2014 Beauty Resolutions

Hello awesomesauces!

Its that time again where we say goodbye to the past year, look back fondly at all the ups and downs, and make resolutions for the upcoming year. I wrote a recent blog post about my 2014 wishlists, hopes, and dreams, and this post is something similar to that, only now, I’ll be writing about my beauty resolutions instead.

Gosh, I’ve got so many resolutions for 2014!

The Butterfly Project Malaysia in collaboration with YADAH Malaysia wants to know what my beauty resolutions for 2014 are too, so hop on the Shashay train and here we go! 

shashay (2)

Now, if you haven’t experienced YADAH, you totally should! One of my favourites from them is the Sweet Milky Tint,which they just released a few weeks back! YADAH’s beauty concept is all about organic, natural plant goodness, and a big no no to artificial coloring, preservatives, chemicals,mineral oil, sulphates and animal extracts.  Their  botanical skincare range products are gentle yet effective.

All YADAH products are certified by the Korean FDA (Food and Drug Association) and they are formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores)  with a mixture of botanical ingredients that are natural, organic and some of their products even have Ecocert certification. Ecocert certification means that the products are  manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, and that 95% of the total ingredients come from natural origin. WOW!

And YADAH has a major cute factor, have a look at the lil girl named Yadah in action!

shashay (1)

Too cute na? 


Anyways, my beauty resolutions for 2014? I didn’t have to think too hard, since I knew my bad beauty habits all too well!  I’m only going to promise myself 3 resolutions this year, if I have too many, whoossshh, there goes my resolutions down the drain.

1. Spending more time nurturing and taking care of my skin and body. I’m always in a rush, trying to be a Superwoman at work and  at home, and sometimes, I’m just too exhausted to spend an extra 15 minutes to just give my skin the pampering it deserves. I think this includes more rest, sleep, and less stress. My skin and body definitely deserves better.
2. Eating right/healthy. This isn’t so much a beauty resolution, but I believe to look your best on the outside, you have to take care of your insides too. And in the quest to look amazing, eating the right things, and eating healthy will certainly be a plus point, and note to self, more water!
3. Choosing the right products. Sometimes we’re caught up in how a product looks, and and what they claim to do, that we fail to see what it is exactly we are using on delicate skin and body. Its high time I start looking beyond the packaging, and to shift to more natural, less chemical based products, and I’m sure my skin will thank me in the long run.Brands like Yadah are certainly going to be my go to products from now on since they offer natural goodness and organic products! Yay to going GREEN!!


Lets see if I manage to keep my promises this year.

I cant wait to experience the hands-on session and discover more about Yadah skincare and cosmetics this coming January. It will be an awesome way to start of my new year, and another chance to be around the lovely butterflies!

Have you decided what your beauty resolutions are for this year? Let me know! 

For more information on YADAH skincare and cosmetics, useful links below! 

Website: http://www.yadah.co.kr/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia

And don’t forget to check out the butterflies too!

Website:  http://www.butterflyprojectmalaysia.com/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

Like my FB Page here: https://www.facebook.com/shashasekharansblog


Launching tomorrow! Nars Cosmetics Malaysia!

Hello awesomepeoples!!

If you haven’t noticed, I love make up. Duh. I watch a ton of videos from beauty gurus on Youtube,  constantly stalk Sephora for the latest items, and I always keep abreast of the latest make up happenings, and guess what’s happening soon, like tomorrow?

The First Nars boutique is going to be opened in Malaysia!!!!!!! GAHHH IM SO EXCITED LOOK AT THE CAPS LOCK! 

It will be located at lot 3.06.01, Level 3 right next to Topshop at Pavilion KL, and its opening on November the 15th! Holy mother of make up, I cant wait! The muchly anticipated make up line is finally here! After watching beauty gurus from all over the world rave about Nars, I finally will be able to get my hands on their products.

Some of their popular bestsellers include: 

shashay (1)

From left: Orgasm Blush, Turkish Delight Lip Gloss, Roman Holiday Sheer Lipstick, Roman Holiday Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

shashay (2)

From left: Laguna Bronzing Powder,Schiap Lipstick,Chelsea Girls Lip Laquer,Via Veneto

shashay (3)

From left: Copacabana Multiple,Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil,Exhibit A Blush,Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

shashay (4)

From left:  Light Reflecting Pressed Powder,Radiant Creamy Concealer,Rated R Duo Eyeshadow

Seen enough? Head to Nars TOMORROW and check out what Nars has in store for you! 

For more info do log on to www.narscosmetics.com and check out whats happening in the amazing world of Nars.

PS: Tarte Cosmetics just hit Sephora Malaysia yesterday. Go on and shop till you ‘re broke. *sshh I wont tell* 


Coming Soon !! BeauBox Cosmetics

Hello awesomesauces!

I’ve got news for all  you beauty loving ladies, fresh out of the oven, we have a new, latest beauty box in town called BeauBox ! Yes I know, another beauty box?  But let me tell you why I’m jumping up and down for joy! 

Generally beauty boxes/bags  come with maybe 4-8 products, and mostly sample/travel sized ones,  plus the one or two full sized ones. But BeauBox rises above and beyond by offering a minimum of four full-size products per subscription! 

shashay (1)

What makes Beaubox stand out from the rest of the beauty subscriptions in Malaysia?  

They create limited edition cosmetics, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related products, plus they have their guest brands that they feature from around the globe. On top of that, we get to try out niche brands as well, all in full size.

BeauBox creates amazing products which are manufactured from the most innovative labs around the globe, ensuring that you will be the FIRST to try it before anyone else does!

How many times have you fell in love with a product in your beauty box but then ran out? And products like skin care, we need a minimum of 3 weeks to see any difference, so how can a sample size be enough? At Beaubox, they want to make the sampling experience a meaningful one, since they know it takes time to experience, learn and love the products.  

Their debut box is gong to be released this 13th November 2013, and I cant wait! Some bloggers who attended the launch have got themselves the debut box, and have a look at the products in them. 

shashay (2)

The products in the debut box include the lip blush by Jelly Pong Pong, Rain Maker Serum, Wonder Powder Mineral Powder Foundation and The Stare Palette Eye Contouring Kit. 

The debut box is priced at RM89, and the products inside are worth a total of a whopping RM595! See how much you save??

The debut box is on an introductory price, so if you plan to subscribe after the debut box, it will be priced as follows, and the longer you subscribe, the more you save.


And also, they will be launching their Petite box pretty soon, which is a smaller beauty box, at a lower price  for us on a budget.

Each Beaubox is made from recyclable material and is can be reused as a serviette holder by punching out the top of the box, or in my case, I use them as gift boxes since they’re so pretty. 

For more information do check out their website and FB page. Links below 😉

Subscription opens at @1.00pm GMT-10, so do stalk them till the subscription is opened, I know I will! 

Website: BeauBox
FB Page: BeauBox Cosmetics


Introducing the Pop Beauty Vibrating Beauty Buffer!

Hello awesomepeople!

I’ve been having writers block for the past few days, and I cant seem to write anything blog-post worthy. But today, inspiration strikes, so here you go! 

I recently discovered the POP Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer and I must admit, I’m very tempted to purchase one even though I highly doubt its available in my home country Malaysia. Apparently vibrating beauty buffers are the rage now in the Asian cosmetics districts in Korea,Japan and Taiwan. 

Personally I’ve never used one, and never really heard of one, and upon research, found a few vibrating buffers like the Lancome Ôscillation Power Foundation one.


Definitely something different from all the beauty blenders out in the market. What it does is basically, the sponge head creates an even layer of makeup on your skin via its auto vibrating applicator, and you can use it with your liquid, cream, mousse or powder foundations.

It also is claimed to be able to de-puff your skin while improving circulation, and it makes sense I guess, since it works as a mini massage on your skin. According to the website, it will blend your foundations like magic, creating a beautiful skin finish! And we all need a bit of magic in our life, no?

I was more concerned about clean up,and luckily the sponge is removable from the base, so you can always wash it and put it back in.

The set comes with an auto vibrating applicator, anti-bacterial sponge, lithium battery and a refill sponge.

Using it seems pretty straight forward: 

1) Dip sponge into your formula or apply makeup directly onto face first. 
2) Press the button and turn it on. *no puns intended*
3) Slowly massage the formula onto your skin.

It costs about 16 pounds, so approximately RM80++ I estimate, which doesn’t sound so pricey, and it is one of the first of its kind.  And since it is sold out on the website, I  would say it seems to be quite popular among the ladies. *LOL*

What say you? Ready to get vibrated?

Pop Beauty Website: http://www.popbeautycosmetics.com



TheSkintopic 1st Anniversary!!

Harooo awesomesauces!!!

Its FRIDAY!!! Finally the weekend! What have you guys got planned for it? I’m going to a couple of events with my girls, and then heading over for a quick trip Pahang after! Updates coming soon =D

Okay I’m gonna stop rambling and go back to my blog post. I attended theSkintopic first anniversary event on Thursday, all thanks to the Butterfly Project! Thank you Butterflies for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a fun event! It was held at Pavilion KL on the 5th floor, which is where their concept store is located.

Established in 2012, theSkintopic main focus is making quality skin care products from New Zealand readily accessible to their customers. At the moment, theSkintopic is the only distributor of natural and botanical skincare and bodycare brands from New Zealand, mainly Olive, Tebe, Linden Leaves, Wild Ferns and the latest addition to the family, Evolu which was introduced in Malaysia this June.

We had the Chairman and Founder of Linden Leaves, one of the New Zealand skincare & bodycare brands that theSkintopic distributes in Malaysia,  Brigit Blair who came down from Christchurch, New Zealand to show us how theSkintopic Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oils are made, and I must say, I haven’t came across their products before this. but I love how the products smell, and feel on the skin. They come from New Zealand, and most of their ingredients as well! Here’s a couple of pictures of the products!

face oils, body oils!

face oils, body oils!

the Synergy oils! I got one for myself as well!

the Aromatherapy Synergy oils! I got one for myself as well!

Olive and Tebe products.

Olive and Tebe products.

Brigit Blair herself!  She's super sweet and nice!!

Brigit Blair herself!
She’s super sweet and nice!!

These are the main products of the Aromatherapy Synergy oils. They have different properties,and scents.

From left, In Love Again; Absolute Dreams; Memories; Pick Me Up

From left, In Love Again; Absolute Dreams; Memories; Pick Me Up

In Love Again
A sensual blend of neroli, vanilla and sandalwood to promote a feeling of bliss and contentment.

– Absolute Dreams
A mellow blend of lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood and orange to balance, calm and relax.

– Memories
A luxurious blend of rose, geranium and ylang ylang to enhance emotional wellbeing.

– Pick Me Up
A rejuvenating blend of mandarin, petitgram, rosemary and lavender to restore wellbeing and promote happiness.

And the highlight of any event, the refreshments from Teaffani Patisserie..

Refreshments, we had sandwiches, macaroons, and a lot more

Refreshments, we had sandwiches, macaroons, and a lot more

Fruit tarts

Fruit tarts

red velvet and cream cheese cupcakes, macaroons. OMG YUM

red velvet and cream cheese cupcakes, macaroons. OMG YUM

me, cindy, and rane

me, cindy, and rane

The event started off with a quick speech from the emcee, introducing Brigit Blair. Her speech was quick, about how Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy oils started out, which she developed and formulated herself, and how they’ve now branched out into skin care ranges and how the response has been in the Malaysian Market.  She also was explaining how the oils are made, packaged, and all of it is done with love by hand! Awww..

Speech time.  See if you can spot Tammy! =P

Speech time.
See if you can spot Tammy! =P

After the speeches and everything, we got down the the most fun part of all!
Making the oils by ourselves! Of course we didn’t “make” the oils, but what we actually did was package the oils into the bottles! Brigit showed us how its done, and some of us got to assemble the body oils ourselves by filling the bottles with the freeze dried ingredient such as lavender and rose followed by the body oils.

Brigit explaining how to package the flowers are freeze dried for packaging!

Brigit explaining how the freeze dried flowers are packaged.

these are how the flowers are packed into the bottles.

these are how the flowers are packed into the bottles.

the DIY table!

the DIY table!

lets make some oils!

lets make some noise. and oils!

Basically, what we had to do, was to cut the stems, and flowers, place them into the bottles, seal, and package them. It was not as easy as it sounds! The flowers are fragile since they are freeze dried, and you have to take precaution to not let the petals and buds fall off. I tell you, I got butter fingers, so I wasn’t sure if I could do it!

We had two types of flowers, Roses, and Lavender and I got to try packaging the Rose one!

some of the bloggers who got to try packaging the oils!

some of the bloggers who got to try packaging the oils!

Kelly trying to package the flowers!

Kelly trying to package the flowers!

ANd the surprising bit? After packaging our oils, we got to keep the big bottle for ourselves! OMG yay! The big bottle retails are like RM200++, so I was really lucky to have volunteered to do the demonstration!

After the DIY demonstration, they had lucky draws, and the lucky girls who won got to go back with gift sets of  the Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy sets in Memories, Pick Me Up and Absolute Dreams worth RM414!

So lucky!! I didnt win anything, but I have my full sized Synergy oil, so imma happy girl!! =)

The event was fun, and the DIY was even more so! I’m really glad that The Butterfly Project invited me for this event, and I cant wait for their next event! Meanwhile, I’m going to try out my Rose Absolute Dreams Synergy Oil, and go to blissful sleep! Its like 1 am right now as I’m typing this you see =D I’ll be doing a review of the Rose Absolute Dreams Synergy Oil soon , so do stay tuned for it!  For now, enjoy this post and PS:  my giveaway ends in 2 more days,  hurry up and get your entries in!

Linden Leaves is available exclusively at theSkintopic kiosks, and the range includes Skincare, Bathtime and Aromatherapy Synergy products suitable for all ages. Products retail from RM59 to RM216.

theSkintopic website:  www.theskintopic.com.my

Their outlets are located at:

  • Level 5, P5.12.00 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
  • PF3 First Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre.
  • Lower Ground Floor, LGC01, Subang Parade.
  • K-G8-W, Ground Floor, The Curve.

Check out the Butterfly Project here:  facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia