L’oreal Paris Malaysia White Perfect

Haroo awesomesauces!

In my line of beauty product reviewing, I’ve tried all sorts of cream, potions, moisturizers etc that promise me hydration, clear skin, and sometimes even wrinkle free skin, but I’ve always steered clear of those creams that promise to make me look as fair as Snow White, lol!

To even out my skin tone, fair enough (geddit?) . But to make me go 50 shades lighter? Hi, no thank you.

It took me many years to embrace my skin colour, and yes, at one point of my life, (the formative teen ones) I was always wishing for fairer skin. These days, I could care less about my skin shade, however sometimes it does get to me, especially when make up brands decide to not cater to my skin shade. And to be perfectly frank, my skin shade isn’t even dark in the first place, and compared to many of my peers, I am considered somewhat fair toned.

So what gives?

Anyway, moving past skin shades, my current skin care regime doesn’t contain any kind of whitening products (and I fully intend to keep it that way), so it was definitely with a hint of scepticism that I attended the L’oreal  Purple Preview Party.


At the event, we were introduced to the L’oreal White Perfect range, consisting of the products below. The star product of the range is the L’oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream SPF30 PA+++ (RM39.90) which I will discuss further down the post.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10

Apart from introducing the L’oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream SPF30 PA+++, we got acquainted with Mat Magique All in One Compact with SPF 34 PA+++. (Price  : RM39.90, Refills : RM 19.90)

The Mat Magique is the latest product in their make up range, which is an all in one mattifying powder for skin, leaving it perfectly matte for 12 hours.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Review 1

Shade wise, the matte powders come in three variants, R1 Rose Ivory, N2 Nude Vanilla and G2 Golden Ivory. Initially I thought that the shades were too light for my tan skin, but Golden Ivory turned out to be a perfect match for me 🙂

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Review

We also had the chance to sample some of the other L’oreal makeup products featured during the event.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 5

I love how everything was layed out, perfect for us to swatch, feel and experience the full magic of L’oreal.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 2

Apart from playing with the makeup, there was a DIY station where we could design our own bracelets. The pic below shows the beautiful creations from the day.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 4

During the event, we had a quick demo on the L’oreal White Perfect range, and the model was none other than Fishee!

We were taught how to cleanse the skin with the White Perfect Brightening Gentle Balancing Foam, then tone with the White Perfect Whitening and Moisturizing Toner and also to use the White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 3

After the event, you could see smiley faces all around 🙂 

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 From Loreal

All in all, it was a fun event, and I had great fun learning about L’oreal in-depth. I will report back on the L’oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream and how it performs on my skin soon, but for now, I leave you with the usual useful links!

PS: Can you spot my interview in the video below?

L'Oreal Logo

L’Oreal Paris Malaysia Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/lorealparismalaysia
L’Oreal Paris Malaysia Website: http://www.lorealparis.com.my/cosmetics/



Skinz UV White Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator.

Hello awesomesauces!

Another product review for today, and its the Skinz UV White Radiant Gene Activator Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator. Pheww that’s a handful! I always wonder why products are always named so long, but anyway, here is the product! As you can see, I tore the box accidentally when I was opening it. I tell you, being gentle is so not my forte.


Product description:  It is a herbal gel that painlessly removes blackheads, oil seeds, and dead skin cells, leaving a brighter skin tone, and if used regularly, it reduces blackheads, resulting in finer pores, and smooth flawless skin. It contains Sakura Leaf extract combined with Licorice which boosts skin whitening while the UV filters protect skin from damaging UV rays.


So everyone has blackheads, and yuck, black spots on your face is not attractive, so lets BANISH some blackheads!

How to use?

The product is a cool gel, is thick and smells very fresh. As you massage it onto your skin, it thickens even more, and becomes flaky, and lumpy which makes it feel like a scrub. The dust can actually be wiped off with a cotton pad or with your fingers.


After that, you rinse it off with water. Personally, it feels a little too smooth to me after rinsing with water, like there is a layer of something on my skin, so I usually follow this with a quick cleanse with my cleanser. Pat your skin dry, and voila, smooth, fairer skin! Its really super quick and easy.

