March Empties!

Hey girls & boys!

I’ve actually never done an empties post before since I started this blog, and I guess this a collective empties for the year 2015 so far. Now I’ve been trying to finish up my products since I realized I had too many of them lying around collecting dust and being of no use. Some of these products have been a staple in my routine & some were new additions. 

PS: Some of these products were sent to me, some were bought by myself, but it will not affect my review on them. 

PPS: Let me know if you want full, proper reviews on any of these products, and I shall oblige 🙂

Optimized-Shashay Empties March

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume : This is my second bottle of dry shampoo that I’ve finished, the first being the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original Clean & Classic.  I love me some dry shampoo, and I usually use them on the 3rd day after a hair wash just maintain a less greasy looking scalp. I have no complaints on the dry shampoo, it does what it says & considering I’m on my 3rd bottle now, I must say I love it! Currently I’m using the Batiste Fruity & Cheeky in Cherry. They retail for MR25.90 at local supermarkets. Repurchase? Oh you bet! ❤

Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo: I bought this simply because it claimed to address hair thinning, so I fell hook, line and sinker. It didn’t eradicate my hair thinning completely, but it did minimize it. It acts like a clarifying shampoo, and my hair was healthy when I was using it, though it did leave my hair feeling slightly dry. My hair loss issues aren’t gonna go away with a shampoo, but at least this helped. This shampoo retails for RM96 at Luxola Malaysia. Repurchase? Yep, sure will, since its a cheaper alternative to the Rahua Shampoo!

Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream: I didn’t expect to love this moisturizer as much as I did, but I do. It keeps my skin hydrated, no breakouts occurred while I was using it, and leaves skin looking matte. Kiehls did a marvelous job developing this!  I used this whole jar up in 3 months, and have been planning to get another jar soon, but I need to finish up my current stash of moisturizers first. The product retails for RM105 at local Kiehls outlets. Repurchase? Yes, once I go through my skincare drawer and finish everything else! 😀

Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment: I got this product from a giveaway, and it was part of the Tarte Sweet Dreams collection. I used it all up in less than a month, since it was just a small jar of product. It claims to hydrate, firm and brighten the delicate eye area, but I couldn’t see much of a difference after a month of using it. Either I have to use this product longer, or it just doesn’t work for me. And since I don’t have wrinkles or any dryness around my eyes to begin with, how could I see difference? I’m not sure how much this retails for, but I do know a small jar of this & the sample sized Tarte Maracuja Oil retails for RM47 at local Sephora outlets. Repurchase? Nope. Will be spending my money on a better eye cream, like the Clarins one I’ve been eyeing. Pun totally intended!

Rahua Shampoo: This was another whim purchase off Luxola, and was recommended to me by someone I knew. It claims to fortify weak, damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles, allowing for hair to grow longer and stronger. And as all hair products go, I fell for the claim. It did keep my hair long and strong, and definitely kept my scalp healthy, though my hair loss still remained. This was a pricey purchase too, since 275ml of product retails for RM 129.50 on Luxola Malaysia. I liked the scent of the shampoo, it smelled like molasses and sugar, and always left my hair smelling sweet and nice. Le jaan used to say my hair smelled like syrup lol! Repurchase? If I had the extra cash, definitely. 

b.liv Hyaluronic Original Hydration Essence: This was sent to me for a review, and I did rave aplenty on the blog post on it which you can read here. Repurchase? I already have Hydraluron, which is a more cost-effective hyaluronic acid serum, though with Hydraluron’s recent price increase, I’m not so sure anymore. :/ Damn you GST! 

Hydraluron by Indeed Labs: This is also another hyaluronic acid serum that I purchased for moisture boosting my skin, and my thoughts on it are available here. Repurchase level? Amazeballs!!

