Contact Me & Say Hi!

Hello awesomesauces!

Since you have come across Shashay today, please feel free to browse, comment and if you have any questions, shoot away!  I am always contactable via social media & email, so if you have any queries at all, drop me a mail, or a message on my Facebook Page! I will definitely respond in 24 hours, unless I’m out of the country that is, then make it 48 hours. 😀

If you would like to know more about me, have a read here and find out 

For PR, any interesting ideas &  collaborations you’ve got for me,  contact me at shashasekharan[@] gmail [dot] com. I open to your radical suggestions and propositions!

If you are on any of these social medias, look out for me!


facebook: :


[Last Updated 8th July 2014]


2 thoughts on “Contact Me & Say Hi!

  1. Where can I get ur shea butter mix? I;m in KL, pls reply soonest. Update if u have other african stuffs cuz I can hardly get what suites me here compared to when i was home 😦

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