Weekend Getaway : Pattaya (Part 1)

Hey everyone,

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written anything in here. Hope I still remember how things work, lol! *blows dust and cobwebs away* I guess I have been pre-occupied with work & life in general which has left me with not much time to pen any of my thoughts down. (Though much of it has been immortalized on my Twitter profile)  I have been doing some occasional, random creative writing, but that’s a post for another day.

For now, I’d like to tell you guys about my recent trip to Pattaya, Thailand.  Now, I can’t remember for the life of me, the last time I took a trip or a holiday anywhere, meaning I was long overdue for a getaway surely. I last visited Thailand as a child, and that was at least 10 years ago, so much has changed in this decade. For this trip, I took a quick 3 days 2 nights trip to Pattaya, so I’ll be breaking the trip down for you lot into two separate posts for ease of reading.

Pattaya is located by the sea and beaches, and surrounded by beautiful high rise buildings, with plenty of locality, so I definitely as looking forward to a sunny beach getaway.

So let me tell you what went down on day 1 & 2, shall I?

DAY 1:


To begin with, I took an Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) on a sunny Friday afternoon. Just so you guys know, Air Asia only recently launched direct flights to Pattaya, on July 15 this year, so that’s great news for you guys!

The flight was approximately 1 hour & 55 minutes, so it was a very quick flight. I barely had time to settle down for a nap, and voila, Pattaya was upon us!  Flights wise, Air Asia provides return flights to Pattaya 4 times a week, with really cheap seats too, as low as MYR 250 and below (just make sure you book your flights ahead of schedule, and do lookout for AA’s special offers and discounts!)

AK 840 KUL – UTP 1430 hrs – 1525 hrs (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
AK 841 UTP – KUL 1555 hrs – 1900 hrs (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)


We landed in the U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya Airport, which is about 45 minutes away from the city centre. Its a rather small airport, so don’t expect a huge building 🙂  You can get cabs, buses and rental vans from the airport to the city, so getting around wont be much of an issue. From the airport, we made our way to our hotel, the lovely Courtyard Marriott located  on Pratamnak Hill, South Pattaya Road via a van. 

The weather was rather warm, much warmer than Malaysia I reckon, so it may be wise to pack loose clothing with thin layers. I’d hazard temperatures were around 26 Celcius-ish ? I made the mistake of layering up in thick denim, so don’t do what I did. 😀

The Courtyard Marriott
Pic via thailand-berater.de


The hotel room was gorgeous, with a view overlooking the city’s busy landscape. Room rates range from MYR 250/per night for a Superior bedroom, and above, accordingly for more exclusive rooms. Isn’t the room simple gorgeous? See if you spot the elephant in the room ❤

I only wish I had more time to spend in the room since the bed was so fluffy, but that wouldn’t do, would it? 

Optimized-Courtyard Marriott Pattaya

Dinner that night was a feast prepared by the hotels’ esteemed chef in the MoMo Cafe located on the ground floor . Some of the highlights include the below. Obviously there was more food on the dinner table, however in my hunger and haste, I forgot to take pictures the spread. The food was absolutely delicious, and I only wish I had more room in my tummy to eat up!

 Clockwise: MoMo Cafe dining area, Fried Sunflower Seeds & Orchids, Grilled Mushrooms

Optimized-MoMo Cafe Marriott Pattaya


Post dinner, it was time for a walk at the infamous Walking Street, which is a mere 10 minutes walk away from the hotel. It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for the night life. The areas specialties includes seafood restaurants, live music venues, beer bars, discothèques, sports bars, go-go bars, and nightclubs. If you’re looking for a fun night out, this is definitely the place to be!

Clockwise from left: Walking Street, Bright lights in Walking Street, le me getting a foot massage after all that walking and touring (200THB which is approx MYR 25), and a Turkish Ice Cream Magic Show.

