A Tale of Diets, Exercise & Weight Loss

Haroo awesomesauces!

I’m super excited to talk about today’s topic, simply because it has made quite a significant change in my life for the past 1.5 months! ❤

The truth is, ever since I was in a stable relationship, I’ve been lax in taking care of my diet and body. I simply must blame the food loving boyfie! :/ Anyway, fast forward 5 years later, I’ve put on about 4-5kg, which isn’t a lot, but from my original 40kg, I felt it was quite significant. Also, I noticed some flabs here and there, mostly on my bum, thigh & tummy. Now, nothing against chubby people, but I’d actually DIE before I put on weight, and go from an XXS to an XS. #firstworldproblems

And exercise was never in my books. Exercise was basically going up and down the stairs once in a blue moon. I always had excuses, I was too busy, too tired, too sleepy, etc. I always had a reason for being lazy. That was the problem.

It didn’t help that my boyfie was taking the mickey outta me, and me vice versa, lol! Hence I decided to do something proactive about my body & weight and start taking better care of myself. I didnt want to lose so much weight, I just needed to start eating healthier, and start exercising to tone up those flabs.

shashay exercise

First things first, I got rid of all the unhealthy food in my house. By getting rid, I meant I ATE IT ALL. Well, I cant throw them away now cant I? And I really didn’t wanna give that ice cream tub to anyone else 😀

Second thing I did was to look for some motivation. I did some reading on healthy eating (which I mostly was aware of, but just to remind myself of what a proper diet should look like), and also starting watching a lot of exercise & yoga videos on Youtube & Instagram. The second step took me a whole 2 weeks to be honest. To actually get my butt out of the chair and to start exercising was so difficult. I just couldnt. Call me lazy. But after 2 weeks, I was super gung-ho about the whole getting toned & fit idea.

Third thing? Actually doing some exercise. Now I didn’t have the money to join a gym, (I still don’t have the money lol) so I started off doing exercises in my house. I didn’t have any equipment either, nothing at all. Not even a yoga mat. So what exercises could I do?

These are examples of exercises I’ve been doing. Look out for more on Youtube.






I usually aim to do 30-45 mins each day, and I’d pick a few exercise that I want to do for the day. Like today, its was all about the legs, so I do only leg exercises. And these are simple exercises you can do on the floor, just with a towel as a mat in case you don’t have one. I alternate leg, love handles, belly, abs, arms, push ups etc.

How I started:

Week 1: I did my first 15 minutes on a Friday & Saturday, and my body ached throughout the whole of the following Sunday. I couldn’t move, literally. I hurt all week. But it seems that I am a sadist, so I continued with the exercise routine nevertheless. The pain subsided with hot showers after about 3-4 days.


Diet wise, this is what I ate.
Breakfast: Fruits with plain yogurt.
Lunch: Half rice (about 6-7 tablespoons of rice) with vegetables. No fried stuff allowed. Also add on some fruits for dessert.
Dinner: Biscuits, or oatmeal, or soup.
Also, lots and lots of water, and no other drinks.

Week 2: I continued with my exercises, and amped up the exercise time to 30 mins a day. Sometimes I miss a day or two, but that’s ok. As long as you get back up the saddle the next day, you’re good. to go Diet wise, still the same as week 1. I did slip up on my diet now and then as well. Whacked some curry noodles & a slice of cake (both my ultimate weaknesses)


Week 3-6: Still with my exercise & diet. Not much changed. I even continued exercising during the time of the month. I now was doing 30-45 mins at home, & 15 minutes at work too. At work? How? Me and a friend decided to use the empty storage room at the back, and turned it into a makeshift gym/yoga room. We usually do 15 min of yoga, stretches, planking & random exercises that we feel like. Its fun, and we can gossip & catch up while doing exercising. Also, PMS kicked in sometime during this period (geddit haha?), and I ended up eating a pint of Haagen Daaz all by myself. Sugar, why you do this to me??

vampire diaries caroline

Week 7 (Now) : Some difference noticed on the rear end & waist. I think the squats are working. My butt feels firmer, and the love handles are shrinking. I see my face looking a little less chubby. Le boyfie who visits once a month commented that I’ve lost some weight. And yes, the scales confirm I’ve lost 2kg already.  AWESOMESAUCE! I can even fit into a pants that I couldn’t fit into before. So much win! I’ve also maintained 30-45 mins every weekday, and 1 hour to 1.5 hours on the weekends.

I’m not gonna post before and after pictures yet, because I want to wait until I’ve been doing this for about 3 months at least. So far, I’m feeling good about this whole diet and exercise thing.

I look forward to the day I look at least 40% like this:

victoria secret model

So that is my long story of how I turned my diet & lifestyle around. It was not easy in the beginning, but after 1.5 months, its become part of my everyday routine, and I look forward to exercise time now!

What is your stance on diets, healthy eating & exercise? Do you exercise? If no, why not?



4 thoughts on “A Tale of Diets, Exercise & Weight Loss

  1. Sounds like you are doing really well now you are all motivated – well done! Motivation to excersize is the thing I have a problem with. I eat a lot but it’s really healthily food and I have a cheat day twice a week but like you said it’s about wanting to get more toned. Who are the women in the gif? They look slim not too skinny and genuinley healthy.

  2. Hey babe! Welcome to the club! Haha.. I always wanted to get fit but somehow always find a reason to be lazy, that is till the BF starts going gym and hence, sparks my motivation. There are abundance of workouts that are fun and great to do at home. The scale doesn’t matter but how you feel is your goal. Keep it up!

  3. Same here… I used to being lazy around, too sleepy, too tired, too busy for exercise… and then for the last two weeks I started to go to the gym and workout! but the only problem now is that I cannot control my eating habit. geezzz -_-

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