Last but not least, the Vichy Normaderm Daily Deep Cleansing Gel: This I bought simply Paris B raves to no end about it, and I just had to pick up a bottle for myself. And I’m actually on my second bottle now, which says a lot, since I always find myself changing cleansers as often as I change clothes lol! I love this cleanser, it keeps my skin balanced, hydrated, and most importantly, clear! I haven’t had acne, breakout, not even hormonal ones for the past few months. This is only available via Luxola Malaysia currently, I’m afraid and retails for RM69.50. A tad pricey no doubt, but a price I’d pay for clear skin, so definitely a repurchase worthy product.

So there you have it lovelies, my empties for this month. I’ll try and finish up more products and get another empties post up soon ❤ Hopefully I manage to finish up some makeup too, because I have yet to hit pan on anything so far! 

Do comment if you would like full reviews on anything mentioned, or if you’ve tried any of these products, and loved or hated them. I would love to know more! 🙂



[Review] A Shashay Spa Day

Hey guys!

Am back again with a quick post on a simple pamper session you can do right from your own home 🙂 I’m pretty sure that now and again every one of us feels that the weight of the world lies on our shoulders, and those shoulders sometimes just really needs to chill out. A good tune in the background, a candle lighting up the rooms, doesn’t that sound lovely? ❤

I’ve got a few items here that may help you to relax, de-stress and to pamper yourself whenever the need be.

Have a read, and have fun!

Optimized-Butterfly Project Spa 2015 (2)

For the tired, dull skin, the first item I have is the Garnier Sakura White Range, consisting of the Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam (RM12.88/100ml) and the Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream with SPF 21. (RM24.80/50ml)

Now I haven’t been using this range for long, but I can say Garnier truly does make wonderful products at drugstore prices. This range is supposed to give one a pinkish radiance complexion, so lets see how that goes. Hopefully my skin will be as beautiful as the Sakura flower this range is named for. 😀

Optimized-Butterfly Project Spa 2015 (1)

Next up, a treat from L’occitane for the weary hands! Say hi to the L’occitane Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream. (RM39.00/30ml) L’occitane has always make lovely hand creams as far as my memory serves me, and this product definitely lives up to their rich heritage. A smell of rose, sweet violet and saffron lingers as this product is applied.

Optimized-Butterfly Project Spa 2015 (4)

For the dry, tangly mess of hair, we have the Matrix Biolage Smooth Proof Shampoo (RM55/ 40ml) infused with Camillia for frizzy hair. I personally don’t have frizzy hair, but sometimes, it does get tangled and messy after a rough night of sleep, and that’s where this baby come in. With no parabens, and a bloody amazing scent if I may say so myself, i have literally loved this shampoo from the moment I’ve been using it. 

Optimized-Butterfly Project Spa 2015 (5)

And for skin in need of deep hydration, masks to the rescue! With the Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet (RM14.60/20g) and the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (RM10.00/25g). I love the Hydraluron mask more compared to the Nature’s Republic mask, mostly because of the scent, lol!

Optimized-Butterfly Project Spa 2015 (3)

And finally, for the parched skin in need of a moisture boost, there is the Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist (39.00/100ml). Reminds me of Forever 21 😀 This is actually my favourite product of the lot, and it really does give that refreshing feel one is looking for. I carry this product with me almost all the time, and each time I feel a little fresh air, I spritz a bit of the mist and instant relief with a burst of an aloe vera scent engulfs me ❤

For more info, do click on the respective links.

Signing off with a note of relaxation, so goodbye for now!

PS: Let me know if you’d like a full in depth review on any of the products.


[Review] Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original ( Clean & Classic)

Haroo you amazing lot!

I’m back up and running with a review today, and let me introduce you the latest item to make it to my Holy Grail list, the Batiste Dry Shampoos. Now I don’t know how I’ve been living all this while without Batiste, but now that I know of thee, I shall never be separated from you, ever.

The Batiste Dry Shampoo was actually a gift from my girl Arpita, and I have much to thank her for. Shoutout for being an amazing enabler ❤ Both of us have been “blessed” with greasy hair, and anyone with oily hair can tell you that its such a bother to keep washing your hair every other day. Enter dry shampoos. I’m actually familiar with the sprinkle dust versions, whereby you have to pour the dry shampoo powder on the scalp and massage it in, but I was rather out of the loop with the spray on, aerosol versions from Batiste.

