[Review] MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish – Lightness Of Being Collection

Hey beautiful people!

It has come to my attention that I’ve yet to review a single MAC product on this blog to date *the horror, but for a good reason*, and I couldn’t let that go on now can I? I don’t want to be reviewing their lipsticks, goodness knows you guys have prolly have read a million MAC lipstick reviews by now, so let me get into the most recent MAC item that I’ve purchased, the MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish, from their Lightness Of Being Collection.

To be honest, I’ve not had much interaction with MAC Cosmetics here in Malaysia, mainly because their customer service sucks a**. For more rants, refer to my post from a while back about their “excellent service”. Anyway, I tend to stay away from MAC, and even when I want something from them, I either buy them online at http://www.maccosmetics.com.my/ or I ask someone to get the item for me, simply because I can’t be fussed to deal with the snooty SA’s.

However, for this particular purchase (I’d been aiming for this particular baby for a while you see) , I decided to head to the MAC at Sunway Pyramid Mall, where I heard the service was much better, and true enough, it wasn’t great, but at least not as bad as the service one usually gets in MidValley Mall. I purchased this without much fuss, and without even testing it on my face. Thank goodness for online swatches being true to life!

Optimized-MAC Lightness Of Being Collection 2014 aka Perfect Topping (1)

It is Limited Edition as one might expect, since MAC comes out with LE collections on a daily basis like there is no tomorrow. I kid, but yes, MAC collections are hard to keep up with. Keeping up with MAC collections is much like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it costs me a lot of time, money, and energy wasted. I’d rather feed my Guerlain Meteorites obsession instead. Though this is a LE, it seems that this product a re-promote, so it has been released before in a different form I’ve heard. 

The MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish is described as a shimmery pale peach with lavender marble, golden peach with warm, yellow undertones and a soft, frosted sheen.

Optimized-MAC Lightness Of Being Collection 2014 aka Perfect Topping (2)

I fell in love with this mostly because of the design, with its interesting embossed grooves and veined colours. Call me a sucker for pretty designs! And MAC does classy packaging as always, no complaints there.

Optimized-MAC Lightness Of Being Collection 2014 aka Perfect Topping (3)

When swatched, the MSF produces a lovely sheen that looks luminous and glowy. It doesn’t appear sparkly at all, nor does it look like you’ve been glitter bombed. I half expected to look like a disco ball, but it produced this lovely highlight that I can’t achieve with any of the other products I own. For my olive skin tone, it is just right, not too pale, not too warm.

As you can see based on the swatch, it has a hint of golden sparkle, but not too overpowering. Trust me when  say it applies perfectly!

I usually apply the MAC Perfect Topping MSF with a small light fluffy blush, like my Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer or my Zoeva 126 Luxe Cheek Finish

Optimized-MAC Lightness Of Being Collection 2014 aka Perfect Topping (4)

And for completeness, here is how it looks on moi ❤

Optimized-MAC Lightness of Being

Personally, I love my highlights, and this is by far my favourite MSF to date. Though I have a feeling it may change the moment I find another amazing product lol.

Long story short, who will love this? MAC fanatics, highlight obsessed people like me, someone in a market for a highlighter that doesn’t glitter bomb your face and a sucker for pretty designs. Price wise, its on par with most MAC products anyway, so I cant complain. (Though I’m severely tempted to complain about the ridiculous & exorbitant prices for their Prabal Gurung Collection that was released recently!)

Optimized-MAC Lightness Of Being (1)

BTW: Wearing the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Strawberry Kiss.

The MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish retails at RM 125/9g at all local MAC outlets, and only while stocks lasts. 

For more info, useful links below! Now if only their customer service was better, I may be tempted to purchase more from them. :/ 

mac logo

 Shop MAC Cosmetic Malaysia Online : www.maccosmetics.com.my



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