June Fashion Finds

Hi girls! 

I’m back again with a June Fashion Finds post where I bring you some of the items I’ve picked up, noticed and had my eye on from our local Malaysian stores. I missed out my May post, so I hope this post makes up for it.

Lets get on with it! ❤

#1 Is this super cute sailor style sneakers that I spotted in Bershka. I’m mostly in sneakers when I’m at work, and I think this pair of shoes would be cute paired with jeans, or even a cute skater dress! I’m a sucker for anything remotely striped, so this speaks to the bottom of my teenage heart, lol! Priced at RM119.90.

Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1GoTSDd


#2 had to be a denim skirt that I noticed in H&M a couple of weeks back. Denim skirts seem to be making a comeback from the 90’s and I figured its time to update my closet with one, or two, or three or more denim skirts. Mini, Midi, Flare, you name it, I want to buy them all! 

Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1BC6Ly5


#3 is a utility romper which I think every girl should have in her closet. Its practical, its stylish, and its hella cute too! Trust Forever 21 to come up with style at an affordable price yo.

Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1dViNaI


#4 is not a clothing, but an accessory to look stylish nonetheless. I’ve been meaning to pick up a duffle bag for those days where I travel for a day or two, and doesn’t look too bulky. Herschels does amazing bags, and I’ve loved their Little America backpacks since like forever, so I figured a Herschels duffle bag would be super suitable for me. Black cos I can’t live without black bags, lol!

 Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1K1Dq31


The last item, #5 is something I’ve wanted for the longest time. Problem is? Its super duper pricey! A good leather jacket is hard to find, and more so for one that fits my weird body shape. I finally spotted one that I loved, but I decided to save up first before getting it since its like 350 pounds :O Karen Millen, I’ve got my eye on you.

Click for more details: http://bit.ly/1IpICHX


So there you go, some Fashion Finds & picks for you guys I think my favourite items are #4 and #5. FYI, all the links in this posts are not affiliate links, and I’m not sponsored to write this post in case you are curious. I just love online shopping, and shopping in general, so I figured I would like to share my finds with my lovely awesome readers. If you like these kinds of posts, please tell me, so I’ll continue writing them. 🙂

Tell me, what trends or styles you are rocking this month, and what do you predict coming our way from the fashion industry? Comment and like the post!

Till I see you guys again, bye! I’m also on Twitter & Facebook, so come say hi there too! 🙂



The Nars Christopher Kane Collection & a New Nars Outlet!

Hey guys, 

I realize I haven’t updated my blog in almost a month, and this is not typical of me. I usually get at least 5-10 posts up a month, but recently I’ve been slacking. I’ve got no excuses other than the fact that I’ve been constantly tired, busy, and lazy 😦  Lets see if I can remember how to use this thing again 😀 

Well, updates on life? Not much other than enjoying the new job that has been keeping me busy, eating a lot of good food, working out to keep the food from turning into flab, and buying a lot of clothes & shoes. To be honest, I’ve not bought much makeup recently, and the only thing I’ve got my eye on at the moment is the Limited Edition Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow Pearls for Summer 2015. That baby, I’m sure to buy soon! 

On to the post for today, remember the days where you had to trek our way thorough the horrendous KL traffic to get to Pavilion if you wanted anything at all from Nars Cosmetics? Well not anymore. Now you can make your way straight to Mid Valley Mall where the newest Nars store is located. Well to be honest, traffic in MV on the weekends are equally bad, but at least we have an option closer to home now. 

I had the opportunity to recently sneak  preview into the store, and also to have a first look at the newly launched LE Christopher Kane Collection. Looking at the new store, The MV outlet is certainly much more spacious, and even has a secret private room at the back. 🙂 There is definitely more seating available for new customers to come in and try the Nars products available. 

Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (3)

For Summer 2015, NARS introduces The Christopher Kane for NARS Collection – NEONEUTRAL, a limited edition collection of unexpected shades and formulas inspired by the nature of neon and the nude shades that complement them.

The collection, which showcases Christopher Kane’s unexpected and edgy design aesthetic with NARS’ iconic and bold beauty philosophy, is the first fashion collaboration to feature a full line of eyeshadows, Blushes, Illuminating Multiples, and Lip Glosses. Eyes are enhanced with iridescent rose gold, pink lilac, and violet. Cheeks are flushed with soft beige or hot pink. And lips are saturated in high-shine shades of neon pink and coral that subtly stain after the gloss is gone.

Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (10)

There are 9 items in the collection comprising 4 lip glosses, 1 Nars Illuminating Multiple, 3 blushes & a single, and duo eyeshadow.

The Neoneutrals collection is certainly an oxymoron, since how does one combine Neon & Neutrals in makeup? But this collection captures Neon & Neutrals so well with it vibrant colours that apply to a beautiful neutral finish. 

Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (4)

I gotta say, the blushes & eye shadows are the most beautiful things I’ve ever set my eyes on. The single eye shadow in the shade Outer Layer was one of the items I planned to get my hands on, but it was sold out the second day the collection launched. I tell you, the Malaysian Nars fanbase are one dedicated bunch!

The blush that I fell in love with, and did manage to get was the bright pink Starscape. Now I realize that the blush look REALLY pink, but trust me when I say it is best applied with a light touch, even on tanned skin tones like mine, and it gives off the most beautiful glow!

Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (5)

A close look at how bright the blush is. ❤ Love love love! If you notice on the wee right, the Silent Nude blush sits silently, lol! The blush is a nude shade, which somewhat doesn’t apply well on me as a blush, but as an eye shadow, it’s just so beautiful. Who said makeup isn’t versatile?

Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (6)

Swatches of Starscape & Silent Nude. The pigmentation is no joke, as it goes with all Nars products.

Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (8)

Swatches of the lipglosses. From the top, Glow Pink, Nucleus, Nebulous, Mezmer.

Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (7)

Price points for each of the items. The price range is your standard Nars pricing, and I love that the pricing doesn’t increase for LE collections. Guerlain, you guys better take note. :/

I didn’t manage to take a swatch of the eye shadows or the Multiple, but I can assure you that they are amazingly gorgeous as well.

Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (1)

And I’ll end the post with a shot of gorgeous desserts. ❤
Optimized-Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (1)

All in all, the Christopher Kane collection is definitely one to look out for, and I suggest you head over to your nearest Nars store for a look! 

Nars Christopher Kane Collection Review (9)


The Nars store is located on the Mid Valley Mall, on the Ground Floor (G-058) next to Forever 21. For more information on the Christopher Kane Collection, useful links below:


Talk to you guys soon! ❤

PS: I didn’t tell you this, but there might just be another Nars store hitting our KL malls soon, so look out for that!


[Review] Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo, Monte Carlo & Copenhagen

Be warned. This post is going to be a complete ode to the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. 😀

So you guys remember the last time I reviewed the Nyx SMLC in Amsterdam? Long story short, I loved it so much that I needed more shades. The problem in hand? My local Sephora outlets never seemed to have them in stock. (Yes, all of the outlets. That’s how much I’ve searched for these babies all over Kuala Lumpur. 😦 )

I finally decided to purchase them online instead of wasting my time searching the Sephora outlets, via an instagram shop called Doodle Toodle. Their service was awesome, my products reached me in approximately 20 days, and I’m even going to put in a new order for some Colour Pop Cosmetics in the next few days.

I picked up the 3 shades that I wanted the most, which was 08 San Paulo, 10 Monte Carlo & 20 Copenhagen.

Optimized-Review Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paolo Monte Carlo Copenhagen (2)

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[Review] Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

It comes as no surprise that I can’t live without my eyeliners. Eyeliners are life itself, for sure. I could be as barefaced as a bear, but you’ll always find eyeliner on me, any day. Random thought here, have you ever wondered how a black line drawn over your eyes can make you feel so much better? Crazy no?

Considering I use eyeliners like there is no tomorrow, eyeliners are pretty much the one thing that I constantly run out of, and need often replenishing. Over the years, I’ve been through so many of them, from liquid to gel, pencil, and everything in between. High end, drugstore, I probably have tried more eyeliners than I would like to admit. Most days, I generally wear black liners, and I usually have 2 or 3 different types that I use in rotation.

I recently ran out of my Dolly Wink black liquid eyeliner, and I figured it was time to do some beauty supply restocking. Lucky for me, the Sephora 20% sale was going on so I picked up a few items, including this Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. I’ve actually heard so much about it, but I’ve not tried one myself, hence I finally picked it up. I actually wanted the MUFE Graphic Liner Vinyl Pen Eyeliner in the shade Bright Black, but as usual, they ran out of stock. Well done Sephora. *slow clap*

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[Review] Nars Dual-Intensity Blush in Panic

Namastey boys and girls!

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for the longest time, so I finally decided to get off my lazy behind and pen down some of my personal thoughts on the Nars Dual Intensity blush. We all know how popular the regular Nars blushes are, so lets take a look at how these new ones fare, shall we?
Optimized-Review Nars  Dual-Intensity Blush Panic (1)

I only picked up the shade Panic out of the 6 shades available, and I’ll tell you why in a bit. 

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[Review] Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

Ni hao everyone!

I realize I’ve been away from the blog for a while, and if I’ve kept you lot waiting, I really am sorry 🙂 You know how it is when you just started a new job, and you’re just struggling to kind of fit in, learning the ins and outs, etc? That’s pretty much the story of my life at the moment. Either way, I’m back for a quick review today on something awesome that I got myself recently.

A friend of mine recently launched her makeup brush line, and of course in show of support, I decided to buy it for myself too. 🙂 Created by none other than Sabrina Tajudin of sabrinatajudin.com, the Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush is finally here!

Optimized-Review Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush (2)

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[Review] Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator & The Hydraluron Moisture Jelly Moisturiser

Oh hello there sexy faces!

Hope you guys have had a nice weekend wherever you are 🙂 It’s a 4 day weekend where I live here, so its been amazing to have a nice long break. (although I don’t see why I’m so happy about it considering I’ve been on holiday for at least a month now lol) In other news, it’s a baby girl for the British royal family, so I was rather pleased to read about the news ❤ Congrats Kate & Wills!!  While everyone else has been busy making babies, getting married or engaged, (it’s wedding bells everywhere I go these days =_=”) I’ve been trying out some new skin care products that I wanted to tell you guys about. Yes. Priorities for the win yo. 😀

So you see, I’ve always had a thing for all products that cometh forth from Indeed Labs, and I’ve also reviewed a couple of their products which are the Hydraluron Serum & Nanoblur respectively here & here. Imagine my happiness when 2 more products from them landed on my vanity, so buckle up cos its going to be a long post!

Indeed Labs has been churning out one new product after the other recently, and these two are some of the latest additions to the Indeed Labs family, which are the Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator & the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly Moisturizer. I mentioned these two items briefly in my recent post about the launch event which you can read here, and today let’s have a proper full on review on these two products shall we?

Optimized-[Review] Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator & The Hydraluron Moisture Jelly Moisturiser (1)

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