Pic Via Ladies With Luggage


Product Description: Batiste Dry Shampoo is a starch based product with an innovative ‘no water needed formula’ which banishes oily roots and boosts body giving dull lifeless hair the makeover that it needs without any water. A quick burst revitalizes hair leaving it feeling clean and fresh. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo.

The one I got from her was the Original version (Isn’t the original always the best? ) which has a very nice lemony scent to it. Typically, I dislike lemony scents as I always associate them with dish-washing liquid for some reason, but I find that the scent of the original dry shampoo very pleasant and mild.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review  (3)

How does one use the dry shampoos?
(I know many Malaysians are un-initiated to the concept of dry shampoos thus far.)



Shake can vigorously and spray Batiste into the roots, keeping the nozzle 30cm from hair.


Massage through with

Brush hair and style as usual, and voila, volumized, grease free hair!

The aerosol can is relatively straight forward, just use it as how you would hair spray, but just remember to not get too close to hair as it will leave you with white patches, but concentrate the dry shampoo to the scalp instead as that’s where the grease factory is. After you’ve massaged the powder in, brush your hair and shake the excess off. I find that most of the powder will be gone but some will remain on my scalp. Less is more with these dry shampoos 🙂

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review  (2)

Dry shampoos are such a godsend for people like me who have greasy hair, and not to mention fine hair since dry shampoos provide instant volumization.(is that a legit word?) I’ve been using this on 3rd day hair when I don’t want to wash my hair, yet I still need to go out and look remotely presentable. I get va va voom volume, sans the bother of washing my hair!

Now this isn’t a replacement for shampoos mind you, it’s just a quick cover up for those oily hair days. Dry shampoos will build up on your scalp, so a good clarifying shampoo is essential to remove the dry shampoo gunk of your scalp.

Once the dry shampoo is sprayed on, this what it would rather look like.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review  (4)

Give it a few good rubs and massages, and the white residue somewhat disappears. If you look really closely, you can see a tiny bit of white dust left 😀

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review  (1)

Personal Thoughts: The Batiste Dry Shampoo in Clean & Classic is amazeballs, nuff said! Like I mentioned earlier, the lemony scent is mild, and it lingers for a few hours which I don’t personally mind. The fumes of the dry shampoo is rather strong, so if you’re sensitive to those kinds of fumes, do stay away.  I love the packaging, it comes in a very colourful retro design which looks very cool on my vanity! Performance wise, it definitely does what it promises, to remove excess grease and provide added body and texture to hair. Like I said, this stuff is made of Holy Grail 😀

Speaking of ingredients, here is what the dry shampoo is made up of:

Butane,Isobutane ,Propane ,Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch ,Alcohol Denat. ,Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene ,Linalool ,Geraniol ,Benzyl Benzoate ,Distearyldimonium Chloride ,Cetrimonium Chloride.

As you can see, there is rice starch in the dry shampoo, which is explains the white powder residue. And by the way, did you know, talc powder works as well to remove greasiness? I’ve tried it once, but didn’t quite like the gooey residue that built up. Yuck.

Now comes the million dollar question, where and how do I purchase this?

The Batiste range is not available in Malaysia at time of publishing, and the nearest I can think of is probably Bangkok  or even Australia. I know, how extremely frustrating. It only costs GBP 2.99 for the 200 ml can and that’s like what, RM 20? The next time anyone I knows goes to Bangkok, I’m making them buy me at least 5 cans of this to last me a year. I might actually give the other types a go as well, apparently Batiste has a dark hair version of the Dry Shampoo which doesn’t leave the dreaded white residue!

For more information on Batiste and their range of hair products, do visit

What do you think of the Batiste Dry Shampoos? Are you also plagued by greasy and un-volumized hair which needs some serious rescuing? Share your thoughts 🙂



The Bl-hair Witch Project

Hello awesomesauces!

