Himalaya Herbal Healthcare: Anti Hair Fall

Hello you awesome people! 

I’ve wrote about hair fall and my long time suffering with constant hair loss before, you can read about that here actually. Since that blog post, I’ve been doing everything I can to stop my hair from falling out and leaving me completely hairess! *NEVER!* And the worst part is, its all due to stress and health issues. 

Some of the things I’m doing to take extra good care of my hair is taking extra supplements, eating SUPER healthy (lots of Iron and Zinc), drinking tons of water, sleeping well and keeping my hair styling to a bare minimum. Super minimum actually, since only comb my hair once a day, and even then its finger combing, I don’t heat style it ever, no blow drying, no perming, colouring, or straightening whatsoever, plus I’m super gentle with my hair, no tugging, pulling, or tight ponytails. I even cut my hair shorter to minimize them hair losses. A lot of my girlfriends have asked me why I never do anything fun with my hair, and this is why. 

I guess the butterflies at The Butterfly Project must have heard my prayers, because out of the blue I got an email from them telling me I had a hair pampering session with Himalaya Herbal Healthcare! I made my way to Rupini’s Beauty Spa at Bangsar last week, and only 12 butterflies were invited for this event, so I was very lucky to have been invited! #EXCLUSIVE

I found the place quite easily since the Himalaya banner was awaiting me!


The Himalaya’s Herbal Healthcare Anti Hair Fall event was to introduce their range of anti hair fall products, while giving us ladies a hair pampering session with the rest of the Himalaya products! When I got there, I first met with Shireen Chrishanthi, the event organizer and was given a brainteaser/crossword puzzle about the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall range. I was half awake only, so my brain wasn’t working very well in completing the crossword, but the yummy cold soya bean she offered certainly perked me up! Got to know the products a little better after the crossword puzzle 😉

After the crossword, we were to go for our hair consultation with the specialist, Fatimah, but since the consultant already had her hands full, I had a nice chat with Shireen, and managed to take loads of pictures! 

These are the products of the day!


All Himalaya products contain no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and(SLES) Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These two chemicals are super bad for your hair ladies! Now I’m actually quite familiar with Himalaya’s products since I use their Protein Shampoo, the Amla one and also my half absolutely loves their products as well. We love the fact that their products are herbal and ayurvedic !

For the Anti Hair Fall range, the Anti Hair Fall Shampoo which contains Butea Frondosa, Eclipta, and Pongamia Pinnata functions to nourish the root, strengthen and activate hair growth. The Anti Hair Fall Cream contains Licorice and Eclipta which stimulates hair growth and also contains Chickpea and Amla, which function as a natural source of protein and vitamin to feed your hair. 

These are some pictures of Rupini’s all decked out in orange and green, synonymous with Himalaya official  colours. And that red bagpack is mine, I was going home to my parents place right after the event, hence the large backpack!




These are some of the services and promotions that Rupini’s are offering right now. Diwali promotion going on yall!


Some of their products!


Rupini’s had a nice calm environment, perfect for a nice facial or a mani pedi. While I was taking pictures,  got called for my hair consultation!

Fatimah is a really sweet, tiny lil thing, and she explained about hair fall, and what causes it, and what I can do to fix it. She was using this hair scanning device, which I’ve actually used before, a long time ago, when I got my hair checked at Yun Nam Hair care, so I kind of already knew what was going to happen and what I was going to see on the computer.


Talking to Fatimah about my hair!

As you can see my hair on the computer screen, I have pretty okay hair, just that I don’t have much of it. LOL. Apparently healthy hair is when you have at least 3 hair strands in one hair follicle. In my case, I have about two to three, but my enlarged hair follicles causes my hair to fall out easily. *insert sad sigh here*


Scanning time!


Check check check!

Shireen coming to look at my hair and tease me. hahaha



Next up, the hair pampering session! We had a quick 10-15 min head massage from the Rupini’s staff, mine was Sumi. It felt like 5 minutes though, the massage was so good! She used the Himalaya Revitalizing Hair Oil, and I must tell you, the oil smells so good! It was lightweight oil containing Indian Gooseberry, Neem, Fenugreek and Bael Tree Fruit. I must go get this oil the next time I go shopping!

After applying the oil and massaging my scalp, I got my hair washed as well with the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and after washing, she applied the leave in Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream, before blow drying my hair. It didnt take long to finish doing my hair since I have less hair, but some butterflies who came in with thick, long hair and had to be blow dried by two people. LOL


Massage, wash, blow dry and style.

After the Hair pampering, I had some time to take pics! I had to, my hair looked so freaking good! 


Me and Shireen


Woon from Himalaya, me and Shireen


Liyana, Ayue, Anfaal and me

Like an angel coming to banish my hunger, Shireen came bringing us kuih from Dusun! I took the orange one, since thats my favourite! 


While happily munching on the snacks, Shireen introduced the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Range to us in more detail and also introduced the hair style expert Justin from the  Shear Perfection Hair Salon who talked to us about the current hair fashion trends, and what types of hairstyles will suit each girl.



Justin from Shear Perfection!


And this is me getting my hair style analysed. Apparently I have a very simple hair do, and Justin suggested me to get bangs, but I’ve had bangs for the past three years, and they’re annoying for daily maintanence, so I really don’t want bangs anymore. But good advice nevertheless =D


And that basically concludes the event! And more snap shots from the day!


My shiny nice hair after the whole event!

Group photo with the butterflies, organizers and Rupini’s staff!


Miss Harmini of Deeper Than Fashion!


It was definitely a fun and informative event, I learnt a little more about my hair condition and how to manage it, plus I got to meet all the amazing ladies from the Butterfly Community. Also a big thank you to the Himalaya members who came all the way from Singapore, David and his colleagues  Woon, Fatimah, and also thank you to Shireen! You were such a gracious host and an amazing person to meet!

And Butterflies, I owe guys big time for this invite! =) Thank you so much!

Do check out the Himalaya website and FB page, as well as Rupini’s,  Shear Perfection, and the Butterfly community! Links all below! 

Himalaya website: himalayahealthcare.com


 Go on and visit your nearest Himalaya Hair Care Outlet at:

  • Suria KLCC, Midvalley Megamall
  • 1 Utama
  • Pavillion
  • Jusco Maluri 
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • Empire Shopping Gallery
  • IOI Mall
  • Mines Shopping Fair
  • Setia City Mall, Wangsa Walk
  • City Square (JB) Aeon Tebrau City (JB)
  • Jusco Bandar Melaka
  • Gurney Plaza (Penang, Queensbay Mall (Penang)
  • East Coast Mall (Kuantan)
  • Ipoh Parade
  • Karamunsing Complex (Sabah)
  • Wisma Merdeka (Sabah) 
  • The Spring (Kuching)

The prices for the products are:
Anti Hair Fall Cream at RM19.90 (175ml) and the Anti Hair Fall Shampoo at RM24.90 (400ml) 

If you have hair fall issues, you must try Himalaya’s range of products! I got these in my goodie bag, and I’ve been using them! Lets hope we see some positive results! Also I got a free hot oil massage voucher from Rupini’s that I’m going to use soon! 





Weekend Plans!

Tomorrow is gonna be a super long and fun day!! I’m attending a couple of events in Bangsar, and I’m pretty excited for the weekend as well!!

Ill be heading over to the Cloudy Day Boutique for a mini shopping spree organized by the awesome bloggers from Malaysia. It would be a chance to talk and meet them as well as to get my purse and shop away!



Next up, I’ll be heading over to Too Cool For School for their Raya event. Too Cool for School is a store that brings the brings the coolest and unique cosmetic products all the way from South Korea. From makeup to skin and body care, they have it all. They opened up back in 2012 me thinks, and I’d been meaning to check it out for a while now, so when better than during their event? There will be lots of food, good company and it will be a chance to check out what TCFS offers.

Too Cool For School FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/tcfsmalaysia

Do drop by if you lovelies happen to be around! Would love to meet you pretty ladies!! =)

Bye for now!

PS: I’ll be doing an August Favourites post soon! Let me know what are some of your favourite beauty products for this month under the comments box! =)