About Me

Me Shashay. You awesome reader. Hello 🙂

I love travelling, eating and meeting new people. Want the scoop for the best shopping deals out there? I’m your woman. I’m a Malaysian based blogger, looking to move to Europe VERY SOON. 

I blog for fun. Also because its something I’ve done sporadically ever since I could remember. Writing, fashion, beauty, reading, shopping, travelling are some of my passions. This isn’t a beauty blog per-se, since I pepper it with different kinds of posts all the time. Have a read and you’ll know what I mean.

I do English accents really well, thanks to watching the Harry Potter movies for a bazillion times! Potterhead alert!

Right now I blog and work *full time mind you*, not so sure where life is taking me. Taking each day at a time seems to be the principle of the moment. 

I also speak about 7 languages right now. They include English, Malay, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, French and Mandarin. My aim is to hit ten languages before I die. I’m thinking maybe to pick up German, Italian and Russian? And if I have the time, to throw in Japanese and Korean as well!

My life revolves mostly around myself; yes I am that self centered, the family, the boyfriend, friends, Youtube, and my books.

Oh yeah, and this is me.

Some 20 odd years ago. 

And this is how I look now. 😛


The point of this blog is simple. I write about the things I love.  And I hope you lot enjoy reading what I have to say. I like comments too, they make my day better!

Shasha aka Shashay


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