I’ve had issues with my hair as long as I can remember. First of all, I don’t have a lot of it, and the little that I have was falling out, and I even developed dandruff somewhere along the way. Ugh.  Recently I discovered a magical shampoo that got rid of my dandruff, (you can read about that here) and left my scalp flake free, but I was still having greasy scalp issues.

At this point of my life, I was sick with my head and my hair, so I decided to go on a massive strike and stopped washing my hair altogether! A bit extreme I know, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Plus I started reading up on the no-poo movement, which isn’t about refusing to actually take a poop, if that is possible 🙂 but what it is, is actually to say no to shampoo‘s. People who swear by the no poo method believe that shampooing with your typical shampoos remove the natural oils produced by the scalp causing the scalp to produce more oil to compensate. And when you have more oil on your head, you shampoo even more. Notice the vicious cycle?

So I tried not shampooing my hair, but just washing it with only warm water every other day.

I lasted all of 5 days. 😦

At the end of the 5 days, I could not stand the sight of my hair anymore, I didn’t mind the grease and yuckiness, but I was starting to resemble Helena Bonham Carter, and not in the talented way.


And I caved. I washed my hair with my regular shampoo, but I only used a tiny tiny bit, about two teaspoons to wash the whole of my scalp. And guess what? My hair looked absolutely f**cking fabulous after the wash! And this is without conditioner, blow drying, or combing. Not washing it as often seems to give my hair lovely shine, volume and it seems that not much hair is falling out too. And I seem to see less grease on my scalp (or is that my mind playing tricks on me?)

I just love the way my hair looks all fluffy and vo-vo-vo-volumized! Seems its getting long too. Do forgive the sans make-up look I’m sporting since this was like 5 mins before I hit the bed.
My hair decides to look fab before going to bed, WTF. 


At the moment, I’m trying to see how much longer I can last not washing my hair, and hopefully I can stretch it out to washing it once a week since I really want to document the progress of the no poo method on myself.

If you see me on a daily basis and are reading this post, feel free to look disgusted and horrified and to avoid me the next time you meet me. I can already hear my you people going *psst, there goes the girl who doesnt shampoo her hair! *

Anyway, comment on what you think about the no poo method, or if you have some ingenious method of cleaning your hair without the regular chemically produced shampoos we use!


[Review] Clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo; Smooth and Manageable for Women

Hello awesomesauces!

So just a few weeks ago, I was having a very nice romantic cuddle session with the le boyf when he casually mentions, “hey love, you’ve got some flakes in your hair”, and of course I go OMFG WTF so embarrassing!  =_=” First of all, I didn’t even realize I had dandruff issues, so upon further scalp inspection by the boyf, yes, apparently I had A LOT of them.

Thankfully we’ve been together long enough to withstand me flaking all over his shoulder and clothes, so he tells me that when he used to have dandruff issues, it cleared up once he started using the Clear shampoo range. *pardon the pun*
And I thought, why not give Clear a shot?

I was using the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo at the time, and it was working to combat hair fall, but was causing me to produce dandruff instead. So I went and got myself this!

The Clear Nourishing Scalp Care Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Smooth and Manageable for Women.

shashay (2)

Clear Shampoo’s are endorsed by the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and for me, that’s credibility at its best.

Product Description: Its basically an anti dandruff shampoo formulated for women, for visibly aligned and manageable hair, and contains Nutrium 10, Vitamins E,C & B6, Panthenol, Glycerine, Lipids, Zinc & Sodium Minerals, and Amino Acids for a healthy, nourished scalp, & beautiful hair.

Nutrium 10 is the key ingredient for smooth and manageable hair, and it works by nourishing the scalp 3 layers deep, targets dandruff, itchiness associated with dandruff, and dryness at the source. Also it increases scalp’s natural resistance and strengthens hair from root to tip.

It also has Amino Align technology for tackling dry scalp and flyaway hair so that hair falls back into place perfectly.