Optimized-Walking Street Pattaya

 Well, that pretty much wrapped up day one of my trip, and I recall I was so exhausted I just passed flat out on the comfy beds. I swear, it felt like the beds were made out of clouds. 😀 

DAY 2:

Woke up to a lovely day, I tell you, it gets so sunny here at 7 am, that one cant help but to wake up bright and early! After breakfast, we headed out to the first stop of the day, The Sanctuary of Truth. 


The Sanctuary of Truth is locate about 35 mins from the city centre, and is a gigantic wooden construction and is about 105 meters high. The building was constructed according to ancient Thai ingenuity and every square inch of the building is covered with wooden carvings & sculptures. One might find it interesting that this whole structure is built with zero nails or screws, and only uses wooden joints!

The entrance fee is THB450 for adults, so it really is quite cheap to get in. Apart from visiting the Sanctuary of Truth structure, one can also enjoy horse rides, elephant rides, as well as going on a lake tour.

Nope, this isn’t the actual structure, just a smaller replica lol! 

Optimized-The Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya (1)

Now this is the actual one! It’s so magnificent and I was in awe of the complete structure.

Optimized-Sanctuary Of Truth

Meanwhile, on the inside of the building, carvings and sculptures galore. 

The purposes of the wooden carvings sculptures are to use art and culture as the reflection of Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy. Within this complex, visitors will understand the Buddhist theory of Ancient Life, Human Responsibility, Basic Thought, Cycle of living, Life Relationship with Universe and the Common Goal of Life toward Utopia. 

I feel that the Sanctuary of Truth would be an amazing place to just relax, meditate and calm down from all the daily stresses we face.

Optimized-The Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya (2)

To our surprise, there was a traditional Thai dance performance (happens each day at 11.30 am) so we were treated to some lovely music and performances by the gorgeous ladies in pink!

Optimized-The Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya (3)


Next up, we headed to a local go-kart establishment for some fun in the sun! Personally, I’ve never been go karting, something about all that speed and racing that never appealed to my senses, but since I was on holiday, I figured, why not? YOLO lol!

A pose with the go-karts are a must! 😀

Optimized-Go Kart

And we have lift off! ❤ The whole experience was quite interesting, as go karting does give off this amazing adrenalin rush, as well as need for speed. But after a few laps, the sun started to scorch me, and I had to say sayonara to the race track. I figure anyone should give go-karting a go, at least once in a lifetime!

Optimized-Go Kart (2)

And if the race track is empty, this shot is a must have!

Optimized-Go Kart (3)

Lunch was at the breathtaking Glasshouse Restaurant, located about 25 minutes away from the city center. The Glasshouse Restaurant is romantic and hidden spot, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where the beach and sands await. Imagine having dinner while the waves are heard in the background and the sea breeze wafts through the air? Gosh, that sounds divine!

Optimized-2nd Day Lunch at The Glasshouse Restaurant

All the food we had from that lunch! So many yummy dishes, we just had to try them all! My favourite was the fish for sure! The restaurant not only offers western dishes, but wonderful seafood dishes as well!

Optimized-2nd Day Lunch at The Glasshouse Restaurant (2)

Meanwhile, this wraps up Part 1 of my Pattaya post. I will be back with Part Two soonest, so stay tuned. Personally, I think Pattaya is a great place to visit if you need a quick trip away from your daily life, and to recharge your batteries, so if you’re intrigued and interested for a short beach getaway, do head on over to AirAsia.com to start booking your flights! 

Much love,


GUINNESS Amplify: Curates 2015 @The Bee Publika ft Froya, Jumero, Rozella & +2dB

Hey guys,

Just a quick update on where I’ve been doing over the past week or so. 🙂 I’ve been taking some time off the blog, just to relax, catch up with friends, and mostly just taking long afternoon naps, lol! But last Saturday, I decided to NOT be a hermit for once and venture outside and so I made my way to The Bee, at Publika to catch Froya’s launch of her debut album, ‘Panic Bird’. If you haven’t caught her music yet, I highly suggest you guys do. She’s amazing! ❤

Apart from Froya’s album launch, the event was all about celebrating & championing Malaysian musicians, and the main aim of the Guinness Amplify Curates show is to see more established local acts getting their music heard. I think that’s an amazing initiative from Guinness, and I wouldn’t have given this event a miss & show my support for the local acts that were to be featured. 

