June Fashion Finds

Hi girls! 

I’m back again with a June Fashion Finds post where I bring you some of the items I’ve picked up, noticed and had my eye on from our local Malaysian stores. I missed out my May post, so I hope this post makes up for it.

Lets get on with it! ❤

#1 Is this super cute sailor style sneakers that I spotted in Bershka. I’m mostly in sneakers when I’m at work, and I think this pair of shoes would be cute paired with jeans, or even a cute skater dress! I’m a sucker for anything remotely striped, so this speaks to the bottom of my teenage heart, lol! Priced at RM119.90.

Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1GoTSDd


#2 had to be a denim skirt that I noticed in H&M a couple of weeks back. Denim skirts seem to be making a comeback from the 90’s and I figured its time to update my closet with one, or two, or three or more denim skirts. Mini, Midi, Flare, you name it, I want to buy them all! 

Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1BC6Ly5


#3 is a utility romper which I think every girl should have in her closet. Its practical, its stylish, and its hella cute too! Trust Forever 21 to come up with style at an affordable price yo.

Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1dViNaI


#4 is not a clothing, but an accessory to look stylish nonetheless. I’ve been meaning to pick up a duffle bag for those days where I travel for a day or two, and doesn’t look too bulky. Herschels does amazing bags, and I’ve loved their Little America backpacks since like forever, so I figured a Herschels duffle bag would be super suitable for me. Black cos I can’t live without black bags, lol!

 Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1K1Dq31


The last item, #5 is something I’ve wanted for the longest time. Problem is? Its super duper pricey! A good leather jacket is hard to find, and more so for one that fits my weird body shape. I finally spotted one that I loved, but I decided to save up first before getting it since its like 350 pounds :O Karen Millen, I’ve got my eye on you.

Click for more details: http://bit.ly/1IpICHX


So there you go, some Fashion Finds & picks for you guys I think my favourite items are #4 and #5. FYI, all the links in this posts are not affiliate links, and I’m not sponsored to write this post in case you are curious. I just love online shopping, and shopping in general, so I figured I would like to share my finds with my lovely awesome readers. If you like these kinds of posts, please tell me, so I’ll continue writing them. 🙂

Tell me, what trends or styles you are rocking this month, and what do you predict coming our way from the fashion industry? Comment and like the post!

Till I see you guys again, bye! I’m also on Twitter & Facebook, so come say hi there too! 🙂



April Fashion Finds

Hello beautiful people!

It just hit me that I’ve only ever done one Fashion Finds post, and that was like ages ago. To read that post, click HERE. I figured its time for me to do another one of them Fashion Finds, so here we go. I’ve been trawling the Internet incessantly for the past month, and here are some of the items I’ve found that have caught my eye, and I’ve purchased for myself. 🙂

#1 This is something I found at zalora.com.my and I fell in love with it at the first glance, but unfortunately they were out of my size. Zalora why you no restock? 😦 The colours are so pretty on this dress, and I’ve just basically fallen in love with the brand, Smash and I spend an insane amount of time just browsing their items. This dress, so pretty I cannot even. Need.

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1DXCQuO


#2 is this pretty number from peepb.com and you guys know how much I love my skater dresses and Peter Pan collars. And its white too! I’ve been on a recent phase where I just wear white all the time (Don’t ask me why, I wish I knew why) so I just have to have this dress in my closet. Those cute buttons add a really nice touch too. 

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1Fz9d8n


Item #3 has to be this. A really pretty blazer just covered with a black and white Aztec print. How gorgeous is this? It would go so well with jeans, and one could even rock this to work too! And at RM69, it’s rather inexpensive as well ❤

Click here for blazer details: http://bit.ly/Ves9VB


And since it is almost summer, its time to whip out all those maxi dresses and this #4 is just so flirty and sexy with that slit in the side ❤ Those print patterns are so cute too, and guess what? The back has a decorative knotted design too. My more petite girls, rock these with wedges! 

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1ETlXIn


#5 simply must be this really cute pants from Smash. Gotta love that print, and it looks so comfy too! Pair these pants with sandals and you’re good to go. 
Told you guys I’m on a white clothing kick 😉 I foresee many pairings with these pants already!

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1OGMCfY


And the last item I’ve wanted to pick up is this simple denim dress for #6 . I’ve noticed denim dresses, skirts, and denim everything is making a comeback, and I guess fashion has come full circle. I really shouldn’t have gotten rid of my old denim stuff from when I was a teenager. =_=” Remember the good ol’ double denim days of Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears? Yeah, we’re back there! I’ve been seeing a lot of double denim pair ups, denim dungarees, etc and I cant wait to style up my closet with some more denim items. This simple denim dress is perfect on its own, with leggings, or even sheer tights. 