Personal Opinion: Now I honestly don’t give a crap about smooth and manageable hair since my hair is pretty low maintenance anyway, and it generally stays straight most of the time. My main concern was to see if it really banished my dandruff  far far away. And let me just say, I’m a Clear convert now.

After using this shampoo for only 2 weeks, I can see that I have less flakes on my scalp, almost zero flakes on my clothes, and my hair is ACTUALLY smoother,softer and manageable compared to my pre-Clear era. So yes, if you have dandruff, I really would suggest this shampoo to you. I’m really amazed since for once, I’m actually seeing a product that does what it claims, and this is my Holy Grail Shampoo for now! And my hair fall issues haven’t worsened since switching from the Himalaya one, which means this product kind of helps with hair fall too. I guess the Nutrium 10 is doing its job in strengthening my hair!

You can have a look at the ingredients in them, as well as the texture and colour of the shampoo below.

shashay (1)

I really don’t have any complaints about this shampoo, it smells amazing,the scent can be described as floral, it lathers very nicely too. The shampoo has a very nice pinky purply, milky texture and colour, and it looks very pleasant. The only thing I want to highlight is the fact that it contains sulphates in them, which I know is not good for the hair, but until I completely eradicate my dandruff issues, I’m willing to deal with sulphates. If you cant stand the idea of sulphates in your hair, stay away from Clear, since most of their shampoos contain them.

I cant wait to meet le boyf again and show him my new and improved, dandruff-less hair! Now I can cuddle with no fear of dandruff 🙂

This  shampoo retails for Rm11.00/ 180 ml and Rm18.50/ 350ml and can be found at most hypermarkets, supermarket and department stores in Malaysia.

Just a disclaimer here, I bought the shampoo with my own money, based on the suggestion of my boyfriend, and this isn’t an endorsed or sponsored review. I just loved it too much, was amazed at the fact that it worked magic on my hair, and decided to share this with you lot.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have been mortified by dandruff just like I have.

PS: This is my 95th blog-post and I’m going to organize a giveaway on the 100th post! What would you like to see as a giveaway gift?? Comment and your wish may just come true! 😉


Himalaya Herbal Healthcare: Anti Hair Fall

Hello you awesome people! 

I’ve wrote about hair fall and my long time suffering with constant hair loss before, you can read about that here actually. Since that blog post, I’ve been doing everything I can to stop my hair from falling out and leaving me completely hairess! *NEVER!* And the worst part is, its all due to stress and health issues. 

Some of the things I’m doing to take extra good care of my hair is taking extra supplements, eating SUPER healthy (lots of Iron and Zinc), drinking tons of water, sleeping well and keeping my hair styling to a bare minimum. Super minimum actually, since only comb my hair once a day, and even then its finger combing, I don’t heat style it ever, no blow drying, no perming, colouring, or straightening whatsoever, plus I’m super gentle with my hair, no tugging, pulling, or tight ponytails. I even cut my hair shorter to minimize them hair losses. A lot of my girlfriends have asked me why I never do anything fun with my hair, and this is why. 

I guess the butterflies at The Butterfly Project must have heard my prayers, because out of the blue I got an email from them telling me I had a hair pampering session with Himalaya Herbal Healthcare! I made my way to Rupini’s Beauty Spa at Bangsar last week, and only 12 butterflies were invited for this event, so I was very lucky to have been invited! #EXCLUSIVE

I found the place quite easily since the Himalaya banner was awaiting me!


The Himalaya’s Herbal Healthcare Anti Hair Fall event was to introduce their range of anti hair fall products, while giving us ladies a hair pampering session with the rest of the Himalaya products! When I got there, I first met with Shireen Chrishanthi, the event organizer and was given a brainteaser/crossword puzzle about the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall range. I was half awake only, so my brain wasn’t working very well in completing the crossword, but the yummy cold soya bean she offered certainly perked me up! Got to know the products a little better after the crossword puzzle 😉

After the crossword, we were to go for our hair consultation with the specialist, Fatimah, but since the consultant already had her hands full, I had a nice chat with Shireen, and managed to take loads of pictures! 

