[Review] Nars Dual-Intensity Blush in Panic

Namastey boys and girls!

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for the longest time, so I finally decided to get off my lazy behind and pen down some of my personal thoughts on the Nars Dual Intensity blush. We all know how popular the regular Nars blushes are, so lets take a look at how these new ones fare, shall we?
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I only picked up the shade Panic out of the 6 shades available, and I’ll tell you why in a bit. 

Looking at the range of shades available below, (From left, clockwise : Adoration, Craving, Jubilation, Panic,  Fervor,& Frenzy) Panic was pretty much the only duo I felt I could pull off. Adoration & Craving looked like a highlight-blush duo, and I wasn’t keen on that combination. Jubilation & Frenzy were actually rather pretty, but the whole orange gold thing kinda threw me off since I rarely wear gold looking shades as a blush. Fervor was actually quite promising, but the deep coppery blush shade wasn’t going to look very appealing on my skin tone for sure, so I finally landed on Panic. The shades in Panic were just perfect for me, since orangey coral & fuschia pink blushes always did look more flattering on me.

For more tanned skintones like mine, Panic & Fervor might be the shades that you will love. I feel like the rest of the shades would flatter those with cooler skin tons.


Packaging is the standard Nars rubbery packaging which they have revamped in recent years so it doesn’t crack not become a sticky mess. The duo contains 6g of product in it which is a decent size to start with. The blush duo is slightly smaller than my palm and is sleek, meaning it would fit into your handbag or clutch with no issues. It has a magnetic clasp-shut mechanism that feels very sturdy and luxurious. The compacts are actually very similar to the Nars Powder Foundation packaging that was recently launched, if you may have noticed.

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Ingredients & the back of the pan.*click on image to enlarge*

Optimized-Review Nars  Dual-Intensity Blush Panic (3)

The colours are as I described it earlier. Dont panic when you look at the shades in Panic! They only look strong when in actual fact they’re quite wearable.

On the left you have a strong fuschia pink with slight silver shimmers which are hardly noticeable, and on the right you have a strong orange toned pink with gold shimmers. Also hardly noticeable shimmers I might add. I gotta say, the geometric lines do add a certain touch of class to the blushes. The design will start to fade after 7-10 uses though so you’ll be left with a blank blush pan not long after. 

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Product Description: Purely pigmented color with seamless customizable coverage. The new Dual-Intensity Blush defies genre with a silky, wet/dry formula of unprecedented artistry. Appy dry for a healthy glow and wet for translucent, second-skin finish. Six modern shade pairings coordinated to wear alone or pair together for a range of dynamic effects and versatility. Housed in a new, modern compact design.

If you haven’t figured out why these blushes are called Dual Intensity, its basically because they can be worn wet or dry, and in different mediums, they give off different looks & intensities! 🙂 Wearing them wet would amplify the colour on your skin, while using them dry gives you a natural finish.

Personally, I set my face with a powder, and only then proceed to apply blush, so wearing these wet is probably not something I would do. The only scenario where I might decide to use these wet, is if I’m going out barefaced, and I’m planning to slap on some blush and lipstick very quickly to look put together. And even then, I’m rushing out the door, so who has time to use em wet? 😀

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Personal Thoughts: Formulation wise, these blushes have the same feel as the Dual-Intensity eyeshadows from Nars. They are SUPER pigmented, so a little goes a long way dearies ❤ To use them dry is pretty straightforward, but using them wet is another thing. What I recommend is to mist the pan very lightly with a spray bottle instead of using a wet blush brush. The reason being is that you may get the brush too wet, and application becomes extra tricky. And don’t worry, these blushes will go back to their normal powder texture once the water has dried off from the pan! The texture of the blushes in the pan are almost powder cream form, and they are so smooth, just like butter.

Here are dry swatches of the blush duo. Very pigmented even in its dry form, so imagine them wet. Double the pigmentation, double the fun! They dry matte, so no worries of it being too satiny or dewy. I usually apply the product with my trusty Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush which has been doing a fab job so far.

They last all day after application, like seriously, they don’t budge once they go on, which I absolutely love. You get at least 12 hours of wear with the Dual Intensity Blushes. 

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Here’s how they individually look on me. On the left is the fuschia pink, and on the right is the orange pink. Do use a light hand with these, since they are VERY pigmented. ❤ FYI on my lips is the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Carmen.

PS: The lighting was different when I took both pictures so pardon the hair weird colour difference.

Optimized-Nars Dual Intensity Blush Review

All in all, the Nars Dual Intensity Blushes from Nars are perfect for those looking for a pigmented blush which lasts pretty much all day, or if you’re a blush fiend like me. I can only speak for the shade Panic, which I love to no end, so don’t quote me on the rest of the shades, lol!

One thing to note is that these do not come cheap, as they retail for RM190 per pan. I suggest you give them a proper swatch in store, and to try the shades on personally before buying them as they are pretty pricey, well at least in my books anyway. (I live the struggling writer life you see? 😀 )

nars logo


The NARS Dual Intensity blushes comes in 6 shades & retails for RM 190/6g at the Nars flagship store in Pavilion Mall.
Thank you for reading, & see you guys soon!

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  1. Hii, do you know where all the Nars stores are in Kuala Lumpur? Now I know that theres one in Pavillion (thanks to you, finally!) but are there any others? Also, do you know if you can get LASplash Cosmetics in Malaysia, or if they ship to Malaysia? I really hope you reply and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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