Click here for dress details: http://bit.ly/1Q0E6Wn


So there you go, some Fashion Finds & picks for you guys ❤ I think my ultimate favourite items are #1 and #6. Seriously tho, gotta love those dresses., FYI, all the links in this posts are not affiliate links, and I’m not sponsored to write this post in case you are curious. I just love online shopping, and shopping in general, so I figured I would like to share my finds with my lovely awesome readers. If you like these kinds of posts, please tell me, so I’ll continue writing them. 🙂

Tell me, what trends or styles you are rocking this month, and what do you predict coming our way from the fashion industry? Comment and like the post!

Till I see you guys again, bye! I’m also on Twitter & Facebook, so come say hi there too! 🙂


Lookbook: Dazzling Green Midi Skirt

Hey you guys,

I’ve been very much in love with midi skirts this past half a year, and why wouldn’t one be? Midi skirts make one look demure, yet flirty at the same time, and is one of those items that transition from work to play, day to night so easily. You can wear them with flats, wedges, stilettos, the possibilities are endless. I find that for me personally, midi skirts allow me to look professional and ladylike while at work, and if I was going out for a date with le jaan, I still look modest yet sexy at the same time. It helps that midi skirts make me look taller too!

Optimized-Megafash (1)

During a day out with my girlfriend at the mall, I thought I’d do a quick & simple look for you guys. The midi skirt that I have on today is from Megafash Malaysia, and I love how the material of the midi skirt is so soft, and falls to hug the waistline so beautifully. With a small hidden side zipper and slightly ruched waist, its bound to make any girl look gorgeous!

Top: Uniqlo
Dazzling Green Midi Skirt: Megafash Malaysia
Handbag: Random Bazaar
Flats: Zara
Green Necklace: Lovisa

Optimized-Megafash (3)

This is one of my favourite handbags to date ❤

Optimized-Megafash (2)

As usual, le me awakwardly posing for the camera. 🙂

I am in love with a lot of the designs available on Megafash Malaysia, and I’ve actually bought a few more items off them. I’ll do another OOTD soon okay? Lets hope I don’t look so stiff on camera anymore, lol!

If you would like a 15% discount off the site for your next purchase, simply use the link below ❤


Visit Megafash Malaysia at: megafash.com.my

Till I see you all soon!


Lookbook : Weekend Casuals

Fashion OOTD’s have never been my forte, due to my nature of being a statue in front of cameras, and i always envy bloggers who make it look so effortless. (Yes Sarah, & Shivani, I’m looking at both of you!)

I have also never considered myself particularly fashionable, owing to the fact that I dress for comfort, and that usually involves loads of jeans, skater dresses, and flowy, floatier, boho pieces. It seems that during one of my recent weekend outings with my girlfriend, she thought it might be a good idea to have me do a loobook shot, and I was like, yeah, why not? YOLO and all that jazz right? 😀

Have a look and tell me what you think ❤

All pictures below credited to the talented Shivani who’s direction and advice made this statue a little more confident in front of the camera. Love you long time!

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (5)

Top: Fabspy
Handbag: Kitschen
Ring: From Le Jaan

The top is a favourite of mine, considering I have 3 identical pieces of it. Its a delicate lace piece, with sheer sleeves, and fits perfectly as a short dress, or even a top, as I’ve styled it here. I threw on a simple & delicate gold necklace over the top, to tie the whole look together. I’ve also always classic loved the combo of a white top with blue jeans, and instead of a t-shirt, I figured I might as well go a little ladylike with the top.

The sling bag is the pop of colour one looks for in such a simple outfit, with tribal stripes & colours all over.

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (2)

Trying to smize, but I guess demure is more me.
Also, Pantene advertisement anyone?

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (4)

Jeans : Hush Puppies
Purple Lipstick : Topshop Lip Bullet in Wine Gum

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (1)

Gladiator Heels: Fabspy

Shasha Sekharans Weekend Casuals Lookbook

A candid shot of me fixing my hair that turned out rather well 🙂

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (3)

And this is possibly my ultimate favourite shot, the Bitch I’m Fabulous shot! 

So, more OOTD’s from me ladies and gentlemen? Is that an aye or nay I hear? 

Comment below and tell me what you think of my first lookbook, and your suggestions & thoughts are much appreciated.

Talk to you guys soon!


Duriana Presents: A Market In The Skies

Haroo awesomesauces!