These are the products of the day!


All Himalaya products contain no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and(SLES) Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These two chemicals are super bad for your hair ladies! Now I’m actually quite familiar with Himalaya’s products since I use their Protein Shampoo, the Amla one and also my half absolutely loves their products as well. We love the fact that their products are herbal and ayurvedic !

For the Anti Hair Fall range, the Anti Hair Fall Shampoo which contains Butea Frondosa, Eclipta, and Pongamia Pinnata functions to nourish the root, strengthen and activate hair growth. The Anti Hair Fall Cream contains Licorice and Eclipta which stimulates hair growth and also contains Chickpea and Amla, which function as a natural source of protein and vitamin to feed your hair. 

These are some pictures of Rupini’s all decked out in orange and green, synonymous with Himalaya official  colours. And that red bagpack is mine, I was going home to my parents place right after the event, hence the large backpack!




These are some of the services and promotions that Rupini’s are offering right now. Diwali promotion going on yall!


Some of their products!


Rupini’s had a nice calm environment, perfect for a nice facial or a mani pedi. While I was taking pictures,  got called for my hair consultation!

Fatimah is a really sweet, tiny lil thing, and she explained about hair fall, and what causes it, and what I can do to fix it. She was using this hair scanning device, which I’ve actually used before, a long time ago, when I got my hair checked at Yun Nam Hair care, so I kind of already knew what was going to happen and what I was going to see on the computer.


Talking to Fatimah about my hair!

As you can see my hair on the computer screen, I have pretty okay hair, just that I don’t have much of it. LOL. Apparently healthy hair is when you have at least 3 hair strands in one hair follicle. In my case, I have about two to three, but my enlarged hair follicles causes my hair to fall out easily. *insert sad sigh here*


Scanning time!


Check check check!

Shireen coming to look at my hair and tease me. hahaha



Next up, the hair pampering session! We had a quick 10-15 min head massage from the Rupini’s staff, mine was Sumi. It felt like 5 minutes though, the massage was so good! She used the Himalaya Revitalizing Hair Oil, and I must tell you, the oil smells so good! It was lightweight oil containing Indian Gooseberry, Neem, Fenugreek and Bael Tree Fruit. I must go get this oil the next time I go shopping!

After applying the oil and massaging my scalp, I got my hair washed as well with the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and after washing, she applied the leave in Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream, before blow drying my hair. It didnt take long to finish doing my hair since I have less hair, but some butterflies who came in with thick, long hair and had to be blow dried by two people. LOL


Massage, wash, blow dry and style.

After the Hair pampering, I had some time to take pics! I had to, my hair looked so freaking good! 


Me and Shireen


Woon from Himalaya, me and Shireen


Liyana, Ayue, Anfaal and me

Like an angel coming to banish my hunger, Shireen came bringing us kuih from Dusun! I took the orange one, since thats my favourite! 


While happily munching on the snacks, Shireen introduced the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Range to us in more detail and also introduced the hair style expert Justin from the  Shear Perfection Hair Salon who talked to us about the current hair fashion trends, and what types of hairstyles will suit each girl.



Justin from Shear Perfection!


And this is me getting my hair style analysed. Apparently I have a very simple hair do, and Justin suggested me to get bangs, but I’ve had bangs for the past three years, and they’re annoying for daily maintanence, so I really don’t want bangs anymore. But good advice nevertheless =D


And that basically concludes the event! And more snap shots from the day!


My shiny nice hair after the whole event!

Group photo with the butterflies, organizers and Rupini’s staff!


Miss Harmini of Deeper Than Fashion!


It was definitely a fun and informative event, I learnt a little more about my hair condition and how to manage it, plus I got to meet all the amazing ladies from the Butterfly Community. Also a big thank you to the Himalaya members who came all the way from Singapore, David and his colleagues  Woon, Fatimah, and also thank you to Shireen! You were such a gracious host and an amazing person to meet!

