April Fashion Finds

Hello beautiful people!

It just hit me that I’ve only ever done one Fashion Finds post, and that was like ages ago. To read that post, click HERE. I figured its time for me to do another one of them Fashion Finds, so here we go. I’ve been trawling the Internet incessantly for the past month, and here are some of the items I’ve found that have caught my eye, and I’ve purchased for myself. 🙂

#1 This is something I found at zalora.com.my and I fell in love with it at the first glance, but unfortunately they were out of my size. Zalora why you no restock? 😦 The colours are so pretty on this dress, and I’ve just basically fallen in love with the brand, Smash and I spend an insane amount of time just browsing their items. This dress, so pretty I cannot even. Need.

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1DXCQuO


#2 is this pretty number from peepb.com and you guys know how much I love my skater dresses and Peter Pan collars. And its white too! I’ve been on a recent phase where I just wear white all the time (Don’t ask me why, I wish I knew why) so I just have to have this dress in my closet. Those cute buttons add a really nice touch too. 

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1Fz9d8n


Item #3 has to be this. A really pretty blazer just covered with a black and white Aztec print. How gorgeous is this? It would go so well with jeans, and one could even rock this to work too! And at RM69, it’s rather inexpensive as well ❤

Click here for blazer details: http://bit.ly/Ves9VB


And since it is almost summer, its time to whip out all those maxi dresses and this #4 is just so flirty and sexy with that slit in the side ❤ Those print patterns are so cute too, and guess what? The back has a decorative knotted design too. My more petite girls, rock these with wedges! 

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1ETlXIn


#5 simply must be this really cute pants from Smash. Gotta love that print, and it looks so comfy too! Pair these pants with sandals and you’re good to go. 
Told you guys I’m on a white clothing kick 😉 I foresee many pairings with these pants already!

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1OGMCfY


And the last item I’ve wanted to pick up is this simple denim dress for #6 . I’ve noticed denim dresses, skirts, and denim everything is making a comeback, and I guess fashion has come full circle. I really shouldn’t have gotten rid of my old denim stuff from when I was a teenager. =_=” Remember the good ol’ double denim days of Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears? Yeah, we’re back there! I’ve been seeing a lot of double denim pair ups, denim dungarees, etc and I cant wait to style up my closet with some more denim items. This simple denim dress is perfect on its own, with leggings, or even sheer tights. 

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1Q0E6Wn


So there you go, some Fashion Finds & picks for you guys ❤ I think my ultimate favourite items are #1 and #6. Seriously tho, gotta love those dresses., FYI, all the links in this posts are not affiliate links, and I’m not sponsored to write this post in case you are curious. I just love online shopping, and shopping in general, so I figured I would like to share my finds with my lovely awesome readers. If you like these kinds of posts, please tell me, so I’ll continue writing them. 🙂

Tell me, what trends or styles you are rocking this month, and what do you predict coming our way from the fashion industry? Comment and like the post!

Till I see you guys again, bye! I’m also on Twitter & Facebook, so come say hi there too! 🙂



4 thoughts on “April Fashion Finds

    • Thank you Chrissie! My style is just simple and wearable, I cant do fancy lol!
      I think I’ll do one post every month, and round up the best picks available and share it with you guys ❤

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