Been a while since my last post hasn’t it? I’m really sorry, the day job that pays the bills has to come first before I can attend to my dear old blog 😀

Anywhoo, lets talk about Duriana. Say whutt? No, it isn’t the fruit Durian I’m talking about, it’s the APP! Never heard of it? Well dive right in sugar 🙂


If you’ve heard of Lelong or Mudah, the Duriana concept is very similar, except that it’s a social selling platform, which sets them in a whole different category altogether. The Durianna app is equipped with viral social media sharing features as well as a built-in chat messenger for users to mingle and interact with one another. You can connect with a seller via chat or even connect with potential buyers almost instantaneously.

Think of it as Facebook, but sans all the drama 😛 A social media solely dedicated to selling and buying.

Duriana is a new mobile-first, peer-to-peer marketplace app available in Malaysia and Singapore. Unlike existing classified e-commerce systems such as Mudah and Lelong, Duriana positions itself as a social selling app, which merges the functions of Instagram and eBay.

But what does one sell on the app? Anything, and everything! Pre-loved clothes? Vintage jewellery? Your old 1950’s style grandma? Everything goes, LOL!

At the moment, some of Duriana’s main selling & buying categories include pre-loved, home furnishing, fashion and electronics. Apart from that, you get your creative Etsy-type merchants and independent blog shops present, so you get a nice mix of new and old things floating around at Duriana.


The Duriana team is also very occupied with hosting their very own market events. They usually feature their most loved sellers in both large-scale and intimate settings, which are an extension of its mobile and web platform. Not only can you interact with sellers online, now you can approach them offline too!  Their last event, The 360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur was a stunning success, attracting over 150 vendors and hundreds of guests across the span of two days.

The latest event, A Market In The Skies was their first fashion-focused event, which showcased a small selected group of Duriana’s best fashion vendors all in one place. I just had to attend this particular one considering the fact that market events excite me just a tad too much, so I popped in and give them a visit!

The fashion market was located at the La Scala rooftop, which was both a blessing and a boon. We enjoyed the lovely view around us, but had to brave the Malaysian humidity and heat as well.

Pic via choypengism

Duriana Cp 4

Pic via choypengism

Duriana Cp 3

Pic via choypengism

Le me shopping. As you can see, I have at least 3 bags on me already at this point 🙂

Duriana CP 1

Pic via Duriana’s FB Page

Champagne Pong at 2pm? Sign me up! 🙂

Duriana (2)

Pic via Duriana’s FB Page

Duriana 3

We also squeezed in a quick brunch media session with the amazing people from Duriana and managed to gain a little more insight into why Duriana has come about in Malaysia and what their future plans are going to look like.

Pic via choypengism

Duriana CP

Pic via Duriana’s FB Page

Shivani all businesslike that is 🙂

Duriana (1)

Pic via choypengism

One last group shot, and its a wrap ❤

Duriana Cp 2

For more info, check out Duriana at:


FB Page:  https://www.facebook.com/durianamalaysia

Website: http://duriana.com

Get the app on iPhone: http://taps.io/JzVg & Android: http://taps.io/JzWg


5 Things I Wish I Knew Beforehand About Shoe Shopping

Haroo you awesome people!

I actually have a confession for yall. I love shopping, no doubt about that. Clothes, make up, furniture, cleaning equipment, you name it, I probably love shopping for it! However, shoe shopping is an entirely different matter altogether. I really hate shoe shopping with a vengeance. I love shoes, which girl doesn’t, but I hate going shopping for them. I don’t know what it is, but shoe shopping usually leaves me infuriated, frustrated and exasperated by the end of the day 😦

Unfortunately, my favourite pair of work flats broke and split in half, so I had to go out and get a new pair lest I go to work in my flip-flops. I headed to the nearest mall for a look-see hoping that I could find my dream pair of flats. I did find it a couple of hours later, after much struggling and cursing that is LOL 😀

Post shoe shopping trauma, I have come to realize why I hate shoe shopping so much. The issue was, I didn’t know what to look for in a pair of shoes apart from it looking good on my feet, hence why my shoes never last long, nor can I find a perfect pair that actually fits like a glove. I suppose I’m not the only one with this issue, hence I thought I’d share some bits and bobs I’ve learnt over the past few years about shoes and buying em!

Pic via perfectlyimperfectbeauty

Young woman trying on high heel shoes

Top Tip 1:

Your feet are not identical, and one foot will be larger than the other. Don’t believe me? Pull out the measuring tapes and start measuring! My left foot is bigger than my right one wtf LOL! 

When buying a pair of shoes, make sure you fit your shoe to the larger foot.
PS: Your feet are the largest at the end of the day, so buy shoes in the evening/night.