This how the lumps look like after massaging it onto the skin for a few minutes.Sorry for the gross pic. =_=


And this is the deposits after you finish scrubbing your skin. A gel like flaky substance. 


So what do I think of the product?

Spreadability: It spreads very easily like any gel product. Though it leaves a weird waxy feeling after rinsing with water.

End Result: It does what it says, it leaves my skin looking way brighter, thanks to the licorice extract and also the fact that I have all the gel flakes falling off makes me feel like the exfoliant is doing its job well. After about 2 weeks using this, I feel that my skin has less oil seeds, since I don’t  feel tiny lumps and bumps when I run my finger on my face. My skin feels super cleansed without stripping my skin from its natural oils.The Blackhead Exfoliator lives up to its name!

Scent: Smells perfectly nice and pleasant, like a fresh breeze.

Price: 20.90 for 40g, so not an expensive product really.

I rate this product an 8 out of 10 points. 

Pros: An awesome product as a whole. Nothing bad to say.
Cons: Waxy feeling after water rinsing.

This product retails at all major pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide.

Check out Skinz’s latest update  at their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/skinzforyou

So what do you think? Yes to Skinz??

*Product was given to me for review.


Yogurt & Honey Hair and Face Mask

Hello awesomesauces!

Fancy treating yourself to some all natural goodness? With all the amount of chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis, its always good to lay off the store bought products and become a kitchenista for a bit!

I love messing around in the kitchen, making home masks for myself and DIY’ing beauty recipes, since its very cost effective, and today I’ll share one of my simplest, most uncomplicated hair AND face mask to DIY.
Yes, its a 2 in 1 recipe, how awesome 🙂

The ingredients I’m using today has been used in beauty products for many many ages/centuries,  and chances are, if you can eat them, they’re also safe for your hair and face, so don’t worry about any side effects.

You will need 2 ingredients:

  1. All natural, plain yogurt. Greek yogurt  works better apparently, but I couldn’t find any, so I used my plain old regular, ol’ fashioned Nestle yogurt. (5 tablespoons)
  2. Honey. Any type is fine too (3 table spoons)


Before going into the recipe, lemme tell you why these two ingredients are like magic! 

Yogurt provides your hair with amazing shine and softness that no store bought product can. The yogurt restores moisture and strengthens your hair as well, which is something I need since I have hair fall and dry hair. It leaves your hair and face smelling like milky goodness, which is an added plus. Yogurt also contains citric acid and enzymes that fights dandruff and itchy scalp, so if you suffer from those problems, you might wanna give this mask a try.

The honey acts as a shine booster and adds much needed luster to the hair, and honey is antibacterial, plus has massive healing attributes. Apparently honey also is a humectant which attracts moisture to your skin and hair.

This recipe is so simple that a 5 year old can do it!

  1. Mix the yogurt and honey in a small bowl, and mix well.
  2. Apply generously to DRY hair and face. Sometimes I drag the mask to the neck /decollete area as well. Do avoid the eye area.
  3. Cover hair with shower cap, let the face dry. I usually watch a movie or an episode of Vampire Diaries while the mask absorbs into my hair and face. 
  4. Leave for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Once the mask feels hard and tight, and cracky on your face, time to wash them off.
  6. Rinse hair with water, I do this twice to get all the yogurt bits out, and follow with shampoo/facial cleanser (optional).

You can use your fingers or a brush for application. I prefer my fingers cause I can get the mask into may scalp better. You can use this mask with your oily and unwashed hair and face, no worries. For the hair, make sure you get the mask deep into your scalp, since that’s where we want the goodness to absorb.Give your head a good massage while applying the mask, since a massage will encourage blood circulation to your scalp. Massage the mask into your skin as well, the mask makes an excellent exfoliant.

This mask is such simple pampering treatment!

shashay (2)

And there you go 🙂
Some personal comments of mine after trying this mask would be that my hair definitely feels so much smoother, and I don’t have to even comb it after the wash. My hair smells so good as well, since I keep sniffing them throughout the day.  My face feels much softer, and I think the mask kind of lightened my skin as well. Or maybe that’s just the lighting messing with me. Either way, this mask is a winner, and a keeper!