PS: Pictures are all officially credited to the Guinness Malaysia. My camera does NOT do well in dark lit places =_=”

Setup 2

The Bee, Publika. It was a dark, stormy & rainy night, perfect for good music, cuddles & a pint of Guinness.

Setup 1

The night kicked off with a splendid performance by Rozella. No stranger to the music scene in her hometown of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Rozella’s dreamy vocals and haunting melodies proved equally popular with the KL’ites.

Rozella 1

For a dose of some hippie-beach-pop, we had the trio Jumero, who played a number of fan-favourites alongside a wealth of new material from their own upcoming album and some refreshing takes on classic songs. Jumero’s infectious energy soon had the crowd on their feet with their drinks held high! 😀

Jumero 1

Rounding off the evening was the electronica duo +2dB, Jo Ann & Jeannie. The pair’s dark, ethereal soundscapes have long been a hit with those in the know in KL’s music scene, and fans old and new were treated to a set brimming with atmospheric, otherworldly harmonies and evocative vocals.

+2dB 1

Looks like all the music lovers came out in full force! I wonder if you guys can spot me in there somewhere?


Capping off the night was Froya herself on the stage to officially launch her debut album, ‘Panic Bird’. Taking the crowd on a journey through the inspirations and meanings behind the new record, Froya’s passion for her craft shone through as she gave one of the most stunning performances of her career. 

Featuring tracks written and perfected over the past 6 years, we enjoyed a specially-arranged versions of her crowd favourite songs, including her new single ‘Dawn’, alongside brand new material performed live for the very first time that night. 

Froya says “Raise your glass of Guinness in the air like you don’t care”!  LOL.

Froya 4

I had a really good time that night despite the rain and cold putting a slight dent in my evening. A huge thank you & shout-out to Guinness for such an amazing event and initiative, and know that my utmost support will always be with our local talents ❤

For more information on the Amplify Curates Show, or any of the artists mentioned/featured, links below:


PPS: Froya’s debut album ‘Panic Bird’ is available both on CD & online, and is only priced at RM25. If you decide to purchase her music, do log on to her official website www.froyamusic.com and pick up a copy of it. Trust me, you guys will love it ❤

Signing off & talk to you guys soon!


Aesthetic Beauty at Your Fingertips with Ido’s Clinic

Hello boys and girls 🙂

Today I’ll be talking to you guys about aesthetic treatments & such, which is a rather interesting topic for myself. Personally, I’ve not done any aesthetic treatments ever, and I don’t plan to in the near future, mainly because I don’t think I need them, and the fact that having needles on my face freak me out slightly. However, I thought I’d learn a little more about aesthetic treatments, in case you guys needed some information on them, or if at some point in the future I decided to actually stick needles on my face.

*All pictures credited to Shivani of Pen My Blog

Ido's Clinic

Now Ido’s Clinic is a chain of skin, laser & aesthetic clinics that focuses on evidence based, state of the art lasers & aesthetic innovations to restore & enhance your skin, face & body. At Ido’s clinic, they believe that beauty, art & medicine become one.

Their philosophy is based on a few key pillars, which includes evidence based treatments, minimally invasive procedure, zero to minimal downtime, and being cost efficient.

*In case anyone was wondering what aesthetic treatments are, they are non-surgical therapies to repair or renew the skin. These therapies are used to remove wrinkle or scars and improve appearance in general.

Optimized-Ido's Clinic Shashay (1)

During my short visit to Ido’s Clinic, the Medical Director, Dr. Lucas Chia talked to us about how aesthetic treatments are supposed to work, and aesthetic beauty will improve your appearance, and not alter your appearance unlike plastic surgery, which is commonly confused with aesthetic treatments.

Aesthetic treatments, usually cost much less than plastic surgery, and has less pain, with less recovery time. However, aesthetic treatments has a longer sustenance period, as they need to be refreshed, and maintained over the years.