Top Tip 2: 

Try on three different sizes before you buy a pair of shoes. Lets say your feet is usually a size 8, make sure you try one size up, which would be a size 9, and one size down, which is size 7. If you can find half a size up and down, that’s even better! It wouldn’t matter if the shoe is cute but you can’t walk in them 😀

Most of us are stuck on the numbers, but shoe sizing varies greatly from brand to brand and even within a brand. Better to be safe than sorry, so let your feets tell you what size you need. Don’t buy shoes that feel too tight and expect them to stretch to fit.Even new shoes should feel comfortable right away. If they feel like they need breaking in they’re not the shoes for you. If it cuts and gives you blisters, they’re the wrong shape and width for you. Yes, width matters as well. 

Top Tip 3:

This is a tip I picked up from goodness knows where, but I’ve abided by it almost all my life now. If you have long feet, say sizes 7 and above, you’re better off using shoes that are round tipped. I have size 9 feet, so I can tell you, round tip shoes will give you the illusion of smaller looking feet, and trust me, you don’t want to look like Ronald McDonald in your new pair of shoes 😛

For those with tiny feet, lucky you! You can pull off almost any type of shoe shape including all the sharp tipped ones which I can’t wear ❤

Pic via Recapo


Top Tip 4: 

Material Matters. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of shoes that will last you a lifetime, the material of the shoe, lining, heel and insole matters.

The insole of the shoe should be smooth and without seams or obtrusive stitching. The bottom of the shoe should be made of flexible, durable material which doesn’t tear easily. The mid-sole of the shoe, which is the part where the feet sit on should be made of lightweight cushioning which will help absorb the shock when we walk on hard surfaces.

If you know the shoe is going to be exposed to water, dirt, and the elements in general, make sure you can clean the shoe easily. Suede is not your friend. Leather might be a good idea.

Top Tip 5:

Think of a budget before hand. Even the thriftiest person can be swayed by a  gorgeous pair of heels. I initially planned to get a pair of work flats for approximately RM100 or less, and I managed to keep within it. If I had extra cash on hand, I would have went for something slightly pricier, maybe a pair from Clarks or Hush Puppies? Those brands are renowned for their uber comfortable yet stylish shoes, and a pair can easily cost you RM300 and above. They also literally last you forever. I might get one of those kinds soon since shoes are definitely a good investment considering how much time one spends wearing them.

And once you’ve taken into consideration all of the tips above, do make sure the shoe is cute! Whats left now?
Ka-ching, puchase! 

What are your thoughts before buying a pair of shoes? Do you have any pre-buy tips that you follow when looking for shoes? Do tell this shoe noob what else she needs to look out for 😀




Malaysia Clothes Buffet & Bazaar 2014

Fashion lovers , I have GRRREEATT news for you!!  😀

The Malaysia Clothes Buffet is back for its 4th Installment, and this time around, it’s going to be held for 3 days with 50,000 items up for grabs! Read up for the juicy deets!


I was at last years Clothes Buffet and I managed to stuff 8 items only into my bag. I got two skirts, 4 dresses & two tops. The record to break is 16 items! I wonder who that girl is, I need to pick some tips up from her.

How does the Clothes Buffet work?

Buy a ziplock baggie for RM60, and you’re given 15 minutes to stuff everything you can into the bag! If you manage to lock the bag, everything in it is yours.
FYI though girls, there is a penalty of RM20 if your bag is torn, so be careful!

This is how big the bags are, I think they’re 9 inches x 14 inches in size.


Some Terms & Conditions:

♥ Cash terms only on event day
♥ No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‘shopping area’
♥ May go for multiple rounds
♥ Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
♥ Sessions limited to while stocks last
♥ Clothes are all in brand new conditions
♥ No pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage items
♥ No trying allowed
♥ Shopper must be able to close the ziploc bag before exiting ‘shopping area’
♥ Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
♥ No refunds
♥ Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
♥ Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice

Where & when?

Date : 25-27 April 2014
Time : 10am-6pm
Venue : Syopz Mall in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

How do you purchase the baggies? You have two options, one is to attend on the day and buy one bag, BUT, as my experience tells me, the crowds will massive, so I would suggest you to pre-purchase the bags by clicking here. The link will take you to the app where you can buy the bag in advance.

The crowd you can expect?


And the Clothes Buffet is not the only thing happening on the day. Attend the Blowout Sale that takes place from 4pm on-wards on each day where the remaining clothes go for RM10 per piece!


Some sneak peaks for you? (Click on image to enlarge)





Here is some directions for you lost souls out there! (Click on image to enlarge)


For more info and details, useful links below:

FB Page: www.facebook.com/malaysiaclothesbuffet
Website: www.malaysiaclothesbuffet.com

Happy shopping & see you there! ❤