You can mess around with this recipe with other things that are easily found around your kitchen, like adding in lemon juice, or olive oil, or even fresh fruits! I prefer to eat my fruits though, since I always believe that in order to look good on the outside, you have to be good to your insides too =)

Are you going to try the mask out after reading? Any favourite all natural masks that you use for yourself? Let me know, I might want to try them out!


Launching tomorrow! Nars Cosmetics Malaysia!

Hello awesomepeoples!!

If you haven’t noticed, I love make up. Duh. I watch a ton of videos from beauty gurus on Youtube,  constantly stalk Sephora for the latest items, and I always keep abreast of the latest make up happenings, and guess what’s happening soon, like tomorrow?

The First Nars boutique is going to be opened in Malaysia!!!!!!! GAHHH IM SO EXCITED LOOK AT THE CAPS LOCK! 

It will be located at lot 3.06.01, Level 3 right next to Topshop at Pavilion KL, and its opening on November the 15th! Holy mother of make up, I cant wait! The muchly anticipated make up line is finally here! After watching beauty gurus from all over the world rave about Nars, I finally will be able to get my hands on their products.

Some of their popular bestsellers include: 

shashay (1)

From left: Orgasm Blush, Turkish Delight Lip Gloss, Roman Holiday Sheer Lipstick, Roman Holiday Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

shashay (2)

From left: Laguna Bronzing Powder,Schiap Lipstick,Chelsea Girls Lip Laquer,Via Veneto

shashay (3)

From left: Copacabana Multiple,Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil,Exhibit A Blush,Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

shashay (4)

From left:  Light Reflecting Pressed Powder,Radiant Creamy Concealer,Rated R Duo Eyeshadow

Seen enough? Head to Nars TOMORROW and check out what Nars has in store for you! 

For more info do log on to www.narscosmetics.com and check out whats happening in the amazing world of Nars.

PS: Tarte Cosmetics just hit Sephora Malaysia yesterday. Go on and shop till you ‘re broke. *sshh I wont tell* 


Coming Soon !! BeauBox Cosmetics

Hello awesomesauces!

I’ve got news for all  you beauty loving ladies, fresh out of the oven, we have a new, latest beauty box in town called BeauBox ! Yes I know, another beauty box?  But let me tell you why I’m jumping up and down for joy! 

Generally beauty boxes/bags  come with maybe 4-8 products, and mostly sample/travel sized ones,  plus the one or two full sized ones. But BeauBox rises above and beyond by offering a minimum of four full-size products per subscription! 

shashay (1)

What makes Beaubox stand out from the rest of the beauty subscriptions in Malaysia?  

They create limited edition cosmetics, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related products, plus they have their guest brands that they feature from around the globe. On top of that, we get to try out niche brands as well, all in full size.

BeauBox creates amazing products which are manufactured from the most innovative labs around the globe, ensuring that you will be the FIRST to try it before anyone else does!

How many times have you fell in love with a product in your beauty box but then ran out? And products like skin care, we need a minimum of 3 weeks to see any difference, so how can a sample size be enough? At Beaubox, they want to make the sampling experience a meaningful one, since they know it takes time to experience, learn and love the products.  

Their debut box is gong to be released this 13th November 2013, and I cant wait! Some bloggers who attended the launch have got themselves the debut box, and have a look at the products in them. 

shashay (2)

The products in the debut box include the lip blush by Jelly Pong Pong, Rain Maker Serum, Wonder Powder Mineral Powder Foundation and The Stare Palette Eye Contouring Kit. 

The debut box is priced at RM89, and the products inside are worth a total of a whopping RM595! See how much you save??

The debut box is on an introductory price, so if you plan to subscribe after the debut box, it will be priced as follows, and the longer you subscribe, the more you save.


And also, they will be launching their Petite box pretty soon, which is a smaller beauty box, at a lower price  for us on a budget.

Each Beaubox is made from recyclable material and is can be reused as a serviette holder by punching out the top of the box, or in my case, I use them as gift boxes since they’re so pretty. 

