Another Terrible Customer Service Rant : Goodbye Tesco Online!

I think I’m going to open a new category on this blog called “bad customer service corner”  since I blog about the topic too frequently these days. I don’t see why decent (not great, but just simply decent) customer service is so difficult to get. Anyway, am going to rant away because bad customer service deserves to be talked about and to be shared.


So you see, I shop online a lot, including getting my groceries online. Usually, I get them off Tesco Online, and I’ve been using their service with no issues for a while now. I usually opt for a delivery slot which has zero service charge, though the timings are sometimes quite inconvenient.

Today, I was supposed to have my groceries delivered around the 4pm-6pm slot. Lo and behold, they arrived wheee! But imagine my surprise when my bill had an additional RM10 tacked onto it! This has never happened before. Now RM 10 is just a small amount, probably the cost of one meal to regular people, but since that wasn’t the amount I agreed upon when purchasing online, so imagine my annoyance!

So I tracked my shopping to find out what happened. Let me show you the whole process of shopping at Tesco Online.

1. You pick your groceries, and add to your cart.
2. Choose a delivery slot.
3. Confirm total amount and checkout.
4. Wait to receive your groceries, and payment options are only by credit card.

So I did 1 & 2. And delivery slot examples look like these. I chose the 4pm slot on 22nd, which had RM0 charge.

tesco delivery slot

By the time I checked out, this was my confirmation. As you can see, my total was RM53.76. The thing is, I live by myself all alone lol, and there’s only so much groceries one can purchase at a time. So RM50-RM100 is usually how much I shop for in general every 2 weeks.

tesco delivery deets

So what was the RM10 for? According to the delivery guy, it seems that since my shopping total was less than RM200, I was supposed to pay RM10 for service & delivery fee.

So where was this mentioned in the website? I didn’t recall seeing it at all in the fine print or T&C’s.

The guy who delivered my groceries said that the website was still being updated to reflect the new service fee which was just implemented this week, and lucky me, I have to pay for Tesco’s incompetence and lack of website maintenance!

I called up the customer service hotline next. I spoke to a completely incompetent CSR who didn’t know anything about anything, which just served to up my annoyance level one more notch. The manager was completely hopeless too, since there was nothing he could do (and I don’t blame him anyway) so I gave up. The only information I got was that their website is being updated, and that the changes will reflect in one weeks time. And apparently I wasn’t the only pissed off customer.

So it seems that customers with Tesco Online now have to pay for their incompetence. A small amount, yet the principal of the issue is what pisses me off. If you cant be bothered to update your website to reflect the new changes and advise your customers what potential charges could be applied, then you don’t deserve an online shopping site.

Was it so difficult to add a line at the top of your site to say “Hey, you should pay RM10 for shopping less than RM200, and we forgot to update our site!”


Anyway, I’m swearing off Tesco Online & Tesco in general from now onwards, so that banned list is just getting longer and longer now.

Anyway, here is a public service message to my readers. If you get crappy customer service, TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE. Seriously. If it isn’t the one store, I’m sure there are hundreds of stores out there who will respect you, and treat you like a real customer, and admit and rectify their mistakes rather than brushing it off.

Coming from me, who has worked in a customer service industry before, I’m telling you, you don’t have to tolerate this shit.
DEMAND GOOD SERVICE. #demandgoodservice
Anyway, that concludes the end of my rant. 

I will be back to regular product review postings soon, so talk to you guys later! ❤

An annoyed Shashay.


What are your thoughts? Drop a comment!

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