[Product Launch] Aupres Aqua Energy

Hey awesome people!

So you know my never-ending sermon about how important hydration is to your skin? Yeah, its back again 😀 The story is, I recently attended the launch of the latest line in the Aupres family, the Aupres Aqua Energy. This line is aimed to increase moisture retention, giving your skin the hydration it needs.

Aupres Aqua Energy (3)

The Aupres Aqua Energy line is specially formulated with unique Green Tea Complex to soothe agitated cells, and its exclusive Smart Moisture Complex replenishes skin with the right amount of moisture while conditioning its moisture-retaining environment. There are three other main ingredients in the range, natural yeast-derived Amino Acid, rose extract and Green Tea Complex which help the moisture retaining process along.

This exclusive technology allows each cell to trap in moisture abundantly, allowing the skin to brim with purified moisture even when exposed to severe dryness.

Aupres Aqua Energy (10)

There are 6 items in the line, with the Moisture Capturing Essence being their star product in the line. It is a highly-functional moisturizing essence that not only exerts excellent moisturizing power and moisture-retaining ability but also promotes the strength of the skin to create its own moisture.

  • Cleansing Foam 125g/RM65
  • Moisture Lotion 170ml/RM80 (available in three textures for different skin types)
  • Moisture Emulsion 130ml/RM85
  • Moisture Capturing Essence  80g/RM120
  • Cream 50g/RM100
  • Eye Cream 20g/RM100

More product pics just because.

Aupres Aqua Energy (8)

Fun fact. Did you know Aupres means “next to you, close to you” in French? It upholds the brands basic philosophy of “High Quality”, “High Service” and “High Image.

Aupres Aqua Energy (4)

Demonstrating the star product, the Moisture Capturing Essence. Just scoop and massage onto skin for bounciness! 

Aupres Aqua Energy (7)

During the launch, I had a chance to explore the makeup line from Aupres as well. I didn’t know that Aupres did makeup as well, so this was a pleasant surprise! From blushers to concealer and foundation, there was whole range to explore.

Aupres Aqua Energy (6)

The eye shadows was buttery, pigmented, and oh so soft. Even the powders were finely milled and goes on so smooth.

Aupres Aqua Energy (5)

I had a good time at the launch learning a lot about Aupres, and what they had to offer. Its been a brand that is quite quiet in the market to be honest, which left many of us not knowing what goodies were in store from their brand.

 In a nutshell, who will love this line? Anyone with dehydrated skin, or not,  in need of products that will moisturize skin from outside in. I’ll be trialing the range soon, so I’ll report back when I can on its effectiveness!

For more info, useful links as per below:

Aupres Logo


The Aupres Aqua Energy range is available at all Aupres counters starting January 2015.



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