For more information do check out their website and FB page. Links below 😉

Subscription opens at @1.00pm GMT-10, so do stalk them till the subscription is opened, I know I will! 

Website: BeauBox
FB Page: BeauBox Cosmetics


Un-boxing Birthday Presents! #Cindy

Hello awesomepeoples!

Sorry I haven’t updated for like 3 days now, work has been crazy tiring, plus going round KL attending events without a car is super exhausting. Its been such an eventful week, and I’ve got so many things to blog about! 
REMINDER.MUST.GET.CAR.SOON. By the time I get home, all I wanna do is pretty much eat a huge Wonka bar  and go to bed and pass out. But anyway, enough about my week, finally my internet is being nice to me, so here we go! ❤

So I love presents, I mean, who doesn’t right? If you don’t, something must be wrong with you. Plus I’m a big fan of beauty boxes as well, the sheer excitement to know whats in a mystery box sound so tempting doesn’t it? Combine both, and what do you get?

Beauty Birthday presents! So it was my birthday recently, and I got presents, cash, random stuff, cards and etc. But I wanted to do a quick blog post to thank my girl Cindy for her gift to me!  Its extra special cause we’re both born on the same day, and Cindy has been such a good friend, plus she been super supportive in my new journey of blogging. So THANK YOU HUN!!! *hugs and kissies*

The gift came in super cute, compact Melvita Box, kudos to Cindy for re-using #gogreen


And VOILA! Its amazing how she managed to squeeze all the stuff into the little box!


What were my presents?  Rose floral water from Melvita, Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing oil, from Melvita as well, the Supermodel Stain by Jelly Pong Pong in the color Nymphette, a super soft printed scarf, and a loofah! 

Beauty bloggers being beauty bloggers,  we know how to appreciate a good box of beauty products when we see them, and I was so excited to finally get my hands on the Melvita brand! I’ve never used anything from them, even though I’ve passed through their store loads of time and kept telling myself to try the brand out.  


The Rose Water smells like roses, duh, and it can be used on the face and body, so I’ve been using it as a hydrating spray during the day, when my skin feels just a tad dry. It feels good, smells yummy, and keeps my skin moisturized from the cold air conditioning at work. It contains fresh Rosa Damascena petal extract to regenerate the skin too!

The Cleansing Oil,  I havent used yet, since I’m using the Oil Cleanse method for my skin now, if you wanna read up about that, you can click here, but the oil smells like something from my childhood, I cant recall what it was, but it smells a like roses too, and the description on the website says it contains damask rose essence and rosehip oil from Chile.


The Jelly Pong Pong lip stain is too cute! I love the packaging, and the colour is very pigmented too!! Its a cheek and lip stain, in the colour Nymphette (even the name is so cute). I haven’t used it cause I wanted to show it to ya’ll in its perfect condition. LOL.


And I got a super soft scarf too, the material is so smooth and I love the print! Animal print yo! Kay, don’t be jealous okay, I know how much you love animal prints!!! I’ll definitely do an OOTD featuring the scarf soon!


And lastly, Body Shop! I’ve always loved stuff from Body Shop, and I got a loofah in my favourite colour! Its amazing how much Cindy guessed right about me =D

That’s my birthday presents from Cindy, and again, a huge shout-out to her! =) Thank you so much babe, I love the presents!!!

Check our her blog as well at http://www.cindysplanet.com and show her some love!  And thank you for reading!
Let me know in the comments if  you want me to review any one of the products specifically in another blog post okay?


Find The One: Foundation Edition!

My awesomesauces, how are you all??
I’m about to leave for a quick getaway, so the next blog post will only be coming up in like 3 days time *sorry, I need a holiday okay * 


. Its creates the perfect canvas for your make up, it can give you that near perfect complexion you’ve always wanted, but lets face it, its a real pain to find the right kind of foundation for your skin. There’s a couple of things you would need to take into consideration before buying any kind of foundation. 

