But First, Lemme Take A Selfie

Haroo mah awesomesauces!

Been a while since I’ve talked to you guys hasn’t it? As usual, the day job has been keeping me away from my blogging. Anyone who knows of a job that pays well but doesn’t involve 12 hour work hours per day, holla over here!

Anyway, moving past my erratic job, I have something to talk to you guys about today! So you know how everyone (and by everyone, I mean me hahah) loves to take selfies?  My silly old Samsung phone is super bulky, and I can’t even take a proper shot of myself with it, ever, so I’ve been on the lookout for a newer phone that takes better selfies (I know, first world problems much?)

Not too long into my search, guess what I found? The Alcatel Onetouch Flash! Now Alcatel Onetouch is one of the lesser known brands of mobile phones in Malaysia, but seem to be very popular in the USA & European regions. Unfortunately, compared to the Iphone & Samsung, I don’t think I’ve actually met anyone here who’s ever used an Alcatel phone, though le jaan sings praises about Alcatel, the gadget freak that he is.

It seems that they’re one of the top 10 selling smartphone brands in 2013, and hails from the land of love, France. ❤ Anything French already makes me feel all gooey, lol! Now the Alcatel Onetouch Flash is supposed to be THE selfie smartphone, owing to the fact that it has a 5MP HD front camera with 13MP Full HD back camera. That’s amazing I think, 5MP on a front camera? Wow. And of course, for that perfect flawless selfie, there is a beauty mode included! Add on their 5.5 inch screen, & I think we may just have a winner here!

And in all things selfie related, they’ve even launched their latest campaign, BeAFlasher. Bit cheeky me thinks, haha. The #BEaFlasher campaign is Alcatel Onetouch’s way of supporting our selfie culture, via our individuality through selfies. So how does one flash?

Like a bawse. Oh yes.

Alcatel One Touch

And yes, that’s my Zanpakutou. Bleach fans raise yo hands!

Intrigued yet? Come and join me in the BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and FB with amazing prizes to win! Just take a pic of you flashing your most unexpected side of personality,  and hashtag BEaFlasher on Instagram to win !


Personally, I haven’t tried the phone myself, but I’m gonna be heading to Alcatel Onetouch’s Flasgship Store in Low Yat this weekend to take a look at the phone. I think the phones are also available at local dealers, just ask around, I’m pretty sure you’ll find them. If you do go check out the phone, tell me what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the mobile phone 🙂

For more info, log on to:  alcatelonetouchflash.com/my

Have fun selfie-ing, and I wish you guys the very best of luck in the contests! Now imma go back to mah work, and I’ll talk to you guys soonly!



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