And Butterflies, I owe guys big time for this invite! =) Thank you so much!

Do check out the Himalaya website and FB page, as well as Rupini’s,  Shear Perfection, and the Butterfly community! Links all below! 

Himalaya website:


 Go on and visit your nearest Himalaya Hair Care Outlet at:

  • Suria KLCC, Midvalley Megamall
  • 1 Utama
  • Pavillion
  • Jusco Maluri 
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • Empire Shopping Gallery
  • IOI Mall
  • Mines Shopping Fair
  • Setia City Mall, Wangsa Walk
  • City Square (JB) Aeon Tebrau City (JB)
  • Jusco Bandar Melaka
  • Gurney Plaza (Penang, Queensbay Mall (Penang)
  • East Coast Mall (Kuantan)
  • Ipoh Parade
  • Karamunsing Complex (Sabah)
  • Wisma Merdeka (Sabah) 
  • The Spring (Kuching)

The prices for the products are:
Anti Hair Fall Cream at RM19.90 (175ml) and the Anti Hair Fall Shampoo at RM24.90 (400ml) 

If you have hair fall issues, you must try Himalaya’s range of products! I got these in my goodie bag, and I’ve been using them! Lets hope we see some positive results! Also I got a free hot oil massage voucher from Rupini’s that I’m going to use soon! 




L’occitane Smoothing Gloss

Hello awesomesauces!!
So you know those tangly fly away hairs that we all have ? Lets just say I don’t have that problem anymore since I started using the L’occitane Smoothing Gloss!

Been using this for about a year now, and I have to say, its one of my must haves to tame wavy or unruly hair! My hair generally behaves most of the time, and its mostly straight, with just a bit of wavyness at the ends. I haven’t really coloured my hair or anything, but I did bleach my ends once (never again), and it became super duper dry, so I applied this gloss on it to make it all healthy and shiny again!


Description: The gloss is enriched with 5 essential oils and strawberry AHA and this anti-frizz Repairing Smoothing Gloss effectively smoothes and tames hair while helping to repair and protect it from heat damage from the hair dryer or flat iron. Your hair is light, sleek and manageable with a long lasting finish. (That’s what the description says)

It contains five essential oils: Angelica that softens, Lavender that purifies, Geranium that regenerates, Ylang Ylang that strengthens and Patchouli that stimulates and Strawberry AHA. 

MY DESCRIPTION: Okay, so yes, after application, hair does become sleek and smooth, and it definitely lasts till the end of the day! About heat protection, I would still advise you guys to use a proper heat protectant like Chi Iron Guard since I find that the heat protection for this product is very minimal. The smell of the product is very fresh, it smells a little like mens after shave to me honestly, so if you’re particular about the scent of a product, this might not be for you.

For me, I’m pretty okay with most smells, and the smell of the gloss does disappear after a while anyway, so no biggie. The texture is like a conditioner, thick, but clear, and it goes on very easily on the hair without stickyness. With 5 essential oils, i thought L’occitane’s Smoothing Gloss would feel like a serum, or an oil but its a actually thick viscous gel. Plus, its Sulphate free! That’s always a good thing no?

loccitane gloss 4

loccitane gloss 5

Instructions for use: Apply and spread on damp hair evenly before blow-drying. And to structure your hair or your curls, apply on dry hair on ends as a finish.
Personally, I don’t put this on my dry hair, since I find that it makes my hair feel crunchy, you know what I mean? Usually I use it after I wash my hair, while its still damp, take a penny sized dollop, rub it all over my fingertips to warm it up, and then apply all over my ponytail region. And then you style your hair as how you would do it normally. My hairstyle would last the whole day, curly or straight. And its not crunchy, weirdly enough. *mysteries of the world*
Other general thoughts: This product is priced at RM95 and for 125 ml. It lasts for a long time since you don’t really use much for each application. Cost wise, pretty effective!Out of 5 stars, this product gets a 4 rating. A definite repurchase!

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