Some of the services offered by Ido’s clinic are as follows, which includes treatments for the face, skin, body & hair:
For a more comprehensive list, please click here.

  • Brow Shaping
  • Cheeks Augmentation
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Face Slimming
  • Forehead Augmentation
  • Lips Enhancement
  • Lips Whitening
  • Nose Augmentation
  • Liquid Face Lift

During my visit, I had the opportunity to witness a live demonstration of a nose augmentation as well as a laser facial. I admit, the whole process looked very painful to me, but when I asked the lady after her procedures, she assured me that she didn’t feel one inch of pain at all. Phewwww.

Nose Augmentation:

Optimized-Ido's Clinic Shashay (5)

Laser Facial:

Optimized-Ido's Clinic Shashay (4)

As you can see, she can still smile during the procedure, lol!

Optimized-Ido's Clinic Shashay (3)

After listening to all the information, and viewing firsthand the some of the procedures, here’s what I think and feel about aesthetic treatments.

First of all, if anyone were to consider an aesthetic treatment, it would be best to get all the information from the specialists, as they will know what will suit your lifestyle & issues best. Do your homework okay! Second thing would be to consider long-term & short-term benefits vs the cost, so that you get the most of your aesthetic treatments. Few treatments are permanent & most will need to be repeated within a few months or a few years.

Finally, make sure to look into physicians with extensive experience & proper credentials. If you’ve decide to actually undergo an aesthetic procedure, ensure that you are getting the best care & doctor available. You definitely do not want to be on the wrong end of the needle. 

One thing I’d like to note is this. Though I’ve never had much experience with aesthetic clinics, I like the fact that Ido’s clinic do not pressure, or try to hard sell their treatments. They are always ready to hear your concerns, and to advise where necessary, putting your needs first.

*Bloggers say Hi & Bye!*

Optimized-Ido's Clinic Shashay (6)

To sum up, I learnt a lot from this short visit, and I will be doing some deep thinking on aesthetic treatments and their potential role in my future, or not.  😉

For more information, useful links as per below:


Idos Clinic Logo

Tel Num: 012-7875992
Email Address: idosclinic.customerservice@gmail.com
Website: www.idosclinic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/idosclinic
Blog: www.idosgroup.blogspot.com

Ido’s Clinic Branches are located in: Batu Pahat, JB Austin Heights, JB Sutera Mall, JB Sutera Utama, Klang Bukit Tinggi, Kluang Mall, Kota Damansara, Kulai, Penang Queensbay, Puchong Setiawalk & Jakarta.


Markets Fourteen @ Jaya One

Happee Friday my awesomesauces!!

I am so looking forward to this weekend, mainly because its been such a hectic work week, and I’m in a dire need of a good shopping and day out with the girlfriends ❤

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to Jaya One to experience the 14th Markets @ Jaya One. If you recall, I’ve been attending Markets religiously since their 10th Installation, lol! #LoyalCustomerAlert! If you’re wondering what to do on a sunny Saturday morning, why not come and join me tomorrow?

Date: 20th December 2014, Saturday
Time: 11am to 9pm
Venue: The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Here’s a throwback pic from one of their previous Markets.

Markets @ Jaya One (4)

The Markets is held quarterly, and is back for its 14th installation in its regular location, at The School in Jaya One. If you’re in need of some last minute Christmas shopping, I highly suggest you drop by for massive sales, and a shopping paradise where everything and anything is literally a few footsteps away.

Markets 14 - Vendors list

There will be more than 60 specially selected vendors offering fashion, food, homemade paraphernalia, and a whole lot more of other amazing items. 

As always, Markets have been stepping up their game every quarter, and this no, they are introducing Special Sales Hours, where you can find  amazing discounts at selected vendors during those certain times.

Not only that, the first 1,200 visitors will be taking home special goodie bags filled with products and shopping vouchers!


AND, if you get hungry, not to fret, there will be a whole lot of food trucks selling a variety of yummy meals.

