[Review] Mary Kay Journey Of Dreams Fragrance & Hand Cream

Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

Love that quote, don’t you? Lets talk a little about dreams & making them come true. (and I’ll try to promise I wont make this post super long and rambly like how most of mine are) 

Most companies these days, be it from any industry have a corporate social responsibility to the public (CSR) and Mary Kay is no exception to that. Since they’ve been around (for more than 50 years that is) they’ve been inspiring & enriching the lives of all the women & children from around the world.


It’s mainly through their global program, “Beauty That Counts” where we as consumers can participate in their efforts by purchasing from their LIMITED EDITION Beauty That Counts collection. For every purchase you make from the collection, part of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to Pusat Kebajikan HOPE Worldwide Kuala Lumpur. Through this campaign, the proceeds will be channel to provide nutritious lunch box to children for more than 100 families in Klang Valley.

Mary Kay Journey Of Dreams

The Beauty That Counts collection features 2 items, the Limited-Edition Journey of Dreams Eau de Toilette (29ml) and the Journey of Dreams Hand Cream. (88ml)

Mary Kay

The EDT comes in a decorated packaging of water coloured butterflies that symbolizes the many lives you’re helping to transform with each purchase. And according to MK, the hand cream not only makes your hands feel good, it makes hearts feel good too ❤

Now as we all know, I am rubbish at describing scents. Take a look at my recent chempedak scented product description and you’ll know what I mean. But I’ll give this a shot anyway.

Mary Kay Hand Cream

According to the product description, the notes for the EDT & hand cream are:

Top Notes 
• Sparkling Clementine
• Rose Lychee Water
• Freesia Flowers
• Plush Peony
• Floating Lotus

Middle Notes
• Black Currant Bud
• Blooming Turkish Rose
• Madagascar Vanilla Orchid Root
• Australian Sandalwood

Bottom Notes
• White Amber
• Skin Musk
• Bed of Velvety Orange Petals

Mary Kay Journey of Dreams

Personal Thoughts: The moment I had a whiff of the EDT, my first thoughts were, oohh, flowers! Lucky for me that is, since I only ever wear floral or sweet scents. Cant imagine dousing myself in something else 😀 That’s the top note for you. Give it 5-10 minutes, and the middle notes settle to a less florally scent, and settles into an earthier scent. The sandalwood is strong with this one. (geddit?) After a good 20 minutes, the scent settles into a light musky scent with lasts a good 3-4 hours as most EDT’s would. It’s a good scent for day time or work since its isn’t overpowering at all, and is very feminine. I imagine this scent would also be perfect for a quick night out considering how lovely it smells!

So I tried describing the scent, and if I failed miserably at it, accept my humble apologies, go out and visit your nearest MK consultant and have a whiff 😀

Also do watch this quick 50 sec video on the Beauty That Counts collection 😀 Its a good one, I promise.

For more information on Mary Kays’s product ranges and to learn more about the Beauty That Counts programme, have a click at the useful links below:


[Perfume Review] Boss Orange Woman EDT

Hello awesomesauces!!

I’m probably VERY late in reviewing this scent, considering it was launched in 2009, so yes, I’m very much behind.  However, owing to the fact that I’m a safe person when it comes to perfumes and scents *my favourites since forever has been Mariah Carey’s Forever and Armani Code for women* , and I rarely switch em up, me falling in love with a perfume so quickly is amazing.


My go to perfumes are usually the typical girly perfumes, sweet, fruity, or floral, and the Boss Orange Woman EDT is no different. I got this miniature sample of Boss Orange for Woman when I bought the boyfriend his Christmas gift. 

A little about this scent and its history first. BOSS Orange for Women, the youngest HUGO BOSS Fragrances brand, was launched in summer 2009, and the celebrity handpicked to represent this scent was the lovely Sienna Miller. For the men version, the celebrity was the hunky Orlando Bloom! Yums 😉

shashay (2)

The BOSS Orange Woman is described to be a scent for the free spirited woman who is passionate about happiness, and is a warm fragrance that combines the top notes of crispy apple and bergamot and white peach while the subtle heart notes are composed of orange flowers, plum, and cinnamon and the base is characterized by notes of sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla which combine to create a real sense of depth, adding layers of light intensity.

TOP NOTE: Crispy Apple, Bergamot, White Peach
HEART NOTE: Orange Flowers, Plum, Cinnamon Stick 
BASE NOTE: Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood, Olivewood

The Boss Orange EDT is presented in an eye catching bottle that cleverly blends metal and gem-like orange stones to create a sharp, contemporary look, yet retaining a feeling of softness and femininity.

shashay (1)

Perfumes are something personal, and the first sniff of this scent reminds me of baked goods, a strong creamy vanilla scent which I love so much, and to be perfectly honest, the first thing anyone would notice about this scent is that its sweet.When you first apply it, you get hit by the strong apple scent, and after a while it fades to the cinnamony scent, which probably why I am reminded baked goods.  And after a few hours of application, the scent that remains is the sweet vanilla notes. The scent lasts for about 5-6 hours, and reapplication is necessary, which is a turn off since I expect my scents to last longer.

What do you think? Are sweet scents your thing, or do you run away from anything remotely sugary?

The Boss Orange Woman EDT is available at all major perfume counters and departmental stores. for the following prices: RM163/30ml, RM220/50ml, RM295/75ml.