The Tale Of Good Food/Girl Gone Bad

So I’m starting this post without actually thinking about what I wanna write about, but I just needed to jot my thoughts down so that I can clear my head a bit. Everything seems a little fuzzy to me today, and I need to get stuff off my mind. I guess you could call this blog my ‘once in a while’ Pensive.

I guess it all started this week, since Monday when work was starting to get super cray cray, and I’ve been getting lost, tired, and just plain god-damn fed up with everything. I wake up, go to work, continue to work all day with almost zero breaks, and come back home to sleep. Haven’t had time to blog, or just do something that isn’t work related and makes me genuinely happy from the inside.

Moving on to yesterday night, I ate a gigantic peach for dinner, (trying to lose wight, eat healthy and all that jazz) & off I went to bed. Well someone must hate me because that peach gave me hella shit for the next 24 hours. Starting at 2am, my tummy was twisting and turning, and I was dying from stomach cramps. 5 hours later, and 7 trips to the bathroom later, I was at deaths end.

Couldn’t even bother putting pants on after the 3rd bathroom round. Texted my bosses to let them know I will be into the office late, (at this point I should have just told them I will not be in the office at all) and proceeded to get my sorry ass to the doctors at Uptown Damansara. Got some meds, went to meet a client right after. Thank god her office is super near to the clinic. Meeting done, back to the office. Should I mention at this point, that I was supposed to be on sick leave and I had a legit medical certificate saying I shouldn’t be working?


Continued working, right up to almost 4pm and I just wanted to flip table already. Packed my shit up and left the office. Reached home, continued to work, fml. Replying emails, sending stuff off. What is my life? Doesn’t the shit stop? And don’t get me started on Whatsapp. I freaking hate my Whatsapp so much that I wanna exorcise it with a sharp knife, but hey, I cant, cause its my main client communication method.

At least my lunch was amazing.I ate chicken porridge which tasted heavenly from some random hawker stall at SS17.

Thank god my boss is an amazing dood. And thank god for amazing colleagues. Zhong, if you’re reading this shit post man, thank you for everything. You don’t know how much of a help you have been. (At some point you need to help me install AI & PSD so I can stop bugging you for random shit)


After 3 hours of this nonsense, threw my work laptop aside (I swear, the next company I go to, imma refuse a work laptop furiously) and got myself to bed.


Woke up now in a fuzzy state of mind and typing this nonsensical blog post while my Indian housemates continue to make a racket outside. Indian seriously give themselves a bad rep. No wonder people think we’re uncivilized and noisy.

Seems my head isnt so fuzzy anymore now, but everything bloody aches. Not to mention the fever I feel coming on, and the fact that I still need to go to work tomorrow. And the cramps omg wtf. Seriously, thank god for Fridays. Imma brave one more day, and just rest and hermit myself the whole weekend. (Wait damn it, I may have events this weekend fml)  Anyway, this is my post. Hate it, love it, hope you laughed cause this is gonna look hilarious to me next week, so thanks for the read.

Lap you all,



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