  • Skin type: Oily, Dry, Combination, Acne prone?
  • Coverage: Full coverage, Medium, Light, Dewy?
  • Skin shades and Undertones: Dark skin, Light skin, Brown skin?
  • Type of foundation: Foam, Mineral, Tinted, Liquid, Powder, Creams, Sticks?
  • Budget: You can go for the drugstore brands, or you can go for the high end ones, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re happy with the end result. But don’t skimp and buy a RM5 one okay, I mean, you’re putting it on your face to look good na?

General Foundation Info:

Skin types matter when picking foundations. If you have oily, sensitive, or acne prone skin, mineral foundations would be the best. Skip anything that contains silicones, because that will trigger more acne. One product worth mentioning is the Bare Minerals Ready SPF 20 one. It works wonders for oily skin, but if you have dry skin, don’t go near powder/mineral foundations! It will make your face look cakey and even drier. Go for foundations that have glycerin in them, they will give you that nice smooth look. Combination skin usually can take most types, but you might have to mix and match different types of foundation.

Coverage is also something worth talking about. If its a foundation for daily use you’re looking for, then you can go for BB Creams, since they are quick and easy, and they’re pretty light on coverage. But BB creams contain a whole lot of silicone, so those of you who are acne prone, skip this. Or if you would want full coverage, try liquids foundations, you can pile them on layer by layer until you get the coverage you desire. For a dewy, natural look, foams and mousses work perfect, since they’re light, and blends easily onto skin.

Skin shades are  the trickiest part for myself. Brown and dark skin cant use too light a colour, or we’ll look like Twilight Vampires. Bobbi Brown carries a whole range of shades for us coloured ladies, or if its a drugstore brand you’re wanting, try the Loreal Paris True Match Range. They’ve got like 33 colours to choose from!  Undertones are also important to check what type of tone your skin actually is. You determine your undertones by holding up a white piece of paper next to your face; it will help show the undertones more clearly and you’ll be able to see if you’re a yellow tone or pink tone since most foundations come in those two tones anyway. Unless you’re really fair, anything with pink undertones is not going to work. For something more natural looking, a yellow-based foundation is likely to be a flattering choice, since most skin has yellow undertones.

Budgets. Personally if I find a foundation that I like and its a high end one, I try to save up for it, and meanwhile look for a drugstore dupe. There’s always a dupe out there just waiting to be discovered. Maybelline and Loreal are famous for having dupes similar to M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier or even Dior.


Once you’ve determined which criterias matter most to you, lets go shopping for foundations!
I’m going to start with an example of my own to make it easier. I have combination skin, I prefer a medium coverage that I can use daily, my skin shade is dark brown with yellow undertones, and I like using creams, foams and liquid foundations.

When you’re out shopping for foundations, here’s another thing to remember. Go shopping with a bare face.
I know, bare faced outside??
NOO WAYY! But trust me, this will be the only way to get the right foundation shade for yourself. Look for a foundation that meets all your criteria, and if you’re not sure, ask the consultant for more information. They know the products better. But also beware, don’t let the consultant talk you into buying the wrong type of foundation,

ALWAYS ALWAYS decide for yourself. Picking the right foundation is like picking a husband, if you choose the wrong one, you’re gonna look like a fool.

  • Once you think you have the right type of foundation, test it on your chest or decollete area. See if it blends in, and gives you the coverage you like.
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes to sink in because sometimes as a foundation settles, the shade will oxidize and turn darker. If it passes all that tests, apply some on your forehead or cheeks, just a bit. (Carry cleansing wipes to remove the foundation later)
  • Check how it looks under different lights. Most stores have bright florescent lights, and will make you look FAB, but most of the time, we aren’t under bright light are we?
  • Check the colour under natural light, if you have to leave the store and walk around for a bit, go ahead, you can always come back and get it if you love the product right?

And girls, it will take a lot of trying, surveying, testing and sampling to find the right one. Don’t be discouraged, its a tedious process, keep looking, cause once you find the ONE, you’ll look like a star!



I hope this answers some of your questions about foundation shopping, ladies. PS: I’m not a make up guru, just a regular girl, sharing my experiences and tips so you girls can make informed choices. =)
Drop me a comment if you have any additional questions, or would like to share your personal favourites! Also, if you wanna say hi!