PS: A lil’ birdie told me that there will be a Photo Corner, where one lucky person with the most creative picture will win a Xiaomi smartphone, so go crazy 😀

And as a Market veteran, here are some good ol’ wise tips you should/must know: 

1. Dress for warm weather. Even though the bazaar is held indoors this time, a lot of the clothing stores will still be outside in the heat, so think summer!

2. Collect business cards for stores that you are interested in. At Markets, most of the booths will have their business cards handy, and if you spot a store that you may want to look up sometime, you better pick up their card!

3. Carry a tote bag to fill up your purchases. Most booths will have a no-plastic bag policy, so you might want to bring a tote of your own to tote around haha..

4. Bring a bottle of water. Its amazing, I could find stores selling all sorts of drinks, but I couldn’t find one that sold H2O. The horror :O

5. Oh, and bring cash, hahaha. Most of the booths will not be accepting credit/debit cards. 🙂 Cash is king yo!

Useful links as per below for more information: 

 Markets FB: www.facebook.com/themrkts
Website: http://jayaone.com.my/

See all of you there tomorrow! 


Lookbook : Weekend Casuals

Fashion OOTD’s have never been my forte, due to my nature of being a statue in front of cameras, and i always envy bloggers who make it look so effortless. (Yes Sarah, & Shivani, I’m looking at both of you!)

I have also never considered myself particularly fashionable, owing to the fact that I dress for comfort, and that usually involves loads of jeans, skater dresses, and flowy, floatier, boho pieces. It seems that during one of my recent weekend outings with my girlfriend, she thought it might be a good idea to have me do a loobook shot, and I was like, yeah, why not? YOLO and all that jazz right? 😀

Have a look and tell me what you think ❤

All pictures below credited to the talented Shivani who’s direction and advice made this statue a little more confident in front of the camera. Love you long time!

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (5)

Top: Fabspy
Handbag: Kitschen
Ring: From Le Jaan

The top is a favourite of mine, considering I have 3 identical pieces of it. Its a delicate lace piece, with sheer sleeves, and fits perfectly as a short dress, or even a top, as I’ve styled it here. I threw on a simple & delicate gold necklace over the top, to tie the whole look together. I’ve also always classic loved the combo of a white top with blue jeans, and instead of a t-shirt, I figured I might as well go a little ladylike with the top.

The sling bag is the pop of colour one looks for in such a simple outfit, with tribal stripes & colours all over.

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (2)

Trying to smize, but I guess demure is more me.
Also, Pantene advertisement anyone?

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (4)

Jeans : Hush Puppies
Purple Lipstick : Topshop Lip Bullet in Wine Gum

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (1)

Gladiator Heels: Fabspy

Shasha Sekharans Weekend Casuals Lookbook

A candid shot of me fixing my hair that turned out rather well 🙂

Shasha Sekharan Weekend Casuals Lookbook (3)

And this is possibly my ultimate favourite shot, the Bitch I’m Fabulous shot! 

So, more OOTD’s from me ladies and gentlemen? Is that an aye or nay I hear? 

Comment below and tell me what you think of my first lookbook, and your suggestions & thoughts are much appreciated.

Talk to you guys soon!


To Know Malaysia, Is To Laugh Malaysia : Harith Iskandar, Jason Leong & Papa CJ

If there is one thing all Malaysians are good at, it is laughing at ourselves. We Malaysians have a special knack of finding the hilarious side of  the worst of situations (not a great idea sometimes, lol!), and I wholeheartedly believe that laughter is indeed the best medicine to heal difficult & troubled times, whilst bringing people together. And Malaysia has had a very trying year recently, no doubt, and we are in a serious need of a good laugh 🙂

Guess who is bringing laughter back?

Hello Harith Iskandar!

Any self-respecting Malaysian would know Harith Iskandar as one of our biggest stand-up comedians with a long history of true Malaysian-styled comedy and humour! Together with stand-up comedian Dr Jason Leong (Yes, a proper doctor he is) and a special guest appearance by Papa CJ, India’s most influential comic, all three of them are set to take the stage for BIGGEST stand-up comedy show in ASIA!

Where? When? How Much?

Date: 29th October 2014, Wednesday
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Ticket Prices: RM38, RM68, RM118, RM128, RM158 and RM258.

Ticketing: http://redtix.airasia.com/events/HarithIskander/ or call +603-8775 4666


With the aim to spread the spirit of ‘moderation’ and ‘togetherness’, Harith Iskandar will be entertaining us through the night with a whole batch of new comedy material, which I don’t doubt will be awesomesauce!

Also boys and girls, please note that proceeds of the event will go to the OrphanCare Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the placement of unwanted babies and orphans with loving families. So come and join me for a great night out & do your part in lending a hand ❤

I had a really amazing time attending the press conference to launch this event, and allow me to share snippets from the day.

All picture in this post are all credited to my girl Shivani, of Pen My Blog unless stated otherwise.

The fan-girl in me just needed a picture with Harith Iskandar! ❤ I’ve actually seen him here and there at events before, but this time around I managed to catch some of his time to have a nice chat!

Harith iskandar

Dr Jason Leong. Managed to have a quick chat with him during the press con, and  may I say that he is super friendly!  And if you’re wondering what is his unique brand of comedy, its satire and political incorrectness! (My favourite!)

Harith iskandar

Optimized-To Know Malaysia (2)

Can you see all the coffee at the back? Nyums!

Optimized-To Know Malaysia (10)

Their version of a shameless plug to get us to join them on the 29th! 😀
(Pic Via KidChan)

To Know Malaysia (2)

Groupfie with all the bloggers!
(Pic Via KidChan)

To Know Malaysia (1)

Harith is presently on his first International Tour covering six countries – Singapore, Indonesia, India, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea – titled “The Godfather of Malaysian Comedy International Tour 2014”.

 For the show on the 29th, Harith will be sharing a mixture of daily observations about what makes Malaysia ‘tick’ told in the typical and distinctive Harith Iskander style. I can’t wait already!

So get yo momma, yo sisters, yo brothers, and head on over to the Putra Indoor Stadium on the 29th of October, and I’ll see you all there! 

Tickets are also available at: 
  • Rock Corner outlets: The Gardens (TEL: 03 – 2201 4893)
  • KLCC (TEL: 03 – 2181 5560)
  • Subang Parade (TEL: 03 – 5613 1139)
  • The Curve (TEL: 03 – 7733 1139)
  • Victoria Music outlets:
    • Sg Wang(TEL: 03 – 2148 7208
    • Amcorp (TEL: 03 – 7956 0592)
    • Tropicana (TEL: 03 – 7722 2955)
  • Artist Gallery outlets:
    • Gurney Plaza, Penang
    • Queensbay Mall, Penang
  • KL Life Centre TEL: 03 – 2162 2570
  • Tune Store Low Yat Plaza

For more info, log on to http://redtix.airasia.com/events/HarithIskander/ 


Cremorlab @ Muse By Watsons

Haroo all you awesomesauces!

Guess what? I have a brand new skin care line to tell you all about today!  It hails all the way from the magical land of skincare that is Korea and is proudly named Cremorlab 😀 This was my first introduction to the brand, and I would like to thank The Butterfly Project & Muse by Watsons for kindly extending the honour of me getting to know the brand a little more in-depth.

The launch of Cremorlab was organized at the only Muse by Watsons outlet in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid.

Cremorlab’s tagline is “a new classic in hydration” which I think is simply marvelous. If you’ve read through many of my previous posts, I would have mentioned how important hydration is to the skin. Have a look at my Hydraluron review on the importance of hydrating your skin, which incidentally is from Muse by Watsons too, lol!

The event on the day:  PS: Can you spot the girl in the green headband?

Pic credits : Muse By Watsons

Muse Butterfly Project

The event started of with a  quick introduction from Amanda, the brand manager of Muse by Watsons (who has amazingly flawless skin which she attributes to Cremorlab) about Cremorlab & hydration, plus a presentation by Dr Koh Chuan Keng, a skin specialist invited to talk to us lucky ladies on the importance of hydration.

Amanda talked to us about the importance of moisturization, inside and out. Now as we all know, we need to keep or body hydrated on the inside with sufficient water, however topical moisturization is equally important. Hence we have all sorts of creams, moisturizers and potions that help add to that moisture level.

Picture below shows Dr. Koh on the kinds of foods that help add moisture to your skin.

By the way, did you know that there are only 100 legitimate skin specialists in Malaysia? The rest apparently are “so-called” skin specialists, but are not actually certified by the Malaysian board of Dermatology. You can look up the official Malaysian dermatologist list  at www.dermatology.org.my/dermatologist .

 Pic credits : Pen My Blog

Muse Cremorlab (5)

You know how some presentations by guest speakers are always dreary and boring? Well this one wasn’t! I found myself laughing, and being very attentive which isn’t very typical of me if you must know. Dr Koh was really engaging and funny to boot. And not to mention how knowledgeable he was.

After the presentation, I managed to steal some of his time to talk a little bit more about my skin concerns, and even my hair loss since he is also expert in hair & nail health.

Pic credits : Pen My Blog

From left : Anfaal, Dr. Koh, Shiv, me

Muse Cremorlab (3)

After the presentation, I had a poke through the Cremorlab counter at Muse. The Cremorlab counter was all decked in white with their bestseller products proudly on display.

Pic credits : Pen My Blog


The 3 new products in the Cremorlab range include the O2 Bubble Energizing Mask [RM99.00] , Long Lasting Perfect BB Cream [RM119.00] , and the Mineral Treatment Essence. [RM129.00]

Pic credits : Pen My Blog

cremorlab 1

All of the Cremorlab products contain their star main ingredient which is T.E.N, which stands for Thermal water therapy, Eco energy and Natural nourishment.  T.E.N. comes from the thermal waters in the Korean’s Gangwon Province, which is famous for its richness in minerals since it extracted from pristine water sources 1,100 meters underground.

You can read up a little more about the T.E.N benefits from the picture below.
(Click to Enlarge)


While I playing around with the Cremorlab products, I came across this gem of a product which is the Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel [RM119.00] . It is a clear gel moisturizer, and once applied to your skin, provides an immediate layer of moisture protection that keeps skin supple. It contains natural Bulgarian rose oil also known as the queen of all essential oils, to provide soothing qualities.

This is actually one of their bestsellers, and I can definitely understand why. The moment I applied it to my skin, I felt a quick boost of moisture and my skin felt soft and supple almost immediately.

Pic credits : Pen My Blog

Muse Cremorlab (4)

As I was busy discovering the amazing-ness that was Cremorlab, the girls were getting express makeovers and a skin analysis done. Here’s Mieza looking all fab with her makeup perfectly done 🙂

Pic credits : Pen My Blog

Muse Cremorlab (6)

Caroline seems to have found something really interesting on the computer screen 😀

Pic credits : Muse By Watsons

Muse Butterfly Project 1

Happy Smiley Face ❤

Pic credits : Pen My Blog

Muse Cremorlab (2)

And of course, I must introduce you to the main highlight of the event, lol, the yummy refreshments.

One thing I’d like to point out was the fact that they served water instead of sweet juices which I really do appreciate. Most events usually serve up coffee, tea, or juices that dehydrate me, and most times, this girl just wants is her H2O. Hydration for the win!

Pic credits : Pen My Blog

Muse Cremorlab (1)

Group shot with all the pretty ladies!

Pic credits : Pen My Blog cremorlab

I enjoyed getting to meet Cremorlab and its amazing range of products, and I’m excited to give the Mineral Treatment Essence a trial run as soon as I can. Thank you so very much to Muse by Watson and TBP for inviting me for yet another marvelous day out, and I look forward to reviewing the products I took home 🙂

Have you tried anything from Cremorlab? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Useful links below as per usual!

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Cremorlab Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Cremorlab
Muse by Watsons Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MusebyWatsons

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The Butterfly Project Malaysia Official FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia
Website: http://www.butterflyprojectmalaysia.com/