mum would say, or as the Indian proverb goes, you should drink their urine. *readers, sorry if that proverb is disgusting, I translated that directly from Tamil lolol*

Anyway, here is a public service message to all of you out there. If you get bad customer service, TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE. Seriously. If it isn’t the one store, I’m sure there are hundreds of stores out there who will respect you, and treat you like a customer.

Coming from me, who has worked in a customer service industry before, I’m telling you, you don’t have to tolerate this shit.

DEMAND GOOD SERVICE. #demandgoodservice

Goodbye Famous Anus.

Anyway, that concludes the end of my rant. Hope you lot enjoyed it.

I will be back tomorrow with product reviews, so see yall soonly!



9 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Be A Customer At Famous Amos Malaysia Ever Again

  1. Wow….sorry to hear that miss..i do hope action is taken against them. next time something like that happens..plz chuck that which u bought right at the counter just as he chucked your money. One who does not respect another and his hard earned money does not have the right to deal with it.

  2. You are correct of the assessment of Famous Amos. I don’t like them for a while now. Not only quality of cookies dwindled, but the prices keep going up. Previously, they swapped Lecka Lecka ice cream for so called Famous Amos ice cream. The taste is underwhelming but price is as high. Feel cheated. Something wrong with their management and lack of honesty.

  3. Interesting that MAC still comes up trumps in the Bad Service list but yes, more power to you, girl!
    Hear, hear to boycotting brands that can’t serve!
    Lovely rant. I enjoy it as much as when you rave.

    • Unfortunately, MAC does. I love their makeup, but the service could be much better!
      Yes please, hear hear to bad customer service & boycotts!
      Haha, I’ll rant more just for your benefit in the near future, lol since I just had an annoying experience with another